I Want You !

This movella is about a girl called amanda , she just moved to her friend niall's school , after she's been bullied in her old school. But what happens when she meets zayn malik the school player. Would she fall for him or would she play hard to get.........


3. First day of school

I woke up by a text from Zayn:


"Good morning beautiful :) "


I had to text him back:


"Good morning , so what time do we have to be at school?"



"Don't worry about that , me ad the boys are coming to pick u up"


I sent: "ok , see u soon :)"


I know all his flirty texts are quite cute but I can't trust him so i'll try to stay in the friend zone as hard as I can.I got up and had a quick shower and wore a mini skirt with a tank top and a jacket , I tied my hair to one side and wore some flats.I ran downstairs to find my mom chatting with Zayn, Niall, Louis , and Harry.


"Hey everyone" I said


"Hey honey I was just showing your friends some baby pictures" She said 


"yh we saw your little baby bum " louis said pointing and laughing at a picture of me as a baby having a bath.


"Mom!" I said


"Don't worry you look cute" Harry said


"Ok lets go or were going to be late for school" Naill said


"Ok ill get my things" I said


" ill he-" Harry said and got cut off by Zayn


"I'll help you "Zayn said following me to my room


We went up to my room and I was picking up my things until I felt Zayn's arms around my waist, and he pulled me close to his body.


"Zayn , please" I said


"What I didn't do anything " he said , and I could feel his hot breath on my neck


"please Zayn stop "I said


"He started kissing my neck holding me very close to my body.


"Zayn please stop" I said pushing him away this time and getting out of the room


I got into the car and sat next to Harry who immediately put his arm around me.


"You look beautiful as always " he whispered into my ear


"Thanks" I said kissing his cheek


Zayn came and sat next to me in the car. Zayn texted me while im in the car , because we couldnt talk about it infront of the boys or Harry.


Zayn: "Umm Amanda r u mad at me ? "


Me:"Yes I am !"


Zayn: " well im sorry ur just irresistible ;)"


Me: "Just stop and dont talk to me "


He stopped , when he saw the text and I ignored him the whole ride.We finally arrived at the school.


"Ok lets see your schedule Amanda" Louis said 


"umm you have the same schedule as Zayn , umm so you have to spend the whole school day with Zayn" Harry said looking quite disappointed 


"A-a-a re you sure " I said


"yes but we could all get together on lunch break ok" Niall said 


I hugged everyone and gave Harry a kiss on the cheek. When I was walking with Zayn in the hall , I was completely ignoring him.


"Amanda please talk to me " he said


"Amanda say something " he said sounding desperate for a minute and suddenly he pushed me on a locker and whispered in my ear


" say something or else ill make you " he said kissing my neck and he started to suck alittle and I know what he was thinking , all the boys might see it if he gave me a hickey , and just when he was going to do it I stopped him.


"Zayn please stop" I said desperately


"Why ??" he said


"Because im dating Harry " I said looking at him right in those hazel eyes.


"I wont stop until you give me a kiss or else I could give you a nice big hickey were all the boys could see it"  He said with a smirk


"Fine" I said 


I leaned in to kiss him and when I wanted to push away he had one arm around my waist and the other around my neck and I couldn't move and I tried to push away but he was too strong so I just kept struggling until he let me go .


"That was nice" he said with a smile


I was quite and ashamed of what i've done , and I shouldn't have trusted him.Niall was right.


"Look you got what you wanted now stay away from me I never want to talk to you again" I said crying and running to the girls bathroom




Zayn's POV:


When she kissed me it felt sooo right and I didn't want her to stop so I just held for alittle longer, But she really got mad , and I could see the guilt in her eyes , I think she likes me but someone's told her to stay away from me or something, but when she said she didn't want to talk to me again , that made my heart just stop....


I haven't seen her sine she ran off to the girls bathroom and i'm really worried about her. When I walked into the cafeteria ,I saw her she was with the boys and she wasn't in the mood to laugh and every thing she was just fake smiling.


"Hey man come sit next to me" Louis yelled


"so how were the first few lessons Zayn??" Niall asked


"umm they were fine" I said looking at Amanda who was looking down.


"So what do you guys want to do today??" Louis asked


" I don't know , how about bowling?" Niall asked


" Me and Amanda can't come because ill come over to her house and were going to do some homework then watch a movie" Harry said smiling


"Nothing more " Louis said winking


"Harry don't you dare make her upset , you know she tells me everything she's like my little sister , if you hurt her ill hurt you " Niall said looking serious 


"Don't worry I wont " harry said


And I was wondering if she would ever tell him what happened between us.


"Um Niall can I talk to you" Amanda asked


"yh , sure" He said getting up




Niall's POV:

I knew there was something wrong with Amanda and she looked soo said its like she did something wrong.


"what's wrong Amanda?" I asked


"Well i-i k-kind kissed Zayn" she said looking at the ground feeling guilty 


" How..when...and why?!!" I asked surprised


"He threatened that he'll give me a hickey if I didn't kiss him so I did but then he held me close and kept kissing me" she said with a tear in her eye


" Did you tell Harry?" I asked


"No please don't tell Harry ,I really like him" she said looking really sad


" I won't , but im gonna talk to Zayn about it , ok?"


" Ok , and than you for being the best friend I ever had " She said hugging me and went back to the cafeteria , were we sat and ate happily .





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