I Want You !

This movella is about a girl called amanda , she just moved to her friend niall's school , after she's been bullied in her old school. But what happens when she meets zayn malik the school player. Would she fall for him or would she play hard to get.........


11. Caught in the action.

Amanda's POV:

It was getting late so I decided to just sleep the night in my room, because I think Louis already slept.I wore a baggy shirt and my underwear.I slowly went under the covers trying to sleep.I heard the door creak as someone opened it,I just ignored it thinking maybe it was Zayn or Harry, So I acted like I was asleep.I felt strong arms wrap around my waist ,I gasped.It was Louis.


"c'mon am I that scary"He said


"No its just that I thought you were.."I said not wanting to continue


"Were??"He encouraged me to continue


"I thought that you were Zayn or Harry"I said


He was just quite."Um L-Louis is there anything wrong"I said inn a worried tone


"No its fine"He said and I could tell that he didn't even want to imagine one of those boys on my bed.


"Lets go to sleep"I said


"Ok ,Good Night"He said kissing my neck and pulling me closer as I drifted away sleeping.



_______________________THE NEXT DAY_____________________


Louis' POV:

I woke up to see a beautiful peaceful looking girl wrapped tight around my arms,I didn't want to wake her up , and I had to get out of the room because no one should no about me and her so I got up really slowly.I ran to my room ,I took a quick shower, got dressed and decided to make some pancakes.I heard someone run down.It was Niall.


"Good morning.....mmmmm what r you cooking , smells good"He said rubbing his belly and sitting down


"Pancakes , I'm almost done , were are the other boys?"I said


"Harry's taking a bath and Zayn went outside really early."He said


"For what?"I asked confused because Zayn wasn't a morning person and then they tell me that he woke up really early to go out.This might be important.


"I don't know Louis"He said stuffing his face with pancakes


After he finished eating he asked me a question I thought he would never ask."Um Louis?"He said


"Yes?"I said


"Do you like Amanda??"He said


I scratched the back of my neck and said "Yh I really like her"


"I knew it !!"He almost shouted.He was soooo happy.


"But please don't break her heart"He said


"I won't"I said 


Amanda's POV:

I woke up when I felt Louis' warm body move away from mine.I got up and took a quick shower , and wore some res skinny jeans and a striped shirt and braided my hair to one side and ran downstairs, I found Louis and Nial in the kitchen.I just wanted to kiss Louis so bad but I couldn't , because They don't know about us.


"Good Morning"I said 


"Good Morning"Niall and Louis said


"So how how did you sleep last night?"I said


"Good , but I feel dizzy"Niall said


"Why? what did you eat??"I asked worried because Niall was my friend


"i'll him a cup of water"Louis said


"I feel like im about t-to"he said before running to the bathroom , and throwing up.


Louis' POV:

I ran behind Amanda into Niall's room , He threw up and he looked pretty sick. Amanda helped him wash up and hugged him really tight , she helped him to his bed and called the doctor.The doctor came and examined Niall.


"Is he going to be ok"Amanda asked very worried she was sitting on Niall's bed holding his hand


"He will be if he takes these pills and this cream ,you have to rub his chest and back with this cream every night and you have to give him these pills every morning after he eats breakfast"The doctor said


"Ok thank you doc."I said


"Your welcome"He said and left


"Niall your going to be okay"She said 


"Amanda , I feel cold"He said 


"Im here"She said getting in bed with him and hugging him.


"Your such an amazing friend"I said


"Thanks , its just that i've never seen him this sick"She said almost crying.


____________________ 30 minutes later___________________


Louis' POV:

I was with the boys telling them what happened, and Amanda walked in , she looked like she was crying.


"Amanda what's wrong love"I said


"I've never seen him soo weak"She said and I gave her a hug she just dug her face in my chest.


I can see the jealousy and discomfort from Zayn and Harry's eyes, but I didn't care.


"Its gonna be ok"I whispered in her ears


"is he asleep now?"Harry asked


"Yes"She said


"ok Lets go watch some Tv while he sleeps"Zayn said 


We cuddled together and watched Tv , then she got up.


"what's wrong"I asked


"I have to put the cream on Niall's chest and back "She said


"Ok "


Amanda's POV:

I went up to Niall's room to find him on his laptop tweeting.


"Niall!!"I scolded at him


"What "He asked like 7 year old boy


"your supposed to be resting"I said 


He just sighed 


I started massaging his back and chest with the cream, he seemed to like it.


"Its nice to have my nanny do everything for me"He said smiling


"uh shut up " I said playfully slapping his shoulder


"Ok you have to go to sleep now Amanda"He said


"But-"He cut me off "No buts now go sleep with Louis"His last words made my body freeze.Did he know about us?!


"W-what did you s-say"I said shocked


"I know about you and Louis and I don't mind now go on"He said


I just left the room , and went to the bathroom to get changed, when I was done I walked out to see Louis , I was pissed at him so I just passed by him not saying a thing.He held my wrist and turned me around.


"what's wrong"He said


"Nothing" I said 


"Are you mad at me?"He asked


"YES I AM!"I almost shouted


"Why?"He said

"Because you told Niall about us and he might tell Harry and Zayn"I said and tried to move away but he pulled me closer and carried me over his shoulder.


"Louis let me down"I said kicking my legs


"No"He said and carried me to his room.



He threw me on the bed and got ontop of me.


"Lou-"He cut me off by crashing his lips on mine, we started making out and then I tugged on his shirt telling him to take it off.He immediately took it off , He had his hand under my shirt and he ended up taking off my shirt.He started kissing my neck and giving me love bites , then he sucked giving me a hickey I just moaned in pleasure.I knew what this was leading to and I wanted it.Suddenly someone opened the door I immediately pushed Louis away from me and hid my body under the covers , I tried to see the person , I rubbed my eyes and I saw who it was it was a tall shadow with curly hair.It was Harry.....






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