I Want You !

This movella is about a girl called amanda , she just moved to her friend niall's school , after she's been bullied in her old school. But what happens when she meets zayn malik the school player. Would she fall for him or would she play hard to get.........


5. Yes,ill be your girlfriend :)

The whole drive home was silent, Louis was asleep , Niall was driving , Harry was hugging me and I was hugging him back , and Zayn was on his phone trying to ignore the point that me and Harry were hugging.


"So guys what are we going to do today??" I asked


"Hmm I don't know yet babe" Harry said 


"We could go to a club" Louis said with a smile


"Yh that would be fun" I said with a smile


" But not alot of drinking Niall" Harry said while laughing


"Hey im irish I should get my fair share of alcohol" Niall said


" ill try not to drink alot, because I could get really drunk" I said


"O really , what do you do when your drunk" Harry said giving me a wink


"well...." I got cutoff by Niall


"once she got sooo drunk she almost took her dress off , and I had to carry her home like a little kid" Niall said laughing and everyone laughed.


I was blushing "stop that only happened once"


" don't worry were here to make sure you keep your clothes on" Harry said laughing.



We arrived at the house and Zayn was very quite and he quickly went to his room not saying a thing.


"Um Niall did you talk to him" I said


" Im gonna talk to him now"




Niall's POV:

I could tell that she was scared about what she's done , and she didnt want things to get ruined with her and Harry.I walked into the room to find Zayn just sitting there with his head in his hands.


"um Zayn can we talk?" I asked walking in quietly


"what?!" he said sounding rude


"Amanda told me everything" I said


" And?" He said trying not to look like he cares


" I want you to apologize to her , because she feels very guilty for what she's done "  I said


" I don't want to " He said still sounding very rude


" Zayn please , she actually cried , she feels very bad now please go talk to her" I said and left the room




Zayn's POV: 

I kept thinking about what Niall said, should I apologize ? , Did she really cry? , I need to talk to her.I went to the bathroom and took a long warm shower , and I all that I was thinking about was her , did I make her sad ?, I think I should apologize , I put on some sweat pants and went downstairs hoping that she didn't go to sleep.


I could hear some whispering because all the boys were asleep except Harry and Amanda.


"um...Amanda would you like to be my girlfriend" he said


" I would love to Harry" she shrieked and jumped on his laps and kept kissing him, they almost had a make-out session but I startled them by clearing my throat.


"um sorry man we didn't see you there " Harry said


"it's fine I just wanted to get a cup of water and talk to Amanda" I said 


"o-ok " she said looking worried 


we walked into the kitchen and she sat down.


" s-so whats w-wrong Zayn" she said scared


"Hey don't be scared " I said coming closer to her


"i-i'm n-not" she said stuttering 


"Amanda look at me " I said holding her chin up


"Im sorry" I said


"It's ok Zayn:" she said and gave me a weak smily


I gave her a hug and she went back to Harry.




Amanda's POV:

He looked really sorry so I decided to forgive him.And I walked back to Harry with a smile.


"What took you soo long?" Harry said


" Nothing" I said and sat down next to Harry on the couch.


"So what time are we going to the club?"  I asked


"um In 30 minutes" he said


" well I have to go get ready" I said 


I ran up to my room and took a quick shower, curled my hair and had to choose between a short tight black dress or a navy blue tight dress with almost all my back showing , and I didnt know what to wear .


"Harry can come here please" I shouted 


"coming" he said as he ran In the room.


"whats wrong?" he said


"Which dress" I showed him both the dresses


"I think the navy blue  " He said with a wink


I got ready with make up but my dress had a zipper at the back and I couldn't reach It so I was calling for Harry.


I felt some one hold my wais so I thought it was Harry "um Harry can you zip this for me"  I said.


"sure" he whispered in my ear but it wasent Harry.It was Zayn.


He had his fingers move up and down my back and gently zipped the bottom of my dress , but he kept moving his finger up and down my back ( because my dress was very wide open from back ).


"Zayn stop!" I said swatting his hand away and leaving the room.




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