Bully For You

Fifteen-year-old Sally is an accomplished bully. She can't remember a time when power didn't matter to her. But behind the spite, Sally is a mess. She has secrets that she can't tell, and which mean that every day she hates herself, just a little bit more. But what if Sally made a choice to reveal who she really is? Would she fall apart... or could she start putting her life together?

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3. Epilogue

When Susie finishes the post I watch her walk nervously over to Gloria’s desk. ‘I’ve finished,’ she says obediently, standing over her as if waiting for some verbal abuse.


Gloria doesn’t look up. A classic tactic to make your victim feel uncomfortable. She thinks she is being so clever, but I see right through her.


Susie doesn’t move. She looks more nervous than usual. Then I realise that she is building herself up to saying something. She is going to stand up for herself, tell Gloria how she feels and ask her to stop picking on her. But she can’t do that. She mustn’t show that it’s getting to her. A reaction is all Gloria wants in the world. Seeing Susie upset is what she is aiming for.


It is strange to feel this sympathy towards Susie. It isn’t a natural reaction for me, but as much as I understand Gloria, I don’t like her.


I stand up and walk over. I tell Susie to go and find me a box file from the stationery cupboard. She looks upset that I have ruined her moment, but goes regardless. She doesn’t realise that I just did her a favour.


I lean down close to Gloria’s face and whisper, ‘Is everything alright, Gloria? You seem upset.’


She looks up. Her eyes fill with fear, then anger, then fear again. Have I worked her out?


‘Upset? Me? What are you talking about? I’m not upset, I am just sick of working with idiots,’ she roars and grunts as she waddles off to the toilets, needing to get away from me as quickly as she can.


Susie can rest easy. I’ll be the victim now.

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