Keep It Real

Its been 3 years since Amethyst took over her parents Business. When she goes to a business trip in New York, she did not know that she will be neighbors, in the hotel she's staying, with a band; One Direction. When Niall Horan accidentally knocks on her door thinking that its his band mates' hotel room. And instantly Niall will fall for her but because Amethyst is a business woman, she doesn't have time on those things but Niall is super determined to be her friend.Will Niall be able to show her that a business world and a normal world is different ? Will Niall succeed his quest ? Will Amethyst and Niall be more than friends ? If Niall and Amethyst does become best of friends will Amethyst have no time to run her company ? Will her Company be bankrupt ? Will the other boys fall on Amethyst too ?


2. Hotel

Days went by really fast. Today is the day that I will be flying to New York. I have to admit that I'm still kind off scared of planes  and waters even though I ride them most of my teenage life. As I went inside the plane i quickly turn my head phones on and drifted to sleep. 
"Ma'am wake up, were now landing." said the flight attendant; waking me up. I didn't knew that i slept the whole ride. The flight wasn't really that long, it was just a 7 hour flight and I was really tired from last night; i had to do a presentation for Mr. Rodriguez and such. Since I took over the Company, I am always lack of sleep and sometimes I had only 1-2 hours of sleep. 

By the time I wake up everyone has starting to leave. And I, ofcourse, said "Thank you" to the lady that wake me up. As I left the plane, I quickly saw my driver and went to him as fast as possible to get to my hotel quickly to get to some rest. As we drove to my Hotel i can't stop looking at the place. Sure I've been on New York few times but I still cant get over the fact that New York is such a beautiful place and it's one of my favorite places on the world. As we were getting to my Hotel I can't believe that there are plenty of people and also paparazzi gathered in the front of the hotel screaming "ONE DIRECTION" everywhere. I've heard of them but I don't really have time to focus on them I have my other priorities than to focus on just one band. As the car was getting to the entrance, we couldn't help it but it has to hard to go to the front building so we had to back up and try to go to the back building to be able for me to check-in. As I was getting out of the car I accidentally bumped to One Direction. I couldn't exactly tell who i bumped into because I didn't really know their names. But i was sure that i bumped onto a curly haired guy. 

"Sorry, my fault i wasn't looking at all." I said. "No, don't be sorry it was my fault and i was the one not looking and also we were kind of in a hurry too that's I didn't see you." Replied the man i had just bumped. "Oh, that's okay. I was kind off in a hurry too to check into my hotel room." I said. "Anyway, what's your name ?" asked the man i just bumped. I replied "Amethyst. Amethyst Moore. You ?" "You really don't know who I am ?." The guy replied. I shook my head; signaling I have no idea who he is."Sorry, is that a problem?" I asked. "No! absolutely not! I just thought that you knew me. And by the way I'm Harry" replied Harry and reached out to his hand and I gladly accepted it. "Nice to meet you Ha--" "HARRY!"

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