New Life New Begining


4. Yes that's my number. Don't give it to anyone. and Yes that's my twitter. Everyone has it already

When I woke back up my ipod was laying in the seat next to me and it was off. I clearly remember going to sleep with it. And now I was covered up with a green blanket. Weird.
"Weird." I took the blanket off and looked at the boys next to me. "Um question how did my ipod get there and how did I get covered in this blanket. It's extreamly hot." One of them pointed to the boy who got depanteds and smiled.
"I don't know how you ipod or the blanket got there." He didn't want his friend to know that he told me.
"Oh well thank you. And thank you to who ever turned my ipod off and put this green blanket on me. Oh and your not getting it back. It's one of my favorite colors." I looked at depanteds boy and smiled at him. He looked away really fast. He really wasn't getting his blanket back. It was mine now. I laughed.
One of the flight attendents was walking past me. "Um miss, how long until we land?" I smiled at her.
"2 hours." She smiled and continued to walk away. What was I gonna do for 2 hours. I took a picture of me and the blanket and tweeted it.
@pokadotzpants - look at my new blanket :P 2 more hours until I land :/
I smiled at my tweet. This was going to be a long 2 hours. "Hey you wanna do something to pass time?" I looked at the boys next to me.
"Like what? There's not much to do." He smiled
"Well first off my name is Heather."
"I'm Liam, he's Harry, that's Louis, that's Niall and that's Zayn." I looked at each person as he was telling me who they were. Depanted boy's name is Niall. I like that name. I smiled.
"We could play truth or dare?" I loved that game.
"Sure. You wanna go first?" Liam smiled
"Yeah. Harry truth or dare?" I could get evil with this game. I gave him one of my evil smiles.
"With that smile I'm gonna go with truth." I knew I shouldn't have smiled like that. I laughed.
"Okay. What's one of your secrets." I looked at him.
"Well I have 4 niples." That's weird.
"I don't believe you." I smiled at him.
"I've seen it." Louis said running up to our seats and sitting in the one next to me.
"Who said you could sit there." I looked at him. He looked at me.
"I did." He smiled at me.
"Louis truth or dare?" Harry asked him.
"Well you know me. I got to go with Dare!" He laughed.
"I dare you to walk back there. And yelled 'Hi i'm Louis Tomlinson and stay there for 3 minutes." Harry laughed at him.
"Okay." Louis had walked back to second class and yelled hi i'm louis tomlinson. We heard a lot of girls scream and then Louis yell. He ran a back to us. He didn't even stay for a minute. His shirt was riped and he was smiling.
"What happened?" I looked at him.
"Um girls yealled and riped my shirt." He smiled like he was in heaven.
"That's weird." I laughed.
"Heather. Truth or Dare." Louis looked at me.
"Well Louis like you i'm a Dare kinda girl." I smiled
"Okay I dare you to go over and snog Niall." He smiled.
"What the hell is snog?" I looked confused and the boys laughed at me.
"Oh right a snog is a kiss." Louis laughed.
"That's all. Okay." I got up and walked over to Niall. He didn't notice that I walked over to him.
"Um Niall?" He looked up and as he looked up I kissed him and ran back to my seat.
"Well played. You didn't even give him a chance to react." Louis laughed again.
"Liam. Truth or dare?" For the reast of the 2 hours we played truth or dare.
"We are about to land. So everyone take your seats buckle up and look forword."
We landed 3 minutes later. I grabed my carry on and my new blanket. I smiled. And started walking off the plain. "Are you really gonna keep my blanket?" I looked over to see Niall walking beside me.
"Yes yes I am." I smiled at him. Louis walked up to me and handed me a paper. I looked at it and it had a twitter name and a number.
"Yes that's my number. Don't give it to anyone. and Yes that's my twitter. Everyone has it already." He smiled at my look.
"Okay I'll follow you. Bye. Bye boys. Nice meeting you." I smile when I saw David standing there waiting for me.
"Bye Heather." The boys said while walking away.
"David!!" I yelled and ran to him and huged him.
"Heather my god. You look so different." He smiled at me.
"David you haven't changed at all."
"Come on lets go meet Stacy and Anna." David picked up some of my bags and we went out to his car. It was gonna take sometime getting used to driving on the left side of the road and everything else.
"Heather how have you been?" David started driving.
"Well okay i guess besides the whole family not wanting me thing." I smiled at him. "Thank you for taking me in."
"Oh you don't need to thank me. Your my little cousin. I love you. Your welcomed anytime."
"I still need to thank Stacy and Anna for letting me come stay with you." I kinda couldn't believe I was in England. I always wanted to come see David.
"Stacy planed this big dinner and everything. The dinner's not just for you. It's for her cousin. He's been away for awhile. So the dinner is for the both of you."
"Okay." While david was driving I got on my twitter and followed Louis and looked for the boys to follow them too. As soon as I followed Louis he followed me. I tweeted him.
@pokadotzpants - @Louis_Tomlinson you are my first friend in England :P
@louis_Tomlinson - @pokadotzpants i'm happy to be your first friend in England. We're gonna hang tomorrow :)
@pokadotzpants - @Louis_Tomlinson let me know when and where :D
@Louis_Tomlinson - @pokadotzpants text me and i'll let you know
@pokadotzpants- @Louis_Tomlinson i will after dinner with my cousins
"Texting your boyfriend?" I noticed David was looking at my phone.
"Oh no. Just one of my new friends. He lives here in England somewhere. Oh were do you live at?" I looked at David.
"Well I live in a small town right outside of London."
"Oh good. I wanna go shopping in London." We didn't talk the rest of the drive to his house. When we pulled up to David's house a women and a little girl came out of the house. David got out the car. I just stayed where I was. I didn't want to mess up they're family moment.
"Heather get out of the car. They're your family too." David looked back to me. How the hell did he know I was thinking that.
"I can read your mind." David laughed and opened my car door. "Just kidding. Your still predictable." He laughed at me and pulled out of the car. "Heather this is Stacy and Anna. Stacy Anna this is Heather." Stacy hugged me the best she could with Anna in her arms. She looked the most to be a year old. Anna jumped into my arms. She was so cute.
"I've never seen her do that before. Well only with my cousin." Stacy smiled looking at Anna and me.
"She's so cute. How old is she