We are just friends!!!!!

There is this girl Bethany Wilson. She is in year 12 of high school and a new boy comes along and with a new possy. Bethany and this boy that is Niall Horan become best friends but Niall wants more than that and Bethany doesnt. Bethany gets a boyfriend and Niall gets very mad and someone gets hurt and doesnt talk to Bethany at all until she breaks up with him. Bethany didnt know that Kassia had a crush on Niall and when Kassia found out that Niall liked Bethany she got mad and she was jealous and tried to get with Zac Bethany's crush.


2. Kassia has a crush!!!!



Bethany's P.O.V

I wakeup in the morning. I had a weird dream that Kassia liked Niall and Niall liked me and i was in the middle. I just hope that dream wasnt real. Today was another boring school day. I got out of bed and went down stairs to find my mum making....... pancakes i believe. I love pancakes there the bomb. 

"Morning mum" i said with a smile

"morning love just making some chocolate chip pancakes" she said smiling while focusing on not burning the pancakes.

"yum" i said while sitting on the bench

" Darling get off the bench and go and wakeup ur Kia" she said

"ok" i said

I ran upstairs to Kia's room. I knocked on the door and i yelled out "Wakeup Kia, breakfast is almost ready!!!!!!"

I heard a bump and a loud "ok".

I went back down stairs.

THe pancakes were all done. I grabbed a plate and put on, 2 pancakes, strawberrys and whipped cream. I started eating and Kia started walking down wearing a really short tight dress that was black and her hair was messed up. "morning" she said. SHe looked awful and she was going to get in trouble!!!!

"kia why are u like that" my mum said in a angry voice

"dont worry mum im wearing this to school anyways" she said like she didnt care. "You are not going to school like that u are going to wear a , long tribal print dress with flats and no makeup!" she said in a stern voice "whateva" she said. My sister Kia always went clubbing with her friends and she is only 14! She uses a fake I.D. She always drinks a lot but she tries to hide by not breathing too much around mum but it never really works. 

"Have you been drinking Kia Elizabeth Wilson" my mum said mad!

"no just a beer or so" she said not caring

"u are grounded young lady and ur stupid boyfriend has to stay away from u for a week" she said

"wait what thats unfair" she said "tood bad" my mum than said

Its so funny to see her get in trouble, but i do car about her and she should be more responsible.

After i had finished my breakfast i went upstairs to the bathroom. I hopped in the shower and washed my hair and myself. I got out and  put on some denim shorts, blue bando, white tank top to go over, brown sandels. I put on a bit of foundation, blush, mascara, liner and lipgloss. I brushed my long hair and i pulled it into a high messy bun. I put on a few rings and bracelets. I than put a bright blue headband on to clash with the blue bando.

I looked very casual but cute. I than grabbed my bag with my school stuff and phone in it. I went downstairs and said goodbye to my mum and Kia.

Today i was walking to school since i had time.

I was walking down the block and i see Niall the new kid. "hey Niall" i shout. He looks back and walks even faster for some reason. Ok thats weird. I had a buzz that came from my phone. I checked it and it was from Natasha and it read;

Hey Beth, Kassia fessed up! she like Niall. I have been teasing her about it and she has been blushing like crazy! See you at school!! -Tashxoxo

I replied in a few second

Hey Tash, wow that quick, lol. She must have a big crush on him by the sound of it!! see u at school!-Bethxoxo

AFter that i put my phone away.

I get to school. I see Niall talking to Kassia. They would make a good couple.

I go over to them and Niall instantly says bye and goes. "hey Kassia" i say "i  think im starstruck" she said and i think she didnt know i was there. I wave my hand over her face and say"earth to Kassia u there" "oh hey sorry beth, but he is really cute" she said with serious look. "ok" i said

"He said he likes someone in the grade, do u think its me" she said hoping for a yes."yes coz ur the only girl that has talked to him" i say back. "ok, lets get to class" she said

After School-

Authors comments- 

Hey guys, i quickly updated so u guys had something to read, i probably will update tomoz night but i wont guarantee it because i have school bye

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