hello there random stranger

nice to meet u...for now.....


5. first meeting

When i woke up it the lights were open and then two figures were looking at me. When i adjusted my eyes and sat up i saw a man and women. Like the rest of the monsters in the world they have the color of blood on their eyes.

I screamed "Get away from me monsters!I want to go back take me back to the my world!"

When i finish my yelling i can see pain in both of their eyes. The women spoke up and said "You can hate us all you want but since you are already here you NEED to do what we said or "they" will kill you. Please listen to your mother's only request."

I looked at her and said "I am not your daughter! I am a human that was kidnapped here you got the wrong person!"

The man shouted"You dare speak to you mother that way? Do you know how much she sacrificed for you?Let her die Alice she is not wanted!"

The women,Alice said"Please listen to me,you cant go back to the human world now that you have the scent of the devils.You have that not because of us but because your powers have awaken. We cant seal it anymore,so unless you don't want to be killed now than you need to dress up as a guy and be our lost long son.Please its the only way you can live now unless you want to be married to this monster."

A shiver came up my spine and I said " Okay.. i'll be a guy."

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