hello there random stranger

nice to meet u...for now.....


2. awakening

When i woke up the first thing i saw was surrounded by darkness, after a while my eyes adjusted and i realize i was in a bed of a large room and it was dark because there was curtains covering the window. I tried to move but my body was screaming at me to stay here and stay put. I dragged myself across the room and to the windows. When i finally got across i open the curtains as fast as i can to see the light and where in the world i am. But as soon as i open the curtain my head burned as if something or someone is trying to eat me alive. I collapse on the floor unable to move with the sting in my head. Then I was in total darkness again, someone closed the curtains, someone saved me. 

I tried to get as far away as the curtain as i can i said "Who are you?Where am i? Why cant i see the sunlight and it hurts?"

A deep strong voice replied "Welcome to the dark side of the world that we live in kid. You were forced to activated the powers because you were under attack. Ah....your poor parents..."

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