Valentines Dream

"Valentines Dream" is a short story\Fanfiction based on band member 'Niall Horan' from the band "One Direction". In my story 'Skyler' is best friends with band member ' Niall Horan', but have been separated due to 'Niall' being on tour. All members of 'One Direction' Have a short break from the tour , 'Niall' goes to visit 'Skyler' . The rest You'll have to read so i hope you enjoy it!


1. Valentines Dream


It's been four months, four months of missing my childhood best friend , Niall Horan. We've never been separated for this long, I think that's what makes it harder for me . I miss him so much, its quite overwhelming at times. He would help me through everything & anything , That's why when he told me he had a two week break , I was more then excited .He arrives tomorrow ,and right now , that's all I can think about . The thought of seeing him again, just made me smile. 


**Next Day** 

" Are you sure you don't want me to pick you up?' I ask " Yes, I'll just catch a cab ." he chuckles . I sigh louder then I intended too. "don't worry ill stop by later" he says . "if your tired you don't have too" I state " No, No . I wanna see you anyway" he insists " okay then" I reply while hanging up the phone . I have a smile from ear to ear. But before I know it , I begin frantically cleaning up my house.  An hour or so passes by , when I hear a knock at my door,  I race towards it before opening it. I start to tear up at the sight of him. "Hey Sk-" I wrap my arms around him before he can finish his sentence. "I-I really missed you" he mumbles as he holds me close. The tears roll down my face . I quickly wipe them away as we both pull away from our embrace. He laughs. I playfully punch his arm. " I'm a girl , I'm aloud to be emotional" I joke. He continues to laugh. I tug him inside and shut the door behind him. We sit down & begin to talk about everything that's happened in the four months he's been away. " so hows the tour so far?" I ask "Great, but I miss you way too much" he says locking his crystal blue eyes with my green ones .  I uncontrollably blush. There's silence as our eyes are still fixed on one an others . " uh, how about the boys, are they doing okay? " I say trying to break off the silence . "oh, yeah their great. They said they wanna meet up with you soon" he says now facing the ground. I smile. we talk a little more until the conversation completely dies down. "do you wanna go out? maybe get something to eat" Niall asks. I give him a Nod & we get ready.


Once we arrive the day was growing dimmer by the hour. We start to walk around, when Niall grabs hold of my hand. I don't understand why , but I felt weird when he did. He's has my hand a million times , why is this one different? Almost like I had butterflies in my stomach, also I couldn't stop blushing. He looks back at me and smiles. "I'm so sorry but I really have to take this" he says looking at his flashing phone , I smile and nod. A few minutes pass by & I begin to notice staring eyes by a certain male , It makes me feel uncomfortable.  "lets go" I hear behind me . I jump before noticing it's Niall."sorry" he says in a guilty tone . I shake my head . As I start to walk away I notice Niall giving the staring male a stern look. "Come on Niall" I shout, as I walk towards a restaurant. He follows & goes to order. I find us a place to sit. I've been noticing that Niall's been acting different . Protective. I mean he's always been protective, just not to this extent. I snap out of my thoughts as Niall sits in front of me. We get served our food & eat it  quite quckly. On the way back we turn up the radio. A new song comes on & I can hear Niall begining to sing. I smile & look at him. "what?" he asks " nothing, I just missed your singing" I say. We arrive at my place . "That one" I say as we try to decide a movie to watch , both of us snuggle up together on the couch, his arms wrapped around me. Half way through the movie I notice Niall fell asleep. His arms now dropped off me, I lower the volume of the Movie. My body still laying next to him, I look at him. He's Matured so much, his voice , everything. I take another look at him , he looks so ... perfect. I lightly place my hand on his chest. His eyes slowly flutter open.  I quickly sit up in embarrassment. "I-I'm sorry" I mumble. He sits up. His face inches away from mine, I can feel his breath. There's a awkward silence . "Y-Your heart , I-It was beating really fast" I mummer , as I try to break the silence. "It's because I'm scared" he says. "W-Why?" I ask nervously.  He turns his head away. I tilt it to face me. I give him a weak smile. "Because I love you" He states. My eyes widen, I try to speak but nothing comes out . I didn't know what to do. I lean in & kiss him passionately. He smiles as we pull away. Niall stays the night . I wake up to bright lights shining through the blinds. I yawn & turn to my side . There's a small note & a rose. The note reads ' Happy Valentines Day. ' I smile .  I was so excited to see Niall, I forgot it was Valentines Day today . I smell the rose & turn the where I hear Noise. "Morning!" he says holding a tray of food . I laugh as he places it beside me . He lays a soft kiss on my lips. This truly was the best Valentines Day ever.





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