One thing!

Amber goes to Nando's with her friends Charlotte and Maddie for her 16th when she noticed five very familiar faces and one was looking in her direction every now and then, he was blonde and Irish. What happens.


4. Toy story

Nialls POV

*knock knock knock* I'm glad they found their way here.
Harry went to open the door for them and gave Charlotte a wink, cheeky bugger!
"I'll go get the popcorn!" I shouted
"I'll join him!" I heard amber as she walked to the kitchen with me
"I'll set up the DVD" Liam shouts excitedly.

"Hello beautiful" I said when I saw Amber's gorgeous figure stand there her face went slightly red.
"Heloooo" she shyly replied
It was silent for a moment and we just stated into each others eyes until she decides to speaks up.
"So where's the popcorn?"
I went to the cupboard to get two massive bags with popcorn in and two bowls I gave her a bag to pour into the bowl and I did one myself.

We went back into the front room. Louis and Zayn were sat on one sofa then me, amber, Charlotte and Harry were on the other and Liam and Maddie were sat on the floor with Maddie sat on Liam's lap. I think there's something going on between them?

Liam's POV

Maddie's perfect she's funny cute an oh my god is she beautiful the way she doesn't care what anyone thinks is amazing her long straight brown hair there's nothing wrong with her!

Maddie's POV

I don't mind the boys that much anymore their nice. But I don't see why girls can just obsess over them.
Oh and Liam my god is he gorgeous and he's so sweet and I love the fact he loves toy story it's like the best thing EVER!!

Harry's POV

Charlotte looked so sweet she looked tired so I put my arm around her and she put her head on my Chet and started dosing off. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Zayn and Louis taking the mik and Zayn put his arm around Louis and Louis put his head on Zayn's chest. I just sarcastically laughed and started playing with charlottes hair.

Niall's POV

I can feel a cheesy moment to come along. I yawned and stretched my arm around Amber
"Your so cheesy!"she laughed and kissed me on the cheek. I couldn't stop smiling. I saw Zayn and Louis still taking the piss out of Harry and couldn't stop laughing.
"Your laughs cute!" I heard amber say.
"Why thank you!" I said with my poshest voice on and she laughed, then I went in and kissed her, it was amazing and I could feel her smile in the kiss and I just wanted to kiss her more until I heard Louis be his childish self and started to make vomiting noises and everyone burst out laughing and then Charlotte woke up
"What's happened,what did I miss?" She was curious
"Amber and Niall were kissing!" Maddie shouted in a childish tone.

Amber's POV

That was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G was I dreaming?
The third toy story finished and I looked at the time and saw it was 11:30pm
"Shit! We need to get home!"
"Do we have to?!" I heard Maddie whine
"Do you!?" Liam joined in with the whining.
"Fine!" I said and winked at Maddie "as you insist!"
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