Keep It Real

Its been 3 years since Amethyst took over her parents Business. When she goes to a business trip in New York, she did not know that she will be neighbors, in the hotel she's staying, with a band; One Direction. When Niall Horan accidentally knocks on her door thinking that its his band mates' hotel room. And instantly Niall will fall for her but because Amethyst is a business woman, she doesn't have time on those things but Niall is super determined to be her friend.Will Niall be able to show her that a business world and a normal world is different ? Will Niall succeed his quest ? Will Amethyst and Niall be more than friends ? If Niall and Amethyst does become best of friends will Amethyst have no time to run her company ? Will her Company be bankrupt ? Will the other boys fall on Amethyst too ?


4. Niall

As I open the door I saw a guy. I was confused at first, but then I knew I saw him somewhere. "Uh, hi ?" I said kind of in a questioningly way. "Erm.. sorry wrong door. Uhmm, do you know where room 140 is ? And by the way I'm Niall. Niall Horan" "Uh, yeah it's next door and I'm Amethyst. Amethyst Moore." I replied. "Oh, okay thanks."

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