Diary of a spoilt schoolgirl

Ashley has just started school...but not a pritvate school as she expected. A state school. As she journeys through school she discovers school life is very different to what she expected....

A joint movella by goldenwings12 and weirdogirl1999


8. Double date time

"So, how are you guys" Bailey looks across the table to me and Max. We blush and Bailey smiles. "You do know we're here as well don't you? You've been snogging each other's faces off for the whole evening." I bite my lip and bury my face into Max's shoulder. "Sorry," Max says "So what are you guys ordering?" Bailey and Josh look at each other and smile. They turn back to us and smile. "Well if you were listening to us you'd know that we were both ordering the lasagna." I look down at my menu and smile. "Well in that case I'll have" Max interrupted 

"a guarter pounder with all the sides..."

"minus the onions" Bailey and Josh giggle and Bailey leaned back against his arm. I look over at Max and feel thankful for the fact that he was out of hospital so soon. "Did I ever tell you that you look beautiful tonight?" I shake my head and he smiles. He kisses me on the nose and added "Well I have now...."

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