Diary of a spoilt schoolgirl

Ashley has just started school...but not a pritvate school as she expected. A state school. As she journeys through school she discovers school life is very different to what she expected....

A joint movella by goldenwings12 and weirdogirl1999


5. The Date!


           I went to the nearest shopping centre to pick out a new outfit. I went into a bunch of different shops, but nothing suited me. I then wondered what he likes, so I started to look for an outfit that he might like. I found this floral outfit that was really vintage and cute. And it went perfectly with the silver star necklace he bought me. Afterwards I walked back to the girls dorm rooms. It was already getting dark. The date was at 7 pm, and it was now 10 to 6. I went straight up to my dorm. Hailey and Baily looked at me and started crying. "Whats the matter?" I said to them both. "It's about Max!" Bailey sobbed. "He was driving to the shopping centre to get you a gift, when the car slid off of the road and crashed into a tree!" Hailey cryed. I couldn't believe what they were saying. "Oh yeah and um, Max texted us to tell you to come to the hospital." Hailey continued.

         I didn't have my drivers license yet, so I called for a taxi. It dropped me off at the hospital and I burst in through the doors. I ran over to the receptionist. "Where is Max...!" I said hurridly. "Um.. Whats the last name?" The nurse asked. "Um... Max James!" I shouted. "Down the corridor and it's the door on the left!" Shouted the nurse as I was already halfway down the corridor. I slammed open the door, Which made everyone Max's room jump. All of his friends were in there. But when they saw me they all filed out. I ran over to his bed. There was so much blood. But most of his wounds were ok. "Are you alright?" I asked in a hushed tone. "I... I'm fine." He said weakly. "I'm so sorry this happened to you." I said trying not to cry. But he looked like he was in pain, but didn't want to worry me. "Great first date..." Max said trying to not sound like he was in pain. "Well, I don't mind as long as I'm next to you and your not in pain."

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