hello there random stranger

nice to meet u...for now.....


4. ...

He walked over and opened the light and i could see his face clearly at last, he had black hair but also eyes that are crimison red color.He looked at my face and said " i see you finally got what i mean, well lets introduce you to your family shall we?"

I replied"What do you mean family? I already know my family they are not monsters but humans."

He laughed and said "Do you still really belive that? Your real family is actually a monster like me okay? That "human family" of yours was all a lie, you are not even related to them by blood. Dont make me laugh anymore, your real family will come here to the room at midnight.DONT you dare leave your room till then. Go to sleep you need to recover your energy and you are still weak from awakening."

I replied " why should i listen to you? what have you ever done to me?"

He started walking out the room when he was at the door way he asked "Who do you think saved your sorry butt?"

Shcoked, i listened to him and went to bed.Suprisingly i actullay fell into deep sleep. 

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