Valentines Surprise

When one direction go off on tour, niall's girlfriend has to spend valentines day alone... or does she?



I awoke to the sunlight filtering through the gap in my flower-print curtains. With my eyes scrunched up, I threw off the covers and reached for my school uniform bundled on the ground.

The date was circled with glittery red pen on my calendar. I looked up and sighed, my heart panging at the sight of Valentines Day with Niall <33 written with hearts around it. That wouldn't be happening this year... He was off on his World Tour.

I buttoned up my stiff blue shirt and tied my hair in a loose ponytail, not bothering with make-up. Who was looking at m that I cared about??

Mom was smiling blissfully at the cooker, flipping pancakes which she would soon cut into hearts and drizzle with strawberry sauce. Dad had gotten her a big bundle of flowers and a card with a cheesy poem:

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue,

Happy Valentines

From me to you <3

Violets are Blue

Roses are Red

I Just Can't Get You Out of My Head <3 xxxxx


Cheesy as it was, it was still extremely sweet. I checked the post for any mail, and there it was. The card from Niall. A small one with a teddy at the front and I <3 U in bold pink letters. The inside read, Happy Valentines babe. I miss you, sorry I couldn't be there to see you! I love you to the moon and back. I sighed and put the card on the table, staring miserably down at the heart-shaped pancakes. Mom squeezed my shoulders and whispered, "honey, it's gonna be OK. Millions of other girls would die to be in your position. Don't take it for granted. It's just one silly commercial day." I forced a weak smile and nibbled on the pancakes. Even though they made me think of Niall away from me on Valentines, they were super tasty and I ate every last bit.

My mother drove me to school, kissed me on the cheek and drove off in her red Toyota.

The day dragged by. I watched happy couples kissing everywhere, teddy bears in their hand or clutching cards with sweet messages, or sniffing roses. I tried to ignore them, try not to care when my best friend Maddie rushed up to me, her ginger hair flying.

"A card and a kiss from Danny," she beamed, referring to her boyfriend of a year, "and three anonymous! What about you?"

I opened my locker and saw a rose and two cards. "I don't care about these," I snapped, "I want to see Niall."

Joe O' Neil strutted up to me, his hair flopping over his forehead, "hey, Chloe, babe. Heard you're alone for Valentines. Wanna hook up?"

Reaching into my locker, I pulled out the two cards and a rose, "are one of these yours?"

He selected the rose and held it between his teeth and grabbed the heart-shaped card with, meet me behind the gym at lunch Xooxxxxx written in swirly writing. I ripped it and shoved it in his face before marching off. Maddie followed me, roaring laughing.

My mom was waiting for me after school, which was strange as I usually caught the bus with Maddie. But she insisted I come with her. She said we were going out to dinner, and  had to dress fancy.

"I'm not really in the mood, Mom," I mumbled, "thanks, but no thanks."

"You have to come," she persisted, "I insist. Your father and I insist."

"No no, you two go on your own. Have fun."

"Chloe you are coming with us! Now go have a shower, put on some make-up and nice clothes, and we will meet your aunt in half an hour."

I was surprised by her firmness, and ambled upstairs. I washed my hair thoroughly and slipped into a pair of high waisted shorts and a midnight blue top and grey cardigan. I brushed and straightened my hair and curled my eyelashes, applying lipgloss and eyeshadow. I was ready to go.

Mom sprayed me playfully with perfume before dragging me downstairs like a little girl. She too was dressed up, with her hair in curls and her favourite gold dress. I was in a better mood, ready to go out with my family.

"I'm going to take the long way," smiled Dad, "the lights in the park on Valentines are beautiful."

I laughed and agreed. Dad drove to the park and stopped up. I was confused.

"Hop out, I want to take a picture," said Mom, jumping out and opening my door. This was getting suspicious, but I followed nevertheless.

The grass was perfectly mowed, the flowers blooming. Someone had strung the angel fountain with fair lights. It was all so bright and beautiful, full of happy couples chatting away on checkered picnic blankets like something you would see in movies.

"Happy Valentines day, Chloe," giggled Mom, pointing to something in the park and rushing back to the car. I followed her gaze and saw something that made my heart swell happily.

It was Niall, sitting on a picnic blanket with a rose in his hand, looking nervous. I let out a high-pitched shriek and sprinted across the lawn to him. He stood up when he saw me coming and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel tears gathering in my eyes as I inhaled his expensive-aftershave Niall smell. He sat down and patted the blanket beside him, passed me the rose and said, "surprise!"

"You are the sweetest guy," I whispered, admiring each petal. My cheeks were pink with excitement and I could barely eat the chocolate-covered strawberry he passed me as my hands were trembling like crazy.

"I couldn't spend Valentines without you, Chlo," he said. I smiled at the sound of his nickname for me. "So I planned it out with your mother, got a jet over here and had a lot of trouble keeping fans away. I knew coming early was a good idea, I was signing autographs and taking pictures for an hour!"

Laughing, I dipped my strawberry in the chocolate again. "That card I got was useless, you set me up!"

"Yep," he said, his Irish accent sounding cuter than ever.

For the rest of the night we chatted, played Frisbee and kissed. When it got cold he gave me his jacket and I lay against him, watching the stars. "I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world."

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