One thing!

Amber goes to Nando's with her friends Charlotte and Maddie for her 16th when she noticed five very familiar faces and one was looking in her direction every now and then, he was blonde and Irish. What happens.


5. Sleepover!

Chapter3 sleepover

Amber's POV

"SLEEEPOVEEERRRRR!" Louis shouted.
"Ermm what would we wear?" Charlotte asked. Me and Charlotte read those FanFictions where the girl ends up wearing one of his t shirts to bed so she was most likely asking that.
" I'm sure I've got a top and some trakies you could borrow?" Harry replied looking at Niall and Liam to come up and get some clothes for me and Maddie as well. Charlotte looked at me with a -omg-I'm-wearing-Harry-styles'-cloths look.
"Soooooo" Louis said to make it less awkward.
"There you go there's a spear room upstairs to the right you can get ready in there" Harry said whilst chucking the clothes at us.

When we got upstairs me and Charlotte started jumping up and down with excitement and Maddie did a little too. When we were ready we ran down stairs.

We say down and it was a bit awkward.
"I know why don't we play 'I've never' it would be fun and we could get to know each other better!" Maddie said
The boys looked blank but me and Charlotte agreed, we love this game it gets us started at party's!
"Basically everyone has a glass of drink and sits in a circle, then one at a time you state something like I've never had sex and if you have you had a sip of your drink. Okay?" Charlotte explained
We all sat in a circle and Louis went and got us all a glass of beer.
There were some bazaar questions then it got to Maddie

Maddie's POV

My turn, I have no idea what to say, why did I decide to do this?
"Ermmm I've never ermm kissed a celebrity?"
Everyone had a sip of there drink but before Liam had a sip he kissed me, the kiss lasted longer than I thought. When we pulled out her looked at me and said
"Have a drink then!"
Wait did Liam Payne just kiss me? Okay I see why those two fangirl it was AMAZING!
The last question said was said by Harry
"I've never self harmed."
Me amber and Charlotte looked at each other and slowly took a sip of our drinks. The room fell silent for a bit until Zayn says "I'm tired lets sleep!" So we all went to bed.
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