Zombie Love

It follows the lives of the two best friends, Alexia and Deirdre, and their race against the undead. There will be laughs, there will be tears, but most of all memories that will always be cherished.


4. Dreams do come true!

I woke up extra early and got everything ready. I threw on my favourite Metallica  t-shirt, some jeans and my sneakers. I was at school by 7 o’clock. A bit early, I know. The music room was open so I went inside to get some peace and maybe a bit of practice again.

I took my guitar out and started playing the song from last night and before I knew it I was singing along. A tear rolled down my face and I stopped playing. When I looked up, I saw a boy standing in the door just looking at me. Stupid, stupid Alexia! I forgot to close the door.

“That was beautiful,” he said softly. “But why are you crying?”

Then it hit me. The curly hair, the eyes, the accent. It was Harry freaking Styles! I quickly wiped the tears away.

“Uhm, thank you, I guess…” I said stuttering a bit, “Its just a nice song.”

He walked over to me and sat opposite me on the floor. I always sit on the floor when I play.

“I’m Harry.” He said giving me a tissue.

“Alexia.” I said taking it and wiping me eyes.

“Hey, Harry! Catch!” a blonde guy said as he came in guitar in hand. It was Niall! The rumours were true! Deirdre would just die!

“Who’s this pretty young lady?” he said winking at me. I blushed a little and turned to look at my guitar.

“Niall! Behave! This is Alexia.” He said smiling at me. “you should hear her play.”

“Well, let’s hear then.” He said sitting down. They both looked at me expectantly. I couldn’t possibly do this in front of them.

“Don’t worry. Your good. We’ll even help you.” Harry said.

OMG! I was totally fangirling inside. I started with the intro to “Little Things”. The next thing I knew I was singing and Niall had joined in with his guitar. Soon Harry joined in too. I was singing with two of the members from One Direction! Harry was smiling at me while he was singing. Just then Mr. Wilson came into the room.

“Well, I see you have started without me!” he laughed.

During the whole class I just stared at Harry. The rest of the day flew by. I didn’t see Deirdre at all, but I knew she had piano lessons so it didn’t bother me.

After class I was packing my things and I realised I forgot my journal in the music room. It’s really important to me seeing that all my thoughts and bits of songs were in there. I just hope that no one has read it. I went to the music room, but it was locked. I’ll get it tomorrow I thought to myself.

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