New Life New Begining


22. You ready to get your butt beat at fifa?

We were just laying there snuggled up. "Niall I love you." Niall kissed the top of my head.
"I love you too." I smiled.
"I will never get over hearing you say I Love You." Niall smiled. My phone when off. Lou was calling me. "Hello?"
"Heather could you and Niall do El a favor?" Lou laughed.
"Sure. What she need?" I got off the bed and started getting dressed.
"Well Anna got sick all over El and she needs clothes. Could you bring her some?" I Threw Niall's shirt at him.
"Yeah. Does it matter what I get her?" I laughed it was hard to get dressed quitely and talk on the phone.
"Nope it doesn't."
"Okay give us like 20 minutes." Niall threw my shirt at me.
"Okay bye."
"Bye." I hung up and looked around the room. "Niall? Can you through me your hoodie."
"I'll hand you one. I'm all dressed. What does Lou need us to do?" I put Nialls hoodie on and walked out to the livingroom to put my converse on.
"Anna got sick, El needs clothes." Niall put his arm around me while we walked out his flatt. We walked down to Lou and Harry's flatt. I pulled out their flatt key.
"How did you get a copy of their key?" I smiled.
"Let's just say Liam doesn't have a spare to their door." Niall laughed. We opened the door. I heard noises coming from Harry's room. "You don't think their you know?" I looked at Niall.
"I don't know." We walked to the door. I put my ear to the door. I listened to hear what they were doing.
"Ooooh Harry!" Ew I so didn't want to hear my niece having sex with my best friend.
"Samantha Harry. You better not be doing what I think you are." I looked at Niall. I covered my eyes. "Niall open the door." Niall laughed but I heard the door open.
"Heather!" Samantha yelled. I was right.
"Niall are they?" Niall laughed again.
"Um yeah they are."
"Ew I so didn't want to hear that. You better be on the pill and Harry you better be using a condom." I turned around and walked to Lou's room. I heard Harry's bedroom door shut. I looked throught El's clothes. "That was gross." I pulled out a I heart London shirt and a pair of jeans.
"I think it's funny that we walked in on them." Niall laughed. We walked out of their flatt.
"I'm just glade no one walked in on us." I looked away blushing. Niall put his fingeres under my chin and turned me to look at him. He smiled.
"Don't look away when your blushing. I think it's cute." He kissed me. We walked out to the parking lot. There actually wasn't a lot of girls out. I just figured it was getting late and with school and everything. We flaged down a taxi. We got in and told them David's address.
"You know Niall i'm glade my family sent me here to live with David. If they hadn't I would never had met you." I kissed him. "I'm going to have to thank my Dad for being an ignorant asshole." Niall laughed.
"I'll have to thank him one day too." We laughed. We got to David's Niall paid for the taxi. When I unlocked the front door. Louis was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.
"Lou what are you doing?" I laughed.
"I'm trying to keep Anna calm." He was rocking her.
"Heather is that you?" El yelled from upstairs.
"Yeah i'm on my way up." I pulled out El's clothes and sat my purse down. I walked up stairs to the bathroom. "El where are you?" I knocked on the bathroom door.
"In your room." I opened my bedroom door. El was wearing just a towl. I handed her the clothes.
"I didn't know what to get you." I turned around while she got dressed.
"This is fine. I'm dressed you can turn around." I laughed and turned around.
"I'm going to have to barrow that outfit one day." We laughed. "Damn I don't know why I didn't just tell you to get some of my clothes.
"I didn't even think of that." I sat down on my bed. Just as I sat I had to run to the bathroom. El was running right behind me. I got sick again. El held my hair for me. "Are you sure your okay?" I whiped my mouth.
"Yeah it's nothing." I noticed Anna wasn't crying anymore Lou must have got her to sleep. I heard someone walk in.
"What's nothin?" Niall looked at El and me.
"Heather's been getting sick. She's says it's nothing." El stood up. Niall looked at me.
"I noticed you getting out of bed a lot." Niall looked concerned.
"I'm fine it's nothing. I probley have what Anna has." Niall looked at El. I noticed Lou standing behind El and Niall.
"Well tomorrow your going to the doctor's." Niall pulled his phone out and dialed a number. He walked out of the room.
"I hate the doctor's." I frowned. Lou laughed at me.
