Zombie Love

It follows the lives of the two best friends, Alexia and Deirdre, and their race against the undead. There will be laughs, there will be tears, but most of all memories that will always be cherished.


11. Chapter 6

Deirdre’s POV:

I told Alexia what happened after I calmed down. We sang together and that always cheered me up a bit, but what happened after that completely brightened my day. I was face to face with Niall freaking Horan! I mean who wouldn’t be fangirling like crazy in my position, but I promised Alex I wouldn’t freak. Music class was weird. When I looked over at Niall, he was staring at me with the most stupidest smile on his face I have ever seen. I just wanted to start laughing at the silly expression, but that wouldn’t have been very nice. Alex seemed to zoned out after this eventful class. Harry was standing in front of her waving his hand in her face when she did her classic vegetable ramble. It was hilarious! Niall came over and stood next to me.

“Hey.” He smiled.

“Oh, hey Niall.” Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. I had to remind myself.

“So… I hope I’m not sounding nosy or something, but why were you crying earlier?” he asked and actually was very concerned.

“Uhm…” I couldn’t tell him about Jason. I felt the tears stinging in my eyes, but I just blinked them back.

“Hey, don’t cry. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. Just know I’m here if you want to talk to someone, okay?” he said pulling me into that famous Horan hug. I nodded, not trusting my voice.

“Give it back!” I heard Alex scream. I pulled out of the hug and just stared at her and Harry starting to run around the room. Ooooh, something’s going to happen there!

“We should probably start leaving for class.” I said to Niall who was also staring at them.

“Yeah, what’s your first period?” he asked chuckling at those two idiots and walking out of the room.

“Spanish.” I said as I followed him out.

“Oh! Me too!” he said excited.

“Wait. You’re actually going to go to school here?” I asked.

“Yup.” He said popping the ‘p’.

“Oh. That’s nice.” I said. I don’t know if I should be happy about that. There are some crazy fans at this damn school. I know I just met him and all, but I don’t want him getting mobbed by some crazy ass girls.

“Do you have your phone with you?” he asked.

“Yeah. Why?” I asked confused as I looked up into the ocean he calls his eyes. Wow, that’s such a different blue than just blue.

“Just hand it over for a sec.” I took it out of my back pocket and handed him my phone. He was typing away like mad and then I heard his phone ding. He handed me my phone back and I realised what he did. He added his number to my contacts and then texted himself off my phone. Well, I’m impressed. That’s one way of getting a girls’ number.

The bell rang and we went to our Spanish class. As we entered, the classroom was already packed with kids. I heard a few gasps as I walked over to my window seat and Niall sat down next to me. I received, to say a few would be an understatement, glares from all over the class. I’m telling you, if looks could kill, I’d be six feet under in a golden coffin. I started doodling on my notebook like I always do until I heard Niall softly chuckle from beside me. I looked up and saw him looking at my little drawings I made. It was a little flipbook cartoon I was working on for about ten minutes of the class already and it was a little man I like to call Mr. Scruffy getting a piano dropped on him. Don’t ask me why or how it came to be, I just know Niall found it funny.

“Mr. Horan! Care to share the joke with us?” the teacher said. Niall froze. Oh, no. what now?

“I’m sorry, sir. It was my fault. I accidentally jabbed him in the ribs with my elbow and it would seem that he is extremely ticklish.” I said, surprising myself by the confidence I suddenly had.

“Don’t let it happen again.” The teacher said turning back to scribble something on the board. Niall relaxed next to me and I went back to my drawings.

“Thanks.” He whispered.

“For what?”

“For saving my arse.” He said. I couldn’t help but smile to think I just stood up to a teacher for him.


The bell rang and I hopped in my chair, earning yet another chuckle from Niall.

“You really should pay more attention in class instead of killing that poor guy in almost 20 different ways.” He said pointing to my notebook page which was now covered with drawings.

“I know.” I sighed.

“English next?” he asked.

“Yeah… Crap! I forgot my book in my locker!” I realised.

“Then lets go get it.” He said and started pulling me towards the lockers. I took the lead and almost ran to my locker.

“Shit…” I just remembered my locker is full of pictures of Niall.

“I have never heard a girl cuss. Anyway, what’s wrong?” I heard him, but I didn’t answer. What was I going to say? Oh nothing, I just have a locker full of your pictures. Yeah right!

“Nothing.” I said opening my locker, grabbing my book and tried to slam the door close as fast as possible, but not fast enough. He had his hand on the door, staring at the pictures inside with his mouth open in, I don’t know, shock?

“Wow…” was all he said and then turned to me. “I’m guessing you’re a fan?”

“Uhm… I guess s..” I was cut off by the bell ringing. I started to turn to go to English, but was stopped by someone grabbing my wrist. I recoiled from the touch and turned to find a hurt looking Niall standing there. I instantly regretted doing that, but my wrist still hurt from the Jason incident.

“Niall, I’m so sorry.” I said with regret lacing my voice.

“It’s okay.” He said looking at the ground.

“Niall, look at me.” I said on the brink of bursting into tears. He did look up and when he did I pulled my sleeve up to reveal the bruises Jason left me with.

“Deirdre, wh-what happened to you?” he said looking at the bruising and then looking into my eyes. I can’t tell him what happened. I just can’t. I felt a stray tear roll down my cheek and looked at the floor, finding it suddenly very interesting.

“Come on, we’re ditching the rest of the day.” He said pulling me into a warm hug. I nodded against his chest. I swear he is the sweetest boy ever.

We started walking down the hallway only for him to stop in his tracks.

“Niall? What’s wrong?” I asked through my tears.

“Knowing Harry, he probably talked Alexia into ditching with him. So that leaves me without a car.” He looked down at his hands and then at me. Aw, he looks like he’s blushing.

“No worries. We can just take mine.” I said trying to give him a genuine smile.

“Okay, but I’m driving.” He said. We walked to the auditoriums’ parking lot and I gave him my keys. I was still tearing up a bit, but I wasn’t sobbing anymore.

“Here, let me get that.” He said while opening my door.

“Thank you.” I replied in a weak voice. He hopped in the drivers’ seat and switched my car on.


“Holy crap!” I almost screamed and shut the radio off. Oh Alex was so going to pay for that! Niall was in a laughing fit behind the wheel. “It’s not funny Niall!”

“Oh my god! You should’ve seen your face!” he all but screamed between laughs. I just sat there holding my head. I had the worst headache ever and then this happens. Niall saw my expression and finally stopped laughing.

“So, where are we going?” he asked.

“To my house.” I said still clutching my head which felt as if it was going to burst at any moment.

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