I Want You !

This movella is about a girl called amanda , she just moved to her friend niall's school , after she's been bullied in her old school. But what happens when she meets zayn malik the school player. Would she fall for him or would she play hard to get.........


10. Keep this a secret

Amanda's POV:

I woke up feeling Louis' warm and muscular arms around me,I felt safe , happy and relaxed.He was sleeping soo peacefully ,I didn't want to wake him up so I slowly unwrapped his arms from my waist and got up really slowly ,I reached for my phone to see if the time.It was 7:00 in the morning.So I just laid back down, there was a small gap between me and Louis, I didn't come  closer to him because I didn't want to wake him up,but I felt his arms move around me and pulled me closer to his body.I gasped.


"Did I scare you?"He said with his morning voice


"No I just thought you were asleep"I said slowly


"Then why did you move away"He said looking straight in my eyes


"Because I didn't want to bother you"I said


"I really like you Amanda "He said, I started having mixed emotions,because I liked Zayn but he's a player , I like Harry but he has alot of anger issues , and Louis' just nice ,sweet , funny ,and cute.I really like him.


"I like you too Louis"I said blushing, and turning away.


"Your soo cute when you blush"He said with a huge smile, and that made me blush even more.I reached for my phone and it was 7:30.


"lets go to sleep we still have time"I said


"ok"He said giving me a kiss on the cheek.


I lied down slowly while louis wrapped his arms around me,he kissed my neck softly not like the way Zayn did it ,Louis' kisses were different they were full of love and care , while Zayn's kisses were full of lust.I giggled everytime he kissed my soft spot.


"What "He said looking worried


I just looked at him and laughed."No louis im just ticklish , why are you soo worried"I said hugging him


"I don't know I thought that I did something wrong"He said


I kept on laughing "Stop it it's not funny" he said


I calmed down alittle and lied on my back.


"So your ticklish"He said with an evil smile.


"No Louis"I said moving back


He started tickling me alot and I was crying from how much I was laughing."Louis........ please ....stop" I said in between laughs.


"Not until you give me a kiss" He said , I wanted to tease him so I said "NEVER!!!" I was laughing sooo hard I was gonna pee my pants.


"Ok ok I give up" I said and he stopped , I stood up to catch my breath and then leant close to him for a kiss, his soft lips on mine were like fireworks , it felt sooo right ,I moved my hair up to his hair and started playing with it.I could feel him smile during the kiss.


"That was amazing"He said


"Yh"I said 


He just looked into my eyes and said"Amanda you soo beautiful and amazing, d-do you want to be my girlfriend"He said scratching the back of his neck.


"Yes"I said and looked at him , he just smiled and kissed me again.


*********3 Hours later*************


Louis POV:

I still can't believe she's mine, She was all mine.I could kiss her , touch her,and do whatever I want with her,I really love and care for her,but the only problem is we have to keep this a secret from the boys,because she said Zayn and Harry might get upset or even mad.We were getting dressed in the tent.


"Louis turn around"She said 


"I don't want to "I said 


"Louis"She said 


"But ........-"She cut me off "No buts Louis turn around.


"Fine"I said


She changed and I had to wait patiently for her to finish getting dressed.


"Ok lets go "She said fixing her hair, she looked beautiful.She was wearing white short shorts and a hoodie .


We walked out to find the boys awake sitting by the fire I could tell that Amanda was uncomfortable seeing Zayn and Harry , but I just whispered in her ear to calm down.


"Good morning guys"I said


"Good morning"Everyone shouted


"How's everyone"Amanda said


"Good"Niall said


"Me ,Louis and Amanda are going to get some food so you two stay here and don't make any trouble"Niall said


"Ok"Zayn said quietly trying to avoid eye contact with Amanda.


We got in the car and I was sitting in the back seat while Niall and Louis were sitting in the front.Louis was driving and every now and then I saw him turn around or watch me from the mirror and check on me I would just flash him a smile.I couldn't say anything because none knew about us.


"Louis are we there yet"I said


"Not yet , love.10 minutes more"He said


"Ok" I said taking my phone out to find a text from Zayn and Harry saying that their sorry.I just ignored them.




We finally arrived at Nandos and as always Niall was very excited he ran in.


"c'mon guys"He said


"Ok Niall you go wait in line ill be there in a minute"Louis said


"What's wrong louis"I said


"Nothing I just wanted to do this real quick"He said leaning in for a kiss , he kissed me softly on the lips ,I didn't want the feeling to stop but he sadly pulled away , because no one had to know about us .


"Lets go Niall's waiting"I said


We walked in to find Niall ."What took you soooo long"He said


"Amanda forgot her phone in the car we went and took it "Louis lied


ok lets oreder,Niall ordered the whole menue twice and we went home.We ate and had fun but I avoided eye contact with Harry and Zayn at all times.Everyone went to sleep and I wanted to sleep with Louis ,but how,Should I sneak into his room ?Or what?...........







Author's note:


Hey guys how do you like the story so far, I know that this chapter's quite short , its because i've been sooo busy lately in school and horseriding I didn't have time writing a long chapter , but Ill try to update as much as I can.....LOVE YOU GUYS :*



Thx For Reading :D






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