"It's going to be fine." I got up and El hugged me. I walked into my room and layed down on my bed.
"We're going to check on Anna." When they walked out Niall walked in.
"My doctor will see you at three tomorrow." He rubbed my back.
"I hate doctors." I frowned. I rolled over so Niall could lay beside me. He layed down and put his arms around me. "I don't want to go." When it comes to doctors I act like a little kid. Niall kissed my head.
"It'll be fine. I'll go with you." I rolled over so I was facing him. He smiled at me.
"I'd like that, but your waiting in the waitingroom." I laughed. He gave me this weird look. "What?"
"I can't go in the room with you?" I shook my head no. "Why's that?"
"I'm just weird. I don't like people going back with me. Even when I was little, I never let my Mom, Dad, or Nanny go back with me." Niall laughed at me. "What's so funny?" He smiled at me.
"I still can't see you being raised in a stuck up family. Everytime you say you had a Nanny, I wanna laugh." I smiled at him. "I mean it in a good way. Your nothing like a stuck up richy kid." He smiled at me. I kissed him.
"I love you." He kissed me.
"I love you too." We layed there for a little while not talking. Just laying there. I loved that we could do that.
"Niall want to go back to your's? There's not much to do here." I laughed.
"Sure." We got off my bed ans walked down stairs. Lou and El were cuddling and watching tv. I smiled at them.
"Leaving so soon?" Lou winked at us.
"Yes we're going back the mine." Niall smiled.
"Yeah I wanna try and bet him at fifa. He's alway's playing that." We all laughed.
"Good luck." Lou laughed at me.
"Thanks I think i'm going to need it." I walked over to the door. "Bye guys. See you towmorrow."
"Bye. Like I said before, don't do anything I wouldn't." Lou laughed.
"Yeah yeah." Niall said while he was shuting the door. We walked to the road. Niall flagged us a taxi.
"If only he knew." I laughed making Niall blush. We got into the taxi. Niall told him where to go.
"So are we really going to play fifa?" Niall's face lit up when he asked.
"Yeah. I'm going to win too." I stuck my toungue out.
"You can try but you wont win." We laughed. We got to Niall's flatt building. There were alot of paparazzi. Niall pulled out his sunglasses. "Here. I'm used to the flash. Your not." He handed me them. I put them on. He went to open his door. "Hold on tight." He got out and held his hand out for me. He helped me out. When I got out he put his arm around me. The paparazzi formed around us. Yelling questions.
"What we're you two doing tonight?" One of them asked. Niall leaned toword me more.
"Don't answer anything." I smiled at him.
"Coming home from a date?" I put my head down so I could see where I was going.
"Niall are you two living together?" I couldn't hold in my smiled. That question just made me want to smile. We got to the door. Niall didn't even pull out his key's to unlock the door. He pushed Liam's flatts button and Liam opened the door for us.
"Wow that was crazy." I laughed.
"You seamed to have taken that well." Niall smiled.
"I'd go threw that everyday if that ment, I was at you side." I kissed him.
"Not a lot of girls would go threw that." Niall smiled. We walked past Liams door. "Thanks Liam!" I laughed. Niall didn't even stop to say hi.
"Your welcome!" I laughed even more. I love these boy's.
"What's so funny?" Niall opened his door.
"You and Liam. Don't even stop to say hi just keep walking and yell thanks and welcome. I love you boy's." Niall laughed. He walked over to his tvand turned it on.
"You ready to play some fifa?" He turned on the game.
"Yes but i'm going to change into a pair of your sweats." I walked into his room.
"Okay I'll set the game up. Babe you mind if I do a twitcam?" I walked back out into the livingroom.
"Nope I don't mind. just means all your fans will see you get your butt kicked at fifa." I laughed. He pulled out his laptop and turned it on.
"Yeah they wont get to see that, cause your not winning. I am." He smiled. He pulled out his phone and texted something. My phone went off. Walked to the counter where I set my phone when we walked in. I swear if he texted me and i'm in the same room as him i'm going to kick his butt. I looked at my phone it said I had a tweet. I opened it.
'Okay everyone i'm bout to do a twitcam with @POKADOTzPANTS. She thinks she can beat me at fifa ha :)' I laughed. I tweeted him back.
'Oh I don't think I know I am @NiallOfficial :P' Nialls phone went off. He laughed. I walked over to the couch and sat beside him. I saw that the twitcam was already open.
