I Want You !

This movella is about a girl called amanda , she just moved to her friend niall's school , after she's been bullied in her old school. But what happens when she meets zayn malik the school player. Would she fall for him or would she play hard to get.........


2. Beach , Friends , and Drama

I was doing my chores , untIl I got a text from Niall:



"Hey Amanda r you doing anything today??"



From Me : " no , why? :) "



From Niall :" me and my friends are going to go to the beach , and I really want you to meet them ;) "



From me : "I would love to Niall :P , when will you pick me up??"



From Niall :" i'll pick you up in an hour "



From me: " ok XX :D"




I quickly ran to my room to get ready , I wore my hot pink bikini with a mini beach dress with some flip-flops and I let my hair down , I didn't put any make-up on , because I know Niall would try to get me in the water. I brought a book with me and got a towel and some of Nialls favourite chips and a chocolate bar , I know he'll get hungry on the beach , and he depends on in bringing him some food.


I herd the ball ring so I ran downstairs to open the door , I gave Niall a big hug and got in the car, I noticed that no one is in the car .



"Niall , were are your friends?" i asked



"Im going to pick them up now " he said



"ok, so tell me alittle but about them" I said



"hmmm , were do I start. Well Louis' the funny one , Harry's a flirt he would try to flirt alot but he's such a nice guy , well .... um....Zayn is just trouble" he said



"Why?" I asked with curiosity 



"He's the school player and he slept with almost all the girls in the school , and just don't trust , because he always acts nice and sweet with girls , and after he's slept with them he would ignore them and break their hearts , and i don't want you to lose your virginity to a player .(Yes he knows i'm a virgin because he knows me very well)




"Don't worry I won't" I said giving him a smile




We arrived at Zayn's house , and all the boys got in the car except zayn , I was next to Niall who was on the drivers seat.





"Hey everyone this is Amanda" Niall said




"Hello Amanda " Louis and Harry said






"where's Zayn?" Niall asked




"He's coming he's just doing his hair" Harry said




"He's always wants to look perfect" Louis said 




"so Amanda are you single" Harry said giving me a wink




"Yes I am" I said giggling 




"Finally " Louis shouted out of the window 




I saw a tall handsome , bad boy type of guy with perfect hair. It was Zayn.




"Shut up Louis" Zayn said




"Hi i'm Zayn" he said giving me a wink




"Amanda" I said




The drive was about 20 min. Me and Louis talked and laughed alot he's such a nice guy and Harry is sooo sweet guy.




"common every one out of the car" Niall said




I got out of the car , and everyone kept staring.




"What??!!" I said confused




"your hot" Harry said




"yhh " Louis said




"Hey get your eyes off my best friend" Niall said annoyed




Zayn didn't do anything he was just bitting his bottom lip.




"Ok lets get in the water" Louis shouted running to the water




" you just go on i'm coming , i'll just get my bag" I said 




I walked towards the car , and suddenly I felt strong arms around my waist , I gasped.




" Its just me" He whispered , it was Zayn




"Zayn let me go" I said




" You look sooo sexy , you know" Zayn whispered in my ear




" Zayn!! let me go!!" I almost shouted




He finally let me go.




"oo fiesty , I like that" he said giving me a wink




That wink sent shivers down my back , and I quickly ran back to the other boys.




"What took you so long??" Niall asked




"It doesn't matter i'm here now" I said giving a fake smile




"Well will you get in the water ??" Louis asked 




" Yes but in a sec." i said




I think Harry noticed that something was wrong so he walked up to me.




"What's wrong love?" He asked concerned.




"N-nothing" I lied




" I know that there something wrong , please tell me " he said sitting next to me




I was going to tell him but I saw Zayn walking towards us so I stood up and pulled Harry up.




"Lets get in the water" I said with a smile




I just wanted to get away from Zayn.




" Ok , but tell me later." he said 




" Fine " I said rolling my eyes




I took off my dress to show my hot pink bikini, and I cought Harry staring.




" What !?" I said 




" You look ....... hot" he said blushing




And I blushed with him.




"So are you two lovebirds getting in the water or not" Louis said and we all laughed




Harry'S POV:

She is sooo beautiful with her long hair and her beautiful eyes.




we ran into the water , and to say the truth seeing her in a bikini turned me on. I think I like her.




She started splashing water on me ,and laughing then all the boys joined in.




"where's Zayn??" Niall asked




"There he is" Louis pointed at Zayn who was walking towards the water




I could see the discomfort in her eyes , I think Zayn did or said something to her.




"Sorry guys , had to finish my cigarette " he said




"ugh man thats not healthy " all the boys shouted out 




We all started splashing around and Amanda kept splashing at me .




"you think your tough huh" I told her laughing




"Yes I am " she said smiling 




"i'll have my revenge" I told her




" well catch me if you can " she said laughing and running around in the water , I was running behind her and she ran out of the water.




"Im gonna catch you" I said 




" no your not" she said running 




I finally cought her and held her from her waist, and carried her.




"let me down Harry" she said laughing 




"I'll let you down if you give me a kiss " I said 




"fine ,but let me down" she said




I let her down slowly and she had her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss.It was amazing.




"That wasen't bad she said with a smile




"it was amazing" I said with a big smile 




She leand in for another kiss but we got interupted by Zayn.




"Lets go " he said splitting me up from Amanda by pushing us apart.And taking amanda with him to the car.





NiallS POV:

I knew there was something going on with Harry and Amanda when i saw them playing and running around , and I didn't get nervous or anything because Harry's such a nice guy , and I know he would never hurt a girl.And i was sure about my suspicious when I saw them kissing but i got alittle pissed when I saw Zayn pull the apart with his hands , what was going on with him , does he want her or is he just trying to annoy Harry.




"Guys lets go" I shouted to everyone





"were coming " Zayn said pulling Amanda away from Harry






Zayn held me from my wrist and pulled me into the car.




"Zayn what are you doing!!!" I said




"Why did you kiss him!!" he said looking quite mad




"Because I wanted to , and its non of you business " I snaped back at him




He was gonna say something but Harry came up to me 




"are you alright love??" he asked looking at me and ignoring Zayn




"yh , im fine lets go" I said 




We walked away to the car I sat between Harry and sadly Zayn ,because Louis insisted on sitting on the front seat with liam .I sat more closer to Harry , and he knew that I wasent comfortable around Zayn so he had his arm around me the whole time and I could see the anger and for some reason jealousy in his eyes.





ZaynS POV:

That son of a bitch kissed her . he kissed her!!. Wait .....w-why am I getting mad about this , she's not my girlfriend or anything like that, soo why am I jealous of him, am I falling for this girl??!!. No this cant be im a player I dont have feelings for girls I just sleep with them and thats all, But this is different seeing her with Harry makes me mad, I think i need a cigarette .




"Zayn can you please stop smoking in the car?" Niall said annoyed




"sorry man" I said throwing the cigarette out of the window




"um so amanda you and Harry are a couple now??" Louis asked amanda while raising her eyebrow on her




"Well, we will se what happens" she said




"yup"Harry said




I got soo mad my face turned red because I didn' want to scare or hurt anyone.I think amanda noticed me getting mad , so she decided to talk to me.




"so Zayn do you have a job?" she said




"um... yh im a boxer" I said




"wow , um do you get really hurt?" she said looking alittle worried




"yh , sometimes" I said




"I know how to box alittle" she said




"who tought you " Louis asked




"My dad" I said smling




"Maybe you and Zayn could have a boxing match" Louis said




"I bet she won't stand a chance" Niall said laughing




"Hey !!" she said 




" How about a match?" I asked 




"Just text me the place and maybe we could go after school tommorow" she said 




We finally arrived to her house and we all got out of the car to hug her , when she hugged me I held her alittle longer.




"see you tomorrow at school" I said with a wink




We all got in the car and she waved to us good bye and we all left




I couldn't sleep at all , all i was thinking about was her.Am I falling for her...??







I think Zayn's got a thing for me, but Niall told me not to trust him because he might act sweet in the beginning and then he would just try to get me in bed and then break my heart.




"Hey honey, Did you have fun?" my mom asked 




"yh it was fun , but im gonna tell you about it tommorow because Im really tierd." I said 





"OK good night sweetheart" she said 




"Goodnight mom" I said




I wore a baggy shirt with some pjama shorts , and got into my bed feeling exhausted. Suddenly my phone started buzzing.It was a text.From Zayn?




"GoodNight beautiful xx -Zayn"




I couldn't ignore him so i sent him a text:




"Goodnight Zayn"




And I tried to sleep but I couldn't sleep I was over thinking about Zayn , Harry and school but finally got to sleep .

























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