Diary of a spoilt schoolgirl

Ashley has just started school...but not a pritvate school as she expected. A state school. As she journeys through school she discovers school life is very different to what she expected....

A joint movella by goldenwings12 and weirdogirl1999


4. Guess what!?!?!?!?!

I walked down the hall clinging to Hailey's arm. She was giggling over the boy who was in front of us. I was smiling thinking about Max, about what we'd do on our fist date, where we'd go- Burger King, what we'd eat- me a chicken burger with bacon, him a 1/4 pounder with all the sides, minus the onions. I knew that was his favorite from numerous stake outs at Burger King ever since Bailey, Hailey and I had seen him going in twice in a week. And finally-the most important thing in my opinion- our fist kiss (at first he'd be awkward and we'd walk back to the school and then just as I was leaving to go to the girls dorms he'd pull me in and kiss me gently before smiling, handing me his number and walking away slowly) I know it's weird but, I think I'm in love. "Ashley, Ashley, Ashley!"  I looked round at Bailey who was shaking my arm and yelling my name in my ear. I shook her off and turned to my locker unlocking it before putting in some of my files. "What?" I asked her impatiently. I took out my languages folder and froze. Now I saw it all I had been fantasizing about was dashed. Ont the other side of the corridor was Max kissing another girl. And know I looked closely, it was Hailey, Hailey who once admitted to me that she had lied about having a crush on Max, was snogging him in the middle of the corridor. I dropped my folder and ran to the nearest toilets locking myself in a cubicle and retching. I put down the seat and sat on it crying. I pulled the flush behind me flushing down any threads of respect I had left for Hailey, ever since she lied to me and then stole the boy I loved I couldn't face her ever again. Never. "Ashley?" I heard Hailey's voice float into the bathroom. I freeze and grab some toilet tissue. I won't speak to her. "I can see your shoes, and you bag" I kick my bag and stand up, unlock the door and stare her in the face. "What do you want?" I put my hand on my hip and then continue, "I just saw you snogging the boy that I love, blatantly not caring about my feelings. I don't even know why I'm talking to you." The door starts to open and a voice calls out quietly "Is there anyone else in there?" Hailey looks under all the doors. She walks over to the door and sticks her head out. "Yep, come in" Max opens the door fully and creeps in. I look at him and fold my arms. He sees my face and walks over to me. I flinch back grabbing my bag and turn to run when he presses his lips to mine. At first I struggle and then realize that he';s kissing me exactly how I imagined it. He pulls back and smiles, hands me a box and turns to Hailey. "I wasn't kissing Hailey, it's you I really like" I start to unfold my arms and Hailey puts in: "Max was showing me your gift and I said you'd love it. I was kissing his cheek but you saw us kissing because you like Max so much, honestly ask Bailey." I smile and look down at the box in my hand. Max sees me looking and nods. I open it and inside is a silver star necklace with a note: Will you go out with me? Max 0722311938. I look up and nod. Max grabs me into a hug and kisses me. "I heard what you said you know, about you loving me" he whispers to me. I swat at him but I don't care, I got a date with Max and nothing can take me off that high.

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