"You ready to get your butt beat at fifa?" I smiled. He handed me a controller.
"You mean are you ready to get your butt beat at fifa?" Niall laughed. He looked at his computer. "Anyone have any questions the want to ask?" I started reading some of the tweet that the girls were tweeting. I saw Caylie's twitter and laughed.
"Hey Niall look who's watching us." Caylie tweeted something again.
"Isn't that your friends Caylie?" We laughed.
"Yeah that's her. Caylie shouldn't you be at work or something?" Niall laughed. Caylie tweeted.
'Ha I am at work. On break. I wanted to see your wonderful faces :P'
"Awe that's sweet Caylie but get back to work." I laughed. Niall started the game. Truefully I had no clue how to play this game, but I wanted to play it any ways.
"Let's see what people are saying." Niall leaned forword to read. "Awe thank you." Niall smiled.
"What?" I didn't want to look away from the tv.
"Someone said we look cute together playing fifa." I smiled.
"Thank you." I scored a goal. I jumped up and down. "YES! Ha ha ha." I stuck my toungue out at Niall.
"That will only happen once." He smiled at me. We play for like 20 minutes. In the end Niall won by a few points. "See told you i'd win." He hugged me.
"Yeah yeah yeah next time I will win." I kissed him. I forgot we were on twitcam. My eye got big. Niall started laughing. I pointed to his laptop. He started laughing more.
"What afraid that your going to get in trouble for kissing me on twitcam." Niall laughed.
"No. I just don't want to upset your fans." I smiled at him.
"Well then lets see what they have to say." Niall leaned toword his computer and we started reading. Some got upset but a lot of were saying stuff like, don't worry if I was with Niall i'd want to kiss him every minute of the day. I smiled. "Ask me questions." Niall smiled. Questions started pooring in.
"I'm going to get something to drink. You want something?" I got up and started walking to the kitchen.
"Um yeah get me a pop please." I could hear Niall's smile in his voice. "Ain't she just so sweet." I laughed. I got us some pop and walked back into the living room.
"Here you go." I handed him his pop. I sat down beside him. I looked at the laptop. "Hello girls." I smiled. I thought Niall's fans were so sweet and kind.
"They say hello." I was getting sleepy. "Someone tired." Niall laughed.
"Eh just a little." I layed down on the couch. My head was beside him so I could read some tweets too. I must have been more tired then I thought I was. Cause I fell asleep. I woke up like five minutes before Niall got off his twitcam. I don't think he know's i'm awake. I smiled. He started talking about me to his fans.
"Yeah I know. Thank's guy's." He looked down at me and smiled. "Ah someone's awake now." I laughed.
"Yes I am. Sorry I fell alseep guy's. Must of been more tired then I thought." I smiled at Niall.
"It's fine. The fans thought it was cute." I smiled more.
"Awe thank you guy's." Niall smiled.
"Well it's getting late and we have things to do tomorrow. Maybe we'll do another twitcam tomorrow with some of the boy's. And maybe Heather wont fall sleep on us again." I laughed.
"There's noway i'm falling sleep infront of Harry. Zayn did that the other day and Harry started messing with him." We laughed.
"That only means Harry loves you." Niall laughed.
"Yeah well he can show his love someother way." We laughed.
"Well goodbye guy's. Goodnight goodmorning goodafternoon depends on where you are." Niall laughed then shut off the twitcam. "That went well." I smiled.
"Yes it did." I rubbed my eye's. I was still tired.
"You wanna go lay down? You look tired and I know I am." Niall didn't even wait for my answer. He already had turned off his laptop. He got up and picked me up. I smiled.
"I could've walked." Niall smiled.
"I know but I want to carry you." I smiled and put my arms around him. He walked into his room and layed me down on the bed. I smiled again. He layed down beside me and put his arms around me. I went to lay my phone on the table.
"Babe can I take a picture of us cuddleing?" He smiled at me.
"You don't have to ask." I smiled and clicked on my camera. I took a picture of us. I liked it. I sent to to Niall's phone. He smiled when he looked at it. He messed around on his phone a little. My twitter said I got a new tweet. I opened it. It was from Niall.
'My princess and me <3' and the phote of me and him. I smiled really big.
"Awe Niall." I rolled over and kissed him.

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