I Want You !

This movella is about a girl called amanda , she just moved to her friend niall's school , after she's been bullied in her old school. But what happens when she meets zayn malik the school player. Would she fall for him or would she play hard to get.........


9. I can't believe you guys!!

Amanda's POV:

We arrived at the camp sight ,it was beautiful there was a bench near a flowing river.

"Wow" I said walking out of the car


"it's beautiful"Harry said


"Lets get the tents ready"Naill said opening the trunk


"I think its going to rain today"Zayn said


"I think so too,its quite cloudy"I said


I sat on the bench near the river just watching it flow , and it made me think ,I was very deep in my thoughts.'Should I go back to Harry??,'should I start dating Zayn??,Or I think its better if I kept it in the friendzone with both of them.The boys got their things ready, the tents weren't big ,and that means when I sleep with Zayn ill have to be very close


"Ill go make a fire" Zayn said


"Ill watch" I said getting off the chair and to Harry.


"Ok"He said


The fire didn't go on because of the weather, it got colder and colder, and suddenly it started to rain really hard and everyone ran into their tents soaking wet.I got in really quickly completely wet.I took some pajama shorts and a t-shirt from my bag, But how will I change??


I laid down looking at my phone to find a text from Harry.


"Hey beautiful "


I replied:"Hey why aren't you asleep" 


"Thinking of you :( , I miss u"


I replied :"Harry please go to sleep"


"I can't I need you "


I replied :"Do you want me to come over to your tent?"




"Ok ill be there in a bit" I replied


"Um Zayn ill go to Harry for a bit then ill come back"I said


"Why!"He asked


"He can't sleep"I said


"Be back soon"He said


"Ok " I said getting out of the tent  I walked over to Harry's tent.



Harry's POV:

She actually agreed to come.She opened the tent and came in , I hugged her .


"Hey Harry"She said with her beautiful hair covering her face, I held a strand of hair and held it behind her ear.


"hey beautiful"I said flashing her a big smile


"Ok you have to go to sleep now , because I have to go back to Zayn"I said


"Why" I said


"Zayn said I have to go back to his tent"She said


"hhh fine"I said


She lied on my chest and I held her really close, and just fell asleep holding her very protectively.



Amanda's POV:

I got a text from Zayn telling me to get back to the tent, so I tried to move away but Harry was holding my waist.I held his hand and took his hand off my waist .He opened his eyes and said"Please don't go".


"I have to go please"I said and got out of the tent.


I found Zayn sitting by the fire,so I decided to come sit next to him.


"Hey"He said disappointed


"what's wrong?" I said looking in his eyes


"Nothing"He lied 


"I know there's something wrong Zayn"I said 


Its just that I really like you and I know you would never be mine"He said looking down


"Hey Its ok , I like you too"I said holding his chin and lifting his head up giving him a kiss on the lips.


"Lets get in the tent before it rains again"I said smiling


We got in the tent and Zayn took off his shirt.


"Zayn turn away or cover your eyes I want to change"I said


"Do I have to?"He said


"Yes Zayn"I said


"Fine"He said covering his eyes


I quickly got my pants off and wore me short but my shirt was very hard to get off it was extremely wet and I was struggling to get it off.


"Need any help?"Zayn asked


"No I can Ha-"I stopped when I felt Zayn's arms on the end of my shirt and he slowly pulled it off ,and I could feel his fingers touching my back.After he took off my shirt I didn't look at him I just wanted to wear my pajama shirt,he took it from my hands and said '"You don't need that"


"Zayn give me the shirt"I said


"No"He said smirking


"Zayn give me the shirt or else"I said really angry


"Or else what"He said looking at me and laughing.


"Ill go sleep with Harry"I said giving him an evil smile


"Go ahead I don't even care "He said


"Ok , and you know what maybe he'll be luck tonight"I said and walked out of the tent wearing a bra and shorts.




Harry's POV:

She came in wearing a bra and shorts , man she was hot! ,I was really turned on , I just wanted to touch her , kiss her and make her feel safe.


"Um Harry can I sleep with you tonight"She said embarrassed 


"Yh , but what about Zayn"I asked


"He took my shirt and didn't want to give it back"She said


She crawled under the blankets with me , she looked sooo beautiful,she put her hair in a side ponytail and thats when I saw it . something I never wanted to see.A hickey ,did Zayn give her a hickey?? and if he did why didn't she stop him the hickey was soo red its like he's been sucking on her neck for like a minute or two.She lied down next to me and I pulled her closer , I started to rub on the hickey with my finger.


"Intresting"I said looking at her


"What?"She said


"Your hickey , its from Zayn isn't it"I said


"N-no H-Harry"She said turning away


"I cant believe you let him give you a hickey"I said alittle angry


"H-Harry its non of you buisness "She said


I held her waist and pulled her really close and whispered in her ear " it is my buisness" I was holding her waist very tightly I think it git bruised.


"You h-hurting me Harry"She said with tears in her eyes



Amanda's POV:

I cant believe Harry and Zayn ,im going to louis,I ran out of the tent with tears in my eyes, and went to louis' tent.


"Hey louis"I said


"Whats wrong love?"He said and I told him everything I was still in my bra and shorts and he gave me one of his shirts to wear.


"I can't believe them , I really want to kill them right now"He said 


"No its ok louis "I said , when I tried to sleep on my side I felt like knives were getting in my waist .


"OW" I almost shouted


"What is it"He said looking very worried


"My waist hurts alot"I said crying Louis lifted up my shirt to reveal the bruises and some of Harrys nails went too deep and made me bleed.


"O my god , lie down and take off your shirt"Louis said and I did what I told her


"I got some cream that would make some of the pain go "He said and I was crying 



Louis POV:

I WILL KILL Zayn AND Harry!! how could they do this to her .I really like her and I think she shouldn't date anyone of them because Harry has anger issues and could hurt her , and Zayn's a player.She trusted me enough to take her shirt off without hesitation and she came to me instead of Niall.I started to massage the area were the bruises were and she was whimpering with pain in her eyes.


"All done" I said smiling to her


"Thanks "She said giving me a weak smile and lying on my chest


I think im falling for her <3






Hey guys how do u like the story so far ??


which team? ZAmanda (Zayn and Amanda),Louanda (Louis and Amanda) , or HAmanda (Harry and Amanda)


Do you think I should change or add anything??


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