The real world

When Millie Newton marries Harry she thinks she has the perfuct life until she startes getting texts from (T) she wonders who it is until Harry is caught kissing Taylor swift she then gets hate and wishes she had never met Harry


2. True love

After the long breakfast we all hit the beach even naill he was with his new girlfriend jesse she was really pretty she gave me a huge hug as me and Jesse are good friends at collage I smiled at her as naill and her talked Harry sat with me I twisted my fingers in his brown locks smiling "I'm gonna go out to the boat out there " I said to el "alright be carful " she said I looked at her and smiled I took my shirt off and put it next to Harry who was sleeping
2 hours later
I was nearly there my arms were aching like mad suddenly I felt dizzy I was almost at the boat I suddenly fell down into the water there was a loud yell up in the earth I was drowning I saw a deep big fish come towards me I was 17 meters of the shore I tried to yell but bubbles came out I fell to the ground crying a little as I died slowly
Harry's pov
I had being asleep for a long time I suddenly looked up where was millie I looked around and then woke up el and Lou "she went for a swim" el said "oh no " I said "just to the boat " el said "which one " I said "that one el pointed it was really far out " oh no she's drowned " I said crying "no no no " I whispered I ran to the sea and dived in Lou and el pulling me back out of the water I sat down "Millie I ...." I said sobbing to myself "it's not your fault " el said "Lou babe go call the sea search people " el said "she hugged me and looked at me with her brown eyes "don't worry " el said "she will be back " "promise " I said crying my eyes out now rocking back and forth hugging my knees
3 hours later
The sea search people were now out in the sea Liam and Danni had woken and so had perrie and Zayn el helped me explain as I sat there wondering if I would get her back
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