Come on in.....the universe awaits you

What would you do if an alien captured you and told you you could go anywhere? Well that happened to me and of course being the idiot that I am I didn't try to escape. I am such a douchebag
I have no ides what I'm going to do.....


2. What the hell just happened?

When my eyes opened I say the humaniod hovering over me. He waved his hand-well at least I thought it was a guy you can't really tell though- over my face and I found my eyes following it. I sat bolt upright on the floor of his ship. I felt a tingling in my back and when I looked down I saw the ground was covered in a thick gel like substance. I cringed away from it and checked my clothes for any traces of the goo. But they were'nt ther, instead I was wearing a white jumpsuit which had a purple belt. Would have been cute if it didn't have an air of sanitation surrounding it. "Where are my clothes?" i had to ask, I know it seems stupid but i just had to.

"In space" the being replies in a grating automatronic voice. I stared at him my mouth open. I had only got that shirt the other week and I hadn't had a cause to wear it yet. "You flushed my clothes, out the airlock?!" I tried to say it calmly but at the end of my sentence I was on the verge of trying to strangle him...that was if I wasn't afraid of him.The being nodded his head. "We must leave no trace of your existence on Earth" I choked on these words.

"But all my clothes? My family? My freinds?" I had to close my eyes and take this in.

"They will think you died in a car crash and your mother has thrown out all your old clothes." I was about to protest when he continued "But in reality, your clothes are upstairs ready for you to wear." I jumped to my deet and ran up the stairs that had appeared before me. Finally a way out of these clothes. I opened the nearest door and saw my room. Well, a version of my room. All my clothes and furniture were in the hexagonal room. I ran to the clothes and picked out an outfit. I pulled it on hurridley and then ran back down the stairs. "So, what the hell happened to me.......?"


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