It's Perfect


1. The Date That Changed My Life

"C'mon Bri!" My boyfriend Niall yelled up the stairs. "Sure, just a second," I called back. I slipped my right earring in and snapped the back on. "Okay!" I walked down the stairs. I still wasn't sure where Niall was taking me, but he said dress normally. So I wore a mustache shirt with acid washed jeans and Supras. "You look beautiful," Niall said. He kissed me on the head. I blushed. "I look like a mess," I said. "You look beautiful when you look like a mess," he replied. I smiled. No matter what, Niall never failed to make me smile. We got into his car, and he said, "Cover your eyes." I shrugged and did as he said. I whistled as he drove. I didn't want to spoil the surprise for myself, so I leant down as an extra precaution. "Even better!" Niall laughed. After about fifteen minutes of driving and whistling, the car finally came to a stop. He opened the door for me and helped me out, reminding me to not open my eyes. I obeyed. Something about the way this place felt was familiar. "Okay-open your eyes!" We were back at the beach. The beach that we had our first kiss at. Where Niall had asked me to be his girlfriend. This place held so many precious memories. I saw Niall standing by a picnic blanket that had candles around it. A picnic basket was set in the middle of it. He was standing with his arms open. "Surprise!" I laughed and hugged him. "This is perfect," I said, a few tears falling from my eyes. We sat down to eat. About an hour later, Niall took a deep breath and wiggled over next to me. "Brianna, I love you. I want to spend forever with you." Wait a second-was he asking what I thought he was? "Brianna, will you marry me?" Niall pulled out a small red box and opened it to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. I gasped. This was too much. "Niall, of course I will! I love you so much!" I hugged him after he slipped the ring on my finger. I got up and ran around with him chasing me. I yelled, "I'm getting married! I'm getting married!" He grabbed my waist and hugged me. I looked into Niall's deep blue eyes. Niall. My fiancé.
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