Forever On My Mind.

One Direction fanfic. Drew is a normal girl who adores Allan Grande, a not-very-famous young singer. Allan have a step brother, named Harry Styles. One day at spring vacation, the city hall of Drew's town invite Allan for a concert on Drew's school, and they starting to have a special conection. But then... Drew meet the band.
Hope you read and love xx


1. Spring Vacation Starts

'Hey, Drew!' I heard Emily, the girl that hates me, shout.

'What' I said coldly.

'Can't you speek a little better? After all I'm the one that going to meet that Allen Grande, on backstage tomorrow. If you'd be nice to me, maybe I'll tell him hi for you. Damn, he is so sexyy... Ooh I can't wait to see him.' Emily sayd with evil look.

'Stop being mean, Emily.' My best friend, Jade come and said.

I saw Emily's mom coming to us, she's actually kind of nice.

'Hello girls!! Talking about the great concert of tomorrow?' Emily's mom said.

'Agh, mom!!! Come.' Emily said nd pulled her mom away.

'Hold on Emi-Boo!' Emily's mom said and me and Jade tried not to laugh... And failed.

'Drew, your a fan of Allen Grande, right?' Emily's mom said.

'Yes ma'am.' I replied.

'So maybe you and Jade come with Emily backstage tomorrow?!! What do you think??'

'We love to.' I said and looked at Emily.

'Great!!' I'll meet you tomorrow near the stage when the concert ends.'


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