I Want You !

This movella is about a girl called amanda , she just moved to her friend niall's school , after she's been bullied in her old school. But what happens when she meets zayn malik the school player. Would she fall for him or would she play hard to get.........


7. Lets go camping

Emma's POV:

I woke up next to Niall ,I sat up and looked at the time it was 8:00 am, and I was that sleepy so I decided to go brush my teeth and take a bath, I wore a short skirt and a cute floral shirt.When I saw myself in the mirror I was shocked the mark of Harry's slap turned into a big painful bruise and it looked soo bad and I couldn't help but cry.I think Niall heard me so he came to the bathroom door.


"Amanda is everything ok?" He asked knocking on the door.


I didn't say anything I just opened the door crying and he just hugged me .


"Don't worry I won't let him hurt you again.I'll protect you" He said.


"Promise?" I said looking at him with puffy red eyes.


"I promise" He said flashing me a smile


"I'll go down and get something to eat" I said


"Ok but please try to avoid Harry and Zayn , try to stay with Louis more " He said looking worried about me


" Ok don't worry Niall " I said kissing his cheek


I ran downstairs to find Louis , Zayn and Harry.


"Good morning Louis "I said kissing his cheeks and ignoring the others 


"Good morning love , how are you today" He said smiling , he was like my older brother.


"Im fine" I said turning around until Louis called me again sounding worried.


"Emma what is that on your cheek.. Is that a bruise who-" I cut him off


"Louis its nothing" I said with a tear rolling down my cheek as I looked at Harry.I just went to the kitchen , and Harry and Zayn were quite.But I didn't care about them so I just decided to cook breakfast . I made 11 Pancakes because I know Niall will eat 5 or 6 of them , And I made 7 scrambled eggs and I cooked some bacon and I made fresh apple and orange juice in just 30 minutes.


"Mmmmm smells good" Niall said sitting down at the table.


"I know I just wanted to get my mind off things so I decided to cook breakfast .


"Thank you" He said while stuffing two pancakes in his mouth.


"Breakfast's ready " I shouted


Louis ran into the room while Zayn and Harry walked slowly without looking at me they were looking at the ground.I sat between Niall and Louis and im trying not to do any contact with Zayn and Harry.


"So were do you guys want to go today" Niall said


"Lets go camping"I said with a smile


"Yaaaaaaaa lets go camping in the woods for two days its gonna be crazy!" Louis said excitedly


"Ok , but we need to go buy tents and some camping supplies, Amanda you will come with me  ok"Niall said 


"OK " I sais flashing him a big smile.


"Whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy I wannnnnnaaaaaaaa ccoooooooommmmmeeeee" Louis whined


"Let Amanda stay in the house " He said


"No" I immediately said which made Harry and Zayn look at me.


"Why?!"Louis asked like a 7 year old boy


"Because you know why Louis " Niall said looking at Zayn and Harry.


"Fine" He said rolling his eyes.


"i-im going t-to get dressed" I said walking out of the kitchen.



Harry's POV:

She didn't want to talk to us because of what we did last night , and she was too scared to even stay with us in the house without Niall or Louis.I think we scared her away.


"Um guys you need to apologize " Louis said


"yh you really hurt her physically and mentally" Niall added


"But she won't talk to us " I said


"She will if you we sit next to her in the car"Zayn whispered in my ear


"Um Niall ,i'm ready lets go" Amanda said softly


"Ok" Niall said getting up 


"Guys we'll be back in an hour"Niall said


They left so I decided to ask Louis about yesterday.


