Keep It Real

Its been 3 years since Amethyst took over her parents Business. When she goes to a business trip in New York, she did not know that she will be neighbors, in the hotel she's staying, with a band; One Direction. When Niall Horan accidentally knocks on her door thinking that its his band mates' hotel room. And instantly Niall will fall for her but because Amethyst is a business woman, she doesn't have time on those things but Niall is super determined to be her friend.Will Niall be able to show her that a business world and a normal world is different ? Will Niall succeed his quest ? Will Amethyst and Niall be more than friends ? If Niall and Amethyst does become best of friends will Amethyst have no time to run her company ? Will her Company be bankrupt ? Will the other boys fall on Amethyst too ?


3. Knock Knock

"HARRY!" shouted a guy with no hair. "stop flirting with the girl." added the guy. I probably blushed when he said 'flirting'. "And that's Liam." Harry informed me, "I'm not flirting with her, I'm just getting to know her." Harry replied to Liam. "Flirting and getting to know her is the same thing for you Harry." Liam said. I was laughing this time. Harry turned to face and said "sorry" probably because he was embarrassed. "Harry say bye to the girl and we're going to be late!" shouted Liam to Harry. "Okay, so i guess this is goodbye" I said to Harry but more of a question. "Not if we see each other again." Harry replied with a smirk knowing we will be seeing each other soon because we do live in the same hotel. 

As I went to the receptionist, I could still hear the people outside. 'I think they don't know that their idol left this hotel 5 minutes ago' I thought. "Ma'am here is your room and key" said the receptionist "enjoy you stay" she added. I smile at her and thanked her. My room number is 139, in the 8th floor. Okay, again I am scared of heights, I've always been scared of them I don't know why though. Yes, I am in the highest floor of my Company I'm supposed to be not scared but I am. 

As I went inside my hotel room I just crashed on my bed and tried to get rest, as soon as I slept I heard a knock. I groaned and thought who could that be. What if it's a guy that want to rape me ? i thought probably not if a guys wants to rape then why would they knock. What if its a kidnapper that wants to kidnapped me and do a ransom on me 'cause I am a business woman. Or what if its a killer that will kill me and steal all my things. "Uhg ! stop thinking those things you're just scaring yourself." I said to myself. *Knock knock*. Okay so I decided that I will open the door, I mean what if it's Harry because we do stay in the same hotel. But how would he know my hotel room ? I thought. Okay just open the door.


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