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Amber goes to Nando's with her friends Charlotte and Maddie for her 16th when she noticed five very familiar faces and one was looking in her direction every now and then, he was blonde and Irish. What happens.


6. Private conversation

Nialls POV

I woke up first as usual and usual. I went downstairs to make my self a fry up. When I saw Amber sat with a coffee looking like she had been crying.
"What's up?" I said with concern walking towards her. I gave her a Hug and she just replies with "oh just thinking about stuff"
"What stuff" I replied
"Oh it's fine it's nothing anyway" she said whilst trying to hold back her tears. I just pulled her into a massive hug, we were there for a while then she looked up at me.
"I know we've only known each other for two days, well you've known me I guess ever since I was on x factor but I care about you...a lot. And if you want to tell me or not I don't mind but I hate seeing you so upset."

Amber's POV

After what he just said I don't know weather I should tell him I don't want to put it all on him so quickly. He'd probably think I'm just a pussy but I can't help my self so I might aswell
'Well...when I was younger" I started "my mum she past away after me seeing her in hospital a lot so after that I went into care for a bit whilst the social services decided where I go as my dad left us ages ago and I hardly ever spoke to him, after all of that I got moved to live with my gran and step grandad it started all fine until one day he came home drunk when I was 8 and me and my gran were having another one of our silly arguments when he stormed in and whipped me round the head. That had stopped for a year as I was so scared I would just stay quiet and after a while he would come home drunk every night and hit me or tell me how useless and fat I was, I was put on diets and then it all started to school I was bullied and I couldn't cope so one day I came home ran upstairs got out a razor and ya know.." I stopped for a second to get a breath I looked at Niall and noticed his concentration and looked like he was listening "anyway I was cutting a lot and I never did PE at school. I came home from school one day with my grandad stood right there and he hit me and Told me to go die then went out. I ran to the bathroom got out some pills and basically attempted suicide." I could see Niall starting to cry I didn't want to say anymore so I went in and hugged him "we'll anyway my gran found me my grandad had 2 years in prison and I got put back into care and I am now with the most amazing foster family ever" I said trying to hold my tears back. Niall noticed I was going to cry and hugged me for a long time. I do love how caring he is.

everyone else came down the stairs and Zayn said in his sleepy voice "morning guys, I think we should go to the beach today"

Maddies POV

Me amber and Charlotte went back home to get our bikinis and get ready to go back to the boys place and go to the beach.


We were at the beach and everyone was in the water except for me and Liam I had multiple bracelets on to cover up my arm.
"Maddie?" Liam asked. I looked at him and he says "you know yesterday when we were playing that game and you said you had self harmed?"
"Yeah?" I replied confusingly

Liam's POV

I was nervous she doesn't have to tell me I don't want to make her tell me.
"Why did you do it?" I asked nervously. She looked at me then looked down to her fingers.
"You don't have to tell me." I said comforting her m, I could feel it she was going to start to cry
"No I'm going to tell you!" She said holding back the tears
"Well when I was younger I was friends with a lot of my older sisters friends and one night they were all round our house as our parents were on holiday. I had a knock on the door and it was mark one of her friends, I knew he was drunk as he stumbled on my bed. He was holding a knife I was so scared."
I had a concerned look on my face and I was having full concentration on what she was saying.
"Anyway long story short he...he raped me." She started crying and I just held her in my arms I don't like it when she cries.
"After that I found out I was pregnant and I was forced into having an abortion and I hate the thought of killing a child! And ever since then my mum would just not give a shit about me and she would just say horrible things to me and call me a fat slut and stuff like that and she still does and I still cut"
She lifted up her bracelets to revel her scars old and new. I just pulled her into a kiss we were there for ages until everyone else came up to us and I heard amber shout "get a room!" To us, then Maddie replied
"Ohh just go fuck Niall!" They both laughed and we got up.

"RUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!" I heard Zayn scream then I turned around to see the paparazzi behind us. Maddie jumped on my back, amber on Nialls Charlotte on Harry and of corse Louis on Zayn.

Charlottes POV

It was later and we were back at the boys house, I was tired so I went up to bed.
"Guys I'm going up" I heard Harry say to everyone else and he went upstairs. He knocked on the room I was staying in and opened the door
"Hello" I said and sat up, Harry shuffled into the bed next to me.
"What's up?" He asked
Was it really that obvious I was going to cry.
"Nothing I'm just tired."I lied he looked at me with his cute puppy eyes.
"Fine. I saw my ex boyfriend today. And it braught back memory's." I said with a huff
"Would you mind telling me these memory's?" He asked looking at me. Man he knows how to get what he wants. "Well when I was going out with hinge was very strict and I had to do what he wanted me to or he'll abuse me and when I dumped him, he was so full of rage he hit me harder than usual. After that he started spreading shit round school saying I'm a slut and gave him an STD." I looked at Harry and he gave me a huge hug.
"I love you and your perfect in every way." He said to me and I fell asleep on his chest.
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