"Louis what happened yesterday I don't remmember alot" I said 


"Well first of all Zayn asked her if she wanted to dance , and she said yes , and then Zayn told Amanda umm Im not sure if I should say this" He said


"Keep going Louis"I encouraged


"Zayn said that he couldn't wait to get her out of that dress and have her in bed.Then she went crying to Niall and told him everything.Then in the car when she was sitting between you guys Zayn started to put his hand Amanda's knees , and she ignored it ,and then he started going higher and higher to her thigh and then she told him to stop , then you saw him you got mad and you two started swearing and fighting saying that she was yours and then she got out of the car and went to sleep in Niall's room , then Niall went to take his phone from me , then you entered into Niall's room really mad you pinned her on the bed holding her wrists really hard and you confronted her about kissing Zayn and then you slapped her really hard.And you know the bruise that was on her cheeks that was from you . you hurt her really bad Harry and you called her a "slutty bitch" " he said


I started remembering what happened , Did I really hurt my baby?!, I loved her how could do this?!


"She won't forgive us"Zayn said


"Why do you think that " I asked him


"Because you slapped her really hard and I told her that I wanted to sleep with her " He said 


Before I could say anything Niall and Amanda walked into the iving room.


"Hey guys!!"Niall said


"Hey Niall" I said 


"Guys you have to get ready after an hour because the camp sight is 3 hours away"Amanda said


"Ok " Louis said getting up 


"What do we have to pack "Zayn said trying anything to get Amanda to talk to him


"Clothes and swimsuts"She said


"OK" He said


"im going to make you some sandwiches for the long trip" she said , everyone got out of the kitchen but I didn't leave.


"um h-Harry aren't you g-going t-t-o get you things ready?" she said stuttering 


"Um my thing are ready" I said


"O" she said as she finished packing the sandwiches and putting them in the bag.


"Well i'll go get ready " she said as she walked by the table.I held her wrist and she turned around.


"Harry please let me go" she said softly 


"Amanda im sorry" I said


" Harry please your hurting me " she said tugging her hand away , and thats when I saw the bruises on her wrists.


" Did I do that" I said 


She was quite and that confirmed that the I did that , and she quietly sobbed and walked away to her room , I heard the door slam shut.Zayn was right she is never going to forgive me , and I scared her....ugh I hate my life.I was walking to my room but I stopped when I heard really hard crying.It was Amanda.I just kept walking because I know that she doesn't want to talk to me.


- - - - -- -- - - - - -----

"Lets go guys in the car NOW" Louis shouted 


I got in the car and sat next to the window not caring about who was going to sit next to me.I just sat in the car with Louis in the drivers seat Niall was next to Louis ,Zayn and Harry finally came Harry was going to sit next to me but I stopped him.


"Um Zayn I want you to sit next to me"I said


"ok" He said as he sat next to me.Harry just looked at me with a frown.


"Ok guys it would take 3 to 4 hours to arrive there so we have to make sure you have enough food"Niall asked


"I made 10 sandwiches "I said 


"We need some beer"Louis said


"No drinking in the car please" I said 


"No , atleast 1 beer for each person"Niall said


"pleeeeeeeaaaase"Louis begged


"Fine" I said


We got some beer and everyone got one bottle except Niall who said that he's irish and he needs to drink 2 bottles,hhhh typical Niall.


"Guys umm we bought only 4 tents so someone will have to share a tent" Niall said


"um me and amanda could share  a tent"Zayn said


"Yh I don't mind" I said acting normal 


"Are you sure Amanda" Niall said while looking in my eyes making sure I have no doubts.


"Im sure Niall" I said smiling at him.


"Ok , so Amanda and Zayn are sharing a tent while me ,Louis , and Harry will sleep in our own tent" Niall explained


I was sooo sleepy and cold ,Zayn noticed so he covered our bodies with a blanket.


"Do you forgive me" He whispered in my ear


"No , now let me go to sleep "I said


" I won't until you forgive me" He said tickling me


I was shouting and laughing " stop Zayn " I shouted laughing 


Harry was just looking at us.He was clenching his fists ,and thats when I knew I should stop .


"I forgive you , please stop" I said


He finally stopped and I was sooooo sleepy.We had to park the car and go to sleep in the car because it was too dark to drive.we laid the chair backwards so we could sleep , I rested my head on Zayn's chest , and I was too tired to stop Zayn from putting his arms around me.









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