Diary of a spoilt schoolgirl

Ashley has just started school...but not a pritvate school as she expected. A state school. As she journeys through school she discovers school life is very different to what she expected....

A joint movella by goldenwings12 and weirdogirl1999


7. Getting ready

"There" Bailey said, tweaking my skirt. I looked at them expectantly and they turned to each other, nodded, covered my eyes and turned me to face the mirror. They uncovered my eyes and I gasped. The girl in front of me was gorgeous, her mid length red hair curled into an elegant up do topped with a blue headband which was adorned by a silver plated peacock. Her pale complexion and ice blue eyes were framed by a brown smokey eye and long lashes, her cheeks a pale pink and her lips a deep shade of crimson. In her ears were a pair of silver chains, at the end of them a blue and green peacock feather. Around her neck was a delicate silver chain with a star at the end. I smiled and reached for my throat, fingering it gently. I looked down at the girl's dress, a little black number cinched in at the waist with an azure blue leather belt, the clasp the shape of a peacock. The girl held a peacock blue clutch inside which was makeup, tissues and my mobile. I turned around, noticing for the first time my black heeled pumps and blue beaded wristband. "Thank you so much!!" I say, grabbing Hailey and Bailey into a hug. "You two are the best friends ever." We squeal and jump up and down but break apart when there's a knock on the door. Bailey goes over to answer it and is instantly grabbed into a bear hug by her boyfriend Josh. "I am so jealous! Hailey moans, I smile over at her and wink "See you soon Losers" she yells from behind us "Just me and my Doritos  now you should be jealous of me" Me and Bailey laugh and run down the hall, dragging Josh after us as we go. 

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