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There is this girl Bethany Wilson. She is in year 12 of high school and a new boy comes along and with a new possy. Bethany and this boy that is Niall Horan become best friends but Niall wants more than that and Bethany doesnt. Bethany gets a boyfriend and Niall gets very mad and someone gets hurt and doesnt talk to Bethany at all until she breaks up with him. Bethany didnt know that Kassia had a crush on Niall and when Kassia found out that Niall liked Bethany she got mad and she was jealous and tried to get with Zac Bethany's crush.


1. New Kid


Bethany Wilson's P.O.V

I wakeup this morning with a bad cold.

Great i thought by now it would have gone by.

Anyways, im Bethany Wilson, im 17 years old and school is almost over for me.

Im fun, silly and i like to hang out a lot.

I have a lot of friends being, Natasha, Kassia, Madie, Jade, Mckayla, Alli and Sophie.

They are all of my close friends and help me throught anything.

I get out of bed and i go down stairs to see that my younger sister Kia, who is 14 was over her boyfriend cuddling.

Seriously, i do look out for her is just that she aint going no where with that boy and she needs to realise it herself.

I go to the fridge and i pull out eggs.

I grab the bread and i make myslef toast and some cooked eggs.

After thats finish i eat.

Its a typical high school day.

After my breakfast, i clean my dish and i go up stairs.

I have a shower and i get out putting on a white tank top that is above my belly button and i put on some short shorts and i grabbed my black converse and i put them on.

I grabbed my hair curler and curled my hair to perfection.

I put light makeup on with extra mascara.

I grabbed my phone and bag and i was ready for school but i always get a hot chocolate from starbucks.

I go to my car and i hop in.

MY phone started buzzing.

It was my friend Alli.

Phone convo)

Me: Hello

Alli: oh hey wann a grab a coffee or something from starbucks

Me: Well i just hopped into my car to actually drive there so yeah ill be there in 10 mins

Alli: ok i started walking to starbucks because my car is down and yeah so i have to walk but after can i catch a ride with u?

Me; Sure bye

Alli: bye

I hang up the phone.

I drove to starbucks.

I get there and there is Alli just walking into the shop.

I get out of my car and i go in.

I suprise Alli from behind and she almost screamed her head off.

To me i was just laughing like hell but not too loud so everyone could stare that would just be awkward.

" seriously!!' Alli said a bit mad.

"sorry i just had too" i said and started to laugh a bit.

"haha very funny Bethany" she said

"i know right" i said then starting laughing even harder.

I went up to the counter and i saw my crush Zac from school.

Jesus why did he have to work here.

I ordered a hot chocolate.

Zac definitely has muscle, he has brown hair and blue eyes.

I actually have dark blonde hair almost brown and blue eyes and my hair is really long.

AFter i ordered i just stood and waited for Alli to order.

AFter she ordered we decided to go to school now since we would be late.

I had my coffee in my hand and i went to my car.

Alli followed and we both hopped in.

I drove off to school.

I parked my car.

We both got out and it was freezing at our school.

Alli and i were walking into the school.

I saw some of my friends at their locker.

I went to my locker and i put my english and maths books inn my locker.

I phone started to buzz then it stopped it was a text message

I checked it and it was Jade

Text convo)

Jade: hey Bethany im sick

Me: oh ok well feel better will u be here tomorrow?

Jade: no ive got a bad flu

Me: ok well feel better and i have to get to class now so bye

Jade: ok bye

I put my phone away and i walked to my class.

I sat across from Kassia.

M. Walters my english teacher is the the worst teacher ever.

He gets mad really easily.

After maths class and english class.

Cool its lunch now.

I walked with Kassia, Madie, Tash and Alli to lunch.

We ordered food and we sat down.

I notice a boy with ash blonde hair and blue eyes.

He was new by the looks of it.

"stop staring at him Bethany" Alli said.

"i wasnt" i say

"sure" she said.

Ok maybe i was but he is a little cute.

"ok maybe i am big deal" i said

"what eva' she said

"you like him beth" Kassia exclaimed 

" hell no!...... ok he is cute i admit that but i like Zac and not that boy" i stated

"ok, but his name is Niall Horan, and appearantly he is a really good singer and guitarest" she said staring

" ur staring now! and u said i was" i said and laughed

Kassia turned to me and had a look on her face that said "shut up".

She liked him and everyone knew it!!!!! 

Then suddenly four cute boys walk in through the caffeteria doors and sit with the new kid Niall. Those boys were probably new too because i have never seen them before. They had name tags, lame! A certain curly haired boy was named Harry, Harry Styles. Another with a quiff named Zayn Malik, a light brown haired boy named Louis Tomlinson and a light brown haired boy named Liam Payne.

I must say, they are all really cute but my crush is still to Zac. Zac, i have knowned for about 10 years. He went to my primary school, and high school which is now. Zac is really hot, he has had recent girlfriends who just wanted him because he was hot, not coz of his personality. He has a great personality. He is kind, caring, loyal, crazy, outgoing and romantic.

     After school

The bell just rang and i was going towards my car when i bump into someone. I fall to the ground on my bum. It hurt. I look up to the person who i knocked into and it was Niall. "i am sooo sorry" he said with a loving voice "thats ok i should of been looking, ur name is Niall right" i say "yeah, urs?" he asked "Bethany, Bethany Wilson" i say "nice name but sorry i have to go" he said "oh ok well b-" before i could even say bye he already left. Whats with him? All well. I kept walking to my car thinking about Niall. Why would someone just leave, was he nervous? Wait why would he be nervous? I dont know but yeah. I got to my car and i hopped in. I drove back to my house. 

I got home and it was 4pm. I watched movies for 3 hours when my mum texted me she will be home very late. Oh well.

I was still watching movies when Kia came in kissing her boyfriend voilently. They ran upstairs and i didnt care what they did as long as she doesnt get pregnant coz then ill have to deal with it. 


It was now 9pm. I was getting ready to go to bed.

I have a shower and i get out and i put on a singlet, pj shorts and i put my hair into a high messy bun.

It had been a long day and it was time to rest.

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