Diary of a spoilt schoolgirl

Ashley has just started school...but not a pritvate school as she expected. A state school. As she journeys through school she discovers school life is very different to what she expected....

A joint movella by goldenwings12 and weirdogirl1999


3. Cute or What!


           I was in the lunch line about to get some food, when the 'mean' girls barged right in front of me! What do you think you're doing? I thought to myself, I wouldn't dare say anything, they just looked me up and down and laughed again. I wish I knew what they were laughing about! Then a boy came up behind me, which made me jump out of my skin! "Don't take any notice of them." The boy said in a kind sort of way. "I don't believe we've met!" He carried on. "My name is Max, and you are..." I stood there for a while not knowing what to say or do when finally I answered the question. "M..M..My name is Ashley." I stummbled. I was lost in the really blue eyes he had, I must have been day dreaming in his perfect blue eyes for a while because the rest of the line behind me were shouting in my direction.

        I got my lunch, spaghettie bolognese. It was ok but it wasn't as good as my mums! I sat on my own when I ate my lunch. But I couldn't stop thinking about Max.  Was I in love? I suddenly thought to myself! If I was no boy like him would go out with me! Would he? As I finished up my last bit of spaghettie, I wondered down towards the library. I noticed Max was on the playing field with it looked like some of his friends. I must have been day dreaming again because I noticed that he was waving at me! I slid awkwardly back into my seat. Then two bouncy, bubbly looking girls were right in front of me. "HI!!" They both screamed together, everyone else in the libray shhhh'd them. "I'm called Hailey!" One of the girls giggled. "And I'm called Bailey!, Whats your name!?" "My names Ashley." I mummbled. "We saw you looking at Max over there, he's cute isn't he!" 

       It turns out the Hailey and Bailey and I grew to be bestfriends, we did everything together, shared secrets and shared clothes, and shared crushes!

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