Till I See You Again

Sophie's life seems too be crashing down after her best friend died. But what happens when 5 strangers comes into her life.... and 1 of them brings a new mystery and unresolved past.


1. Chapter 1

‘Liam, LIAM! Don’t leave me.. ‘ was the last I remembered before I woke up to the sound of my alarm. 

Its been this way everyday since Liam died a month ago due to Cancer. I would get a nightmare of Liam. His perfect face flash with a sad smile waving goodbye as he fades and my begging for him not to leave before I wake up. 

“Argh” I groaned before waking up to another torturous day at school. 

“Goodmorning sweetheart, how was your night?’ my mom said as I walked down the stairs to grab my lunch. 

“It was good,mum. See you later.” I said as I dashed out the door. 

It was that way everyday. My mom would ask to make sure I survived the night and I would give her the same, cold reply. 

School was never easy for me. With all the pity stares I get as I walked down the corridor. Emma, my best friend was the only reason I could get through school since liam left. 

‘How is this gonna help me in life?’ Emma said as we worked through our maths questions. 

‘Dunno, but its definitely gonna help you get a degree and a job.’ I said as she smiled at me.

“You gonna join us for lunch?’ she asked as the bell ring. 

‘Nope, too much homework.’ 

“Okay then. See ya in 30!’ 

I would sit at a fountain near the school gate and eat my lunch as I continued drawing a portrait of Liam. It was the only thing I could do to stop myself from crying. If he was here, he would mock me and say what a pathetic, sad person I am. But he wasn’t. He was gone and he was never coming back. I would see my best friend again. Wouldn’t touch his hair, or hug him playfully ever again. This kills me inside but I knew I have to get through.

As I was lost in thoughts, I noticed a black van parked outside the gate. I could see shadows and I could swear they were watching me. 

I shook my head and forget the thoughts as the bell rang again signaling it was time for another class. I sighed and picked up my things. ‘thank god only a few more months of this and ill never have to step foot in this place again.’ I muttered to myself. 

The day went by like everyday would and the van left my mind. Until I saw it again the next day. And again on the next. On the 2nd week I got tired and my curiosity got the better of me. I step out of the gate and walked towards the van. 

The van doors open showing 5 boys inside. ‘Wha..’ was all I could say before a hand reached out and pulled me in.

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