New Life New Begining


7. You even think your texting Stacy I'll take your phone

I woke to hearing Liam and Louis talking. At first I thought I heard Niall's voice. I felt bad that I had asked Liam to lie to his best friend. I rolled over forgetting I was laying on a couch and rolled right off.
"Ouch." I hit my head pretty hard. I just layed there. Hoping Liam or Louis hadn't realized I rolled off.
"Heather are you okay." Someone was helping me off the floor. That someone sounded irish. I knew I heard Niall's voice. I opened my eyes to sad ones.
"Listen Niall..I'm sorry for just running out. I wasn't ready for that." I felt bad for doing what I did.
"Liam told me what you told him. I understand. But I wouldn't hurt you and it should be my choice if I let you hurt me." He looked even more sad.
"I'm sorry." I couldn't even say anymore. Niall got up and walked out. I sat there crying. I felt so bad. I liked Niall, but I didn't want to hurt him. Even though by running out I was hurting him. Louis came over to me and held me while I cried.
"Heather. I know you like him and he likes you. Go to him. Here's his key." Liam held out Niall's flat key.
"I don't think I should." Louis stood up.
"If you don't get off your butt love i'm gonna carry you to his door." I gave Louis a you wouldn't look. Louis bent down picked me up bridal style and walked out Liam's door. He walked down the hall to Niall's door and kicked it. Niall opened it. "Here mate thought I would help you out." Louis practally threw me in Niall's arms and walked away. Niall didn't know what was going on. He set me down on my feet and walked away.
"Look Niall." I walked in and shut the door. I walked over to Niall. "I like you a lot. More then I should for only knowing you for a day. It's not that I didn't want to kiss you. I'm just....I'm scared." I looked away. He put a finger under my chin and titled my head so I was looking him in the eyes.
"Of what?" He looked hurt again.
"I don't want to fall for you and then you leave me like my family did." I looked away.
"Babe I would never do that. I like you way more then I should for only knowing you a day." He smiled. I smiled because he said what I said.
"Niall.." I was cut off but Niall kissing me. This time I kissed back and I didn't run away. I heard the door open. I smiled in the kiss.
"See I knew you too would hit it off." Louis was standing in the door way smiling at us. "You guys are way cute together. Heather your Niall's bird now." I looked at Niall weird.
"Your my girlfriend." Niall kissed me again. All I could do was smile. "Girlfriends are what we call Birds."
"Okay I get it." I couldn't stop smiling at Niall.
"Sorry but I have to steal Heather for a little Niall. We have to go get our cousin Anna." Louis started pulling to the door.
"Why do we have to go get Anna?" I hoped nothing was wrong with David and Stacy.
"I told them we would keep Anna over night and kinda give them a date night. They need it. They don't get out enough."
"Oh okay. It gives me time to get to know Anna." I could tell that we were going to get along but I wanted to get to know her.
"Well then lets go." Louis started running down the hall. I couldn't run. I was too tired to.
"Bye Niall." I blew him a kiss and smiled.
"Bye love." I blushed. No ones ever called me love.
By the time I got outside, Louis had already got in his car and pulled up to the door. "Awe what a gentlemen." I laughed as Louis got out and opened my door. "Louis I told you I can open my own door."
"I know that, but I was raised to open doors, pull out chairs, and other gentlemen stuff." He was boasting about it.
"Your mother must love you." I smiled at him.
"That she does. And my sister's." We didn't really talk that much. So I turned on the radio. The song What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction was on. I had to sing along. Something about the voice's. They sounded familar to me. I just couldn't put them to anyone. "You really like this song don't you?" Louis seemed like he knew something I didn't.
"Um yeah. It's something about their voices. They just get to me." Louis was smiling like a goof and I didn't know why. "I didn't know about this band until the flight here. My friend Caylie put their cd on my ipod."
"We're here!!" Louis yelled like a little kid and ran out of the car.
"But we're not at the house." I was confused.
"I know that. We're where Stacy works. She brought Anna here so we didn't have to drive all the way to the house." We we're walking in a big building.
"Oh okay. What does Stacy do?" I didn't even remember where David worked.
"She works with bands. She kinda runs this whole thing."
"Well what do they do?" We started walking up stairs.
"They set up hotels and meetings and other things." We walked into what was Stacy's office. Anna saw us and ran to us.
"Heather! Lou!" She grabbed each of our legs and hugged us.
"Miss me?" I leaned down and hugged her.
"No she missed me." Louis laughed as he hugged her too.
"Louis Heather come in." Stacy was standing behind her desk. We walked in and sat down. I noticed Louis was talking about something to Anna and she was smiling at me.
"I packed enough clothes for Anna. There's like six outfits. She tends to spill on her clothes. I also packed a bag of toy's. Oh and here's a list of numbers you might need."
"Stacy I've kepted Anna over night before." Louis picked up the bags. "Where's her carseat?"
"Oh it's down stairs I didn't feel like carrying it up here. It's behind the front desk."
"Okay. We've got everything now. Oh and don't worry. I have a niece and nephews. I know how to take care of kids." Stacy looked happy to hear that I knew that.
"That's good. Here's my number. Text me throughout the day. I like knowing what she's doing." I smiled at her.
"Sure." I picked up Anna.
"No we're not texting. This is supposed to be a night to be with David by yourself." Louis yelled at Stacy. "Let's go Heather." Man I felt like I was being yelled at by my dad.
"Fine." I started walking out.
"Thanks guys. We need this." Stacy was walking out with us.
"No problem gives me a chance to get to know Anna." We walked down the stairs and stopped by the front desk. "We need Anna's carseat." The lady handed me the set.
"To the car we go." Louis was happy to keep Anna over night. As we were walking out I texted Stacy saying I would text her about Anna. She was her mother and wanted to know what was going on. As if Louis knew what I was doing. "You even think your texting Stacy I'll take your phone."
"Fine. Here's my phone." I couldn't promise I wouldn't so I gave Louis my phone. "If I have my phone I'll text her."
"I'll give it back when Anna goes to sleep." Louis put my phone in his pocket. As if on que my phone went off. "Nope you can't have it back. Who ever it is will have to wait." We got to the car. Louis was putting Anna's bags in the back. While I was trying to put Anna's seat in the back seat.
"How the hell does this buckle in here." Louis gave me a look. I looked down and Anna was covering her ears. "My bad. I kinda have a thing about swearing a lot. Sorry Anna."
"Give me the seat. I've taken Anna in my car before. I did the same thing my first time putting it in here." Louis laughed at me. He put the seat in and had it buckled in seconds. "Get in. I have the whole day planned." I was about to open my door and get in but Louis opened it before I could.
"You know one of these times i'm gonna beat you to the door." I stuck my tounge out at him and got in.
"You wish. I'm much more faster and wiser then you are."

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