One thing!

Amber goes to Nando's with her friends Charlotte and Maddie for her 16th when she noticed five very familiar faces and one was looking in her direction every now and then, he was blonde and Irish. What happens.


1. Nando's

Amber's POV:

Omg I love my friends they know how much I love Nando's.
"Thank you guys for taking me here you know how much I love Nando's...and One Direction!" I said.
"Please don't talk about One Direction!" Maddie said with a huff
As you can tell Maddie isn't a great fan of One Direction unlike me and Charlotte who off corse can't get enough of them! We know everything and I mean EVERYTHING about the 5 sex gods!
"Ermm Amber?" Charlotte mumbled
"I know it's my birthday!" I said jokingly after last year when I forgot about it.
"No not that! Ermm well look who's over there!!" Charlotte said speechless. I followed her hand and there they were the five sex gods. In Nando's. on my birthday! Someone pinch me! Me and Charlotte were screaming our heads off.

Maddie's POV:

Could they not stop screaming I have a massive headache. I mean, who could obsess so much over 5 boys. Oh well I'll let her of as it is her birthday.

At one point I noticed the 5 boys turn to look at us then they laughed and were taking the mic out if the blonde one, Niall I think his name is. And he went bright red.

Through out the night I noticed Niall every now and then looking at Amber.
"I'm going to the toilet." Amber told us and me and Charlotte nodded along.

Nialls POV:

She's beautiful her long straight blonde hair hung over her shoulders and her face was so indescribable so natural with hardly any makeup on. When the boys noticed me constantly looking over to her they looked and laughed at me and I could feel all the blood rushing to my cheeks as I was blushing.

I saw her walk off to the toilets so I excused my self from the table to go to the 'toilet'
"Oh sorry" she said as we bumped into each other.
"It's okay" I smiled back
As soon as she heard my voice he head shot up and looked at my face.
"Y-Your Niall James H-Horan" she managed to say in a stutter.
"Why yes I am, oh and happy birthday by the way." I laughed a little at her shock I could tell she was a bit of a fan.

Amber's POV

"Wait how do you know it's my birthday?" I questioned him still slightly shocked that I'm talking to NIALL FRICKING JAMES HORAN!
"Your badge, your wearing a badge" he laughed. I forgot Maddie and Charlotte got me a silly badge to remind me.

Charlottes POV

"Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie!"
"What!" Maddie frustratedly replyed
"Amber is talking to Niall!"
Maddie just gave me a omg-don't-talk-about-one-direction look.
"THE Niall Horan!" I screamed at Maddie.
Maddie got up and walked over to Maddie and gave Niall a sarcastic smile and dragged amber back to the table. I looked at amber and we jst started fangirling.

Amber's POV

We had almost finished eating when I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned around to se Niall there.
"I didn't catch your name earlier?" Niall asked
I replied "oh yeah it's amber." And smiled
"Well bye amber call me later." He smiled and gave me a napkin, I looked at the napkin and saw what looked to be a phone number. It took me a while to realise
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