The real world

When Millie Newton marries Harry she thinks she has the perfuct life until she startes getting texts from (T) she wonders who it is until Harry is caught kissing Taylor swift she then gets hate and wishes she had never met Harry


1. (Him)

"Harry " I said looking over at him he was asleep he looked so cute his curls bounced as he breathed his strong arms were rapped around me "Harry babe "I whispered trying not to wake Liam and Danni in the next room "yeah " he said slowly mumbling and moving his head a little "Harry" I said "you gotta wake up you can't sleep forever " smiling he looked down at me "but I want to cuddle all day " he said looking at me with puppy dog eyes "Awww alright maybe a few more minutes " I said he rolled over looking at me with his emerald eyes and laughed "I no you couldn't say no to these eyes" he said I looked at him and raised my eye brows "Harry styles you little monster" I said teasing him "you did that on purpose " I said giggling and smiling he lifted me up and put me on his tummy he looked at me and smiled "I love you millie " he said his eye shining like stars he kissed me passionately it was the best kiss we had had for the 3 years of our life he just smiled and looked at me he kissed my neck and I looked at him he jumped up and smiled we have to get up "why" I said looking at him sadly hoping he would come back ad cuddle "I have a surprise " I smiled and jumped up I loved surprises he got me up and put his hands over my eyes and walked me out of the room I smiled as he took his hands of my eyes and joined it up with his we had just got married yesterday so it was really cool to know I was mrs styles I walked out his hand in my'n suddenly flowers went overs me and there was Lou and el throwing petals then liam and Danni dressed as servers I smiled as Zayn and Perrie were making food yummy food but teasing each other with it we sat down it was beautiful "oh you guys " I said crying happily Danni giggled and looked at me I laughed as Harry kissed me on the cheek "welcome mrs styles " he said just giggled
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