Keep It Real

Its been 3 years since Amethyst took over her parents Business. When she goes to a business trip in New York, she did not know that she will be neighbors, in the hotel she's staying, with a band; One Direction. When Niall Horan accidentally knocks on her door thinking that its his band mates' hotel room. And instantly Niall will fall for her but because Amethyst is a business woman, she doesn't have time on those things but Niall is super determined to be her friend.Will Niall be able to show her that a business world and a normal world is different ? Will Niall succeed his quest ? Will Amethyst and Niall be more than friends ? If Niall and Amethyst does become best of friends will Amethyst have no time to run her company ? Will her Company be bankrupt ? Will the other boys fall on Amethyst too ?


1. Sam

"Thank you sir. You wont be able to regret investing on my company" I said with a smile. This meeting has been running now for almost 2 hours just to get a 'Yes' from our investors. They all looked at each other and finally they said 'Yes.' 

"Don't tell me, show me" said Mr. Sao; the head investor. 

"Yes sir." I replied reaching out my hand for them to shake and gladly they accepted it.

After they left, I went straight to my office with my assistant Claudia following behind me. I was really exhausted because i had to finish that presentation and it went for 2 hours and gladly it was worth it. I should be resting now but i have a business to run and its my promise to my parents that I will run this company like they did. When my parents died in a car accident, I did not knew that they left all of this for me. I was 16 when i started running this company; i was not prepared at all. Sure if seen my parent run this but my passion wasn't really in business, I Was really into sports but ofcourse i had to stop and take business class. It was really hard for me because I was running this Company and taking business classes, but ofcourse I had help from my cousins that is working here and it went really well; they've teach me alot of things too. But then again I would always think if that incident never happen and me not running my parents company. Where would I be if it never happen ?

My thoughts got interrupted by my assistant's voice."Ma'am, you have to go to New York for your business trip for Mr. Rodriguez by next week Friday" Claudia said. I smiled at her and said "Thank you". These business trips is are all the same ; you will talk to them about my Company, what will we do next, whats the next project that I will assign my workers to.

My phone quickly beeped telling me i got a message from my cousin Sam. It read "Hey Amethyst! How you been doing ? I really miss you. We haven't seen each other in like 4 months and i know that 4 months for you is short,Aha, but for me its like forever :). Ring me soon xx". After reading the messages it quickly sent a smile on my face. You see Walter and I are like the brothers and sisters even though were cousins. We've been friends since I born. He was older than me 2 years. We've never left each others side; he's always there for me and i'm always there for him too. I have to admit that I had a little crush on him. But then again the incident happened and we barely see other again. But we always visit each other once in a while. I quickly text back to him saying "Hey Sam! I've been good; just got another investor to the Company, you? I really miss you too :). And I know, maybe I'll visit next month ? It's really hard to visit each other :( I have a busy schedule and you're probably busy too cuz' of your team. And don't worry I will". You see when my parents died in that car accident we decided to continue our dreams, his dream was to be a professional soccer/football player and he did and now he has his own team. And my dream was just to have a perfect family and a perfect husband that I can call mine.


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