A Holiday To Remember

Rhiannan is an ordinary girl, plain, simple and forever in love with the wrong boys. Until she goes on a family holiday to Australia, that is. All her dreams come true and her whole world gets turned upside down by the one guy she feels isn't the wrong boy to fall in love with...Harry Styles! The two of them fall in love and overcome the biggest tragedy Rhiannan has ever experienced. Is it going to be the happy ever after she had hoped for?


1. Surprise

"Troy! Joe! It's on!" I shouted from the couch.

  Bondi Rescue, that is. It's mine and my Brother's favourite programme, set in Australia on the world famous beach, Bondi. I films the work of the lifeguards and we love it! As the boys jump off their beds and thud their ways downstairs I sit up and cross my legs then shoot a massive grin their way. The plonk themselves down next to me and all eyes are on the screen. As my eyes are glued to the screen my thoughts wander off and I think about sitting on the warm sand and what it would be like to see the opera house, or even better, go inside.

  I snap out of my little daydream by the sound of the dogs' bark echoeing through the house. My Mum is back from the weekly shop and we all get up to bring the bags into the house and help pack it away. Troy does the drinks and we get back to Bondi Rescue. In the background I hear my Parents whispering.

  "You talking about us in there?!" I raise my voice at them in a joking kind of way.

  They both come into the living room and stand in front of the TV. They came in to announce the reason for their secrecy, it was because they booked flight tickets and we were going to Australia for two weeks. My jaw drops, nearly hitting the ground. My Brothers and I exchanged excited looks signalling to jump up and scream "YES!" at the top of our lungs.
Before we manage to go upstairs and pack our suitcases Mum handed us a shopping bag each telling us to pack the contents as well. Troy and Joe dived straight into their bags before anyone could even take a breath. They both excitedly pulled out the contents revealing new shorts, tops, flip-flops, sunglasses, a beach stereo and loads of other new stuff. I opened up the bag I had been given and inside it was the vest top that i wanted that had the words "Directioner Forever" painted across it in bright red letters. There was also a new bikini which just so happened to be patterned with the Union Jack flag and on the right side of the bikini bra an Irish flag.

  I was so excited I could barely breathe, I delved into the bag some more and pulled out some totally chick sunglasses and i felt something that felt like paper. I pulled out the paper, which turned out to be an envelope. I opened up the envelope and inside it were three concert tickets and backstage passes to see my favourite band, One Direction, in Sydney!

  "Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God!" I yelled!

  They were the only words I could think relevant to shout out at that moment in time.

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