Possibility [on Hiatus]

A average girl named Claudia lives due the business of her father in Nigeria, Abuja and keeps a secret that only she and a few friends of hers know; she's a Directioner.
Simply a half of it because she adores one of the members the most.
Just as she was on the way to school, she had bumped into her biggest and beloved idol.
Because of the Red Nose Day in her country, she'll be spending the time with the band and it's special member.
A bittersweet connection between the both has begun and she falls for two other members from time to time what irritates her and her feelings as well, though she only wants "him"... Niall Horan.


1. Prologue

Slowly, I walked down the empty, cold and wet streets of the small town I was living in. 

I held my umbrella in my left hand while my eyes were literally iced on the screen of my iPhone, typing something into it. 

I wasn't a ordinary girl, nor was I a girl who was popular among the underaged and the people in my class. 

I had a few friends in the taller grade and my best friend was one grade higher than me; Natalija, Natii for short. 

We love talking about such stuff that contains anything with South korea, Japan and such and loved talking about 1 Direction. Well, Nati was obsessed with 1 Direction and had almost everything of them while I had only a poster of one special member hanging in the near of my bed; Niall, Niall Horan. 

My heart always thumped as I thought about the name and I could also feel my cheeks heat up. Nati would've poked my cheek at the moment and give it a kiss, since she loved seeing me blush. But I always had blushed because of simple reasons like when a boy was talking to me. I was good at sports but focused myself since last year moreover on my studies that I didn't had much time to do anything with my friends. 

I had short black stockings that were as high as my knees, a checkered schoolgirl skirt in black and grey, a plain shirt while wearing a large cardigan over it and my school bow tied onto it. Our school uniform resembled the ones in Japan and it made me hide during the breaks at the other part of the schoolyard. 

My pigtails were flying backwards because of the cold breeze that touched my pale skin and I looked at the traffic lights that was now glowing into a green color. I carefully took one step after the other one and soon reached the other side of the streets, looking around and finding the shield that eventually showed where the train station was. 

[ 31st January, 2013 


Nati~: wann kommst du endlich? /when are you arriving?/

TeriyakiHuskyww: Ich bin bald da, warte bitte auf mich... /I'll be soon there, please wait for me.../ ]

I sighed softly, zipping my bag open and placing the phone into it carefully before seeing the train station in front of me. It never took this long and it made me wonder most of the time, why I was so quick and nimbly. 

I walked the small stairs up and looked at the train, fixing my big scarf that I had knitted myself a bit and afterwards, I had positioned my ear warmer well and looked around, humming softly to myself as I waited for the train. 

After time passed, I took my phone once more out and stared longly at the screen showing one person; Niall Horan. 

I wasn't obsessed with him, either was I really thinking he was handsome. 

His character was just perfect and I also liked his braces to be honest... 

I blushed, quickly stuffing it back into my bag and lifting my eyebrows up. I was embarrassed again. 

Soon, the train had arrived and I was the first one to enter it and hold myself onto a long silver rod, humming softly once more to myself. It was "Rock me" from 1 Direction, my favorite song. Though I liked Little things, Kiss you, Live while We're Young, Gotta Be You and Moments. I liked many more, but these were the songs I loved the most. A habit of mine was only to hum Niall's parts but he didn't really had much to sing what made me stop a while and sink into my deepest thoughts how I felt sorry for him. However, I kept humming softly and suddenly I felt someone bumping into my smooth and small shoulder, making my grip to the rod getting tighter and my eyes squinting. Slowly, I turned my back to him and went on my knees, bowing my head quickly towards him. "I-I'm sorry...!" It came from me and I then looked up and my eyes widened at the sight of mine... 


Niall Horan. 


Was I dreaming? 

He had rubbed his head gently and groaned quietly while squinting his eyes himself. Slowly, his eyes opened and looked at me. His usual bright and tenderly smile appeared and his beautiful sky blue-like eyes that were shining looked at me. I could even see his brace that was on his teeth. He looked as cute as ever. "I'm sorry for bumping into you all of sudden..." His eyes widened slowly and he snatched for his hat as he had noticed my reddened cheeks. Quickly, he sighed a bit and lowered his head. "I didn't meant to..." - "Meant what?" Was all I said while titling my head innocently to the side. 

"You're the innocent and sweet type, aren't you?" 

I obediently nodded. 


"How cute..." He muttered softly to himself and reached for my head, patting it gently. His warm-hearted smile make me flush for more and I clung my hands onto my skirt. 

"Hm? Is something wrong?" He asked. 

I shook my head. "N-no...! Not at all...! I-it's just..." I stuttered awkwardly and couldn't bring any word out of me, making me bow my head towards him. "I-I apologize...!" 

Niall just shook his head and sighed. "You don't need to apologize this often... say, what is your name?" 

My eyes widened slightly and I raised my head to look at him. "M-my name...?" 

The blonde nodded. "Yes... your name... I'm Niall--"

"Niall Horan, I know." It came suddenly from me, making his eyes widen slightly again and I had fallen to awkward silence, feeling the tense in the air. "I..." 

"You're a directioner, right?"

I nodded silently and then smiled slightly. "To your question before... my name is Claudia, Claudia Abel... and actually I'm not a real directioner... I'm simply a half of it..." 

Niall blinked his eyes and smiled again. "So it's like that... I see..." He stood up and patted the dust off his pants, holding his hand out for me to help me stand up. I shyly reached out for his hand but quickly pulled back, holding my other free hand and standing up by myself. I was too shy to hold onto a men's hand, the same was with my father and other family members. I didn't liked that for some odd reasons. 

Niall laughed and patted my head again. "It's okay. You don't need to be shy." I just sighed softly and shook my head. 

The male sighed again and slowly blinked his eyes open. "Hm? Claudia... there, your scarf..." I blinked my eyes softly back and as my small hands wanted to prepare it, his hands were already holding it possessively, executing it in a gentle and motherly way. "There you go... hm? I found this flower on my way back to the studio and since I didn't wanted to drive with these african taxis, I found it on my way to the train station. All the other other white roses already wilted and their colors had faded. Only this poor one had survived. You'll keep it, right?" 

I longly stared at it and nodded carefully, smiling at him while pressing the rose against the upper part of my chest. "Y-yes...! I will! Trust me, Niall..." He nodded and looked at me, scratching his cheek. "Uhm... well, sorry for this sudden question, but... may we do something today? I-it's not a date, honest! it's just... I've got a free day so I could do something with you..." 

My shiny eyes blinked at him and I just smiled slyly, nodding my head in a slow pace. "Hai... it'll be the best, I guess..." 

Niall smiled and slowly reached out for my shoulder, pressing my small and weak body against his for a hug. "Then... I'll see you later, right?" I nodded obediently and my blush got heavier. "I... I need your number first... right?" - "Hm? Aaaah~ you're right~" He hummed and slowly rummaged in his trouser pockets, taking hold of my hand tightly and pressed his number into my hand. "This... this is my phone number... I had to write it all down because I've got a different number here in africa how you see... this is it... a-ahh! I need to go out...! We'll see us...! Alright?" Nimbly, he ran out of the train and I stretched my hand out for him but the glass door closed. I sighed softly and just titled my head, my blush remaining. 


Is it wrong to fall in love with a star? 

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