1. THE STORY....

 There was a sound in the forest near by my house, I was confused and worried because I didn't know what it was. Nobody was at home except me and my cat, Jessica. I didn't know what to do at first so I told my cat to go outside and check. Jessica stared at me with a face that seemed like she was saying "If you tell me one more command, I will scratch your face off". I was going to reply but then I remembered I was talking to a cat, I wondered if I was going crazy. So I picked up Jessica and kicked her out of the door and then closed it. Even though I was expecting to hear Jessica's screeching voice, I heard nothing. I looked out the window to see what happened. I saw a dead cat and a pool of blood left behind. I thought of what a normal person would do, I picked up my phone and called 911. But then I remembered there was no signal because I was in the forest. And then the sound from the forest got louder and louder, as if the creature was coming closer and closer.

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