I Want You !

This movella is about a girl called amanda , she just moved to her friend niall's school , after she's been bullied in her old school. But what happens when she meets zayn malik the school player. Would she fall for him or would she play hard to get.........


6. your drunk!

I sat in the next to Harry and Zayn just got on the car and acted like nothing happened.Harry had his arms around me and started kissing my neck, and Zayn was just watching and I could see the anger in his eyes but I ignored him because im Harry's girlfriend not Zayn's.


"You look soo sexy , im soo lucky to have you"Harry whispered in my ear while kissing my jawline.


"you look good yourself " I said giving him a kiss


"will you two just get a room already !!" Louis said making us all laugh except for Zayn


"Im soo excited , when are we going to arrive"I said


 " the club's quite far" Niall said


"like 30 minutes" Louis said


"But I cant wait that long" I whined


"o common,I think Harry can distract you for a while " Louis laughed


"maybe"I said with a smile


Harry started tracing my back with his fingers , his warm touch sent goosebumps all over my body, I turned around to face him , we started kissing.


"Ewwwwww stop!!" Louis shouted


"What you said Harry can distract me " I said laughing 


"So you guys are a couple now" Niall asked with a smile, I think he was happy that I ended up with Harry instead of Zayn


"Yes we are" I said kissing Harry again


We finally arrived to the club, We walked in and Harry was holding my waist the whole time leading me to the chairs .


"Do you want a drink??"Harry asked


"Yes "I said


He walked to the bar and ordered some drinks , he got me 2 shots , and he got alot of drinks for the boys too , so I began to drink , but I wasn't very drunk.


"Do you want to dance" Zayn asked


"Ok , lets go" I said walking to the dancefloor


He held me very close to his body , and I could smell the alcohol in his breath . He was dunk and he held me even tighter when I tried to get away.


"If I could be honest now I can't wait to take that dress off and have you in my bed" Zayn said .What he said made me very scared , because he could do anything he wants , he's stronger than me.


"Zayn please let me go " I said looking weak


He didnt do anything he just ignored me , and suddenly I just kicked him sending my heels right on his balls , and I quickly ran to Harry while Zayn was on his knees holding his pain.


:Whats wrong Amanda??" Niall asked me looking worried


"Zayn...." I said crying


" what did he do this time?!" Niall asked looking very angry


"H-he told me that he co-couldn't wait to get this d-dress o-off and have me on his b-b-bed" I said crying even more as Niall took me in his famous horan hugs


"Don't worry ill deal with him tomorrow , lets go home" He said still hugging me tightly 


We walked back in the car I sat next to Harry hoping Louis would sit next to me instead of drunk Zayn , but unfortunately

Zayn came in and sat next to me putting his hand on my knee and going higher and higher until I couldn't ignore it anymore.


"Zayn please stop" I said taking his hand off my inner thigh 


Harry looked at Zayn with anger in his eyes , and I could tell that Harry was alittle drunk too so they can get in a fight very easily and Zayn mught say something about what happened in school.(When he kissed me).


"Don;t touch my girlfriend you son of a bitch" Harry said really mad


"Shut the fuck up ok she's mine and you can't do anything about it " Zayn said looking at Harry


" No I'm not" I yelled and got out of the car really pissed I heard them fight and then Zayn punched Harry and the opposite happened , and I just went into the house directly to Niall's room , I saw Niall in the hallway .


"umm Niall can I sleep in your room tonight?"I asked 


"Sure , just go in ill be there in a second" He said flashing me a smile


I walked into the room to see it nice and tidy ,Niall was such a good friend.


"Niall your room is soooo clean compared to Harry's" I said smiling at him


" Harry's such a slob he said with a laugh


" I know " I said


"ill go take my phone from Louis and im going to come back" Niall said


" Ok" I said




Harry's POV:

When me and Zayn were fighting Amanda just ran into the house , and then Zayn suddenly said : " I kissed Amanda , and it felt real good " he said trying to annoy me , I held my anger on the thought that he was touching my girlfriend ,and when Im drunk I don't think at all.So I decided to confront Amanda .



Amanda's POV: 

I was just relaxing in the room and suddenly Harry barged in and pushed me really hard down on the bed and pinned me down.


" Harry let me go" I said annoyed


" is it true !" He shouted


"What?" I said looking puzzled 


"Did you kiss Zayn?!" He shouted again


I was quite and I didn't know what to say .


"So it's true you slutty little bitch " He said holding me even harder 


" L-let me g-g-go Harry your s-sc-s-scaring me" I said with a tear coming down my cheeks.


He slapped me really hard my cheek went numb , and I think the slap was loud enough for Niall to hear and he ran down to the room very quickly shoving Harry off me.


"What are you doing" Niall shouted


"That bitch kissed Zayn" He shouted back


"Its because he forced her "Niall shouted throwing Harry out.




Nialls POV:

I wish I cold kill him right there and then but I didn't want to scare Amanda because she has never seen my angry side before.


"A-Amanda are you ok?" I asked her giving her a hug.


"He Sl-sl-slapped m-me" She cried


I wiped the tears off her cheeks to reveal Harry's hand mark,I laid her down slowly hugging her and sang to her until she fell asleep , and I could tell that she was crying herself to sleep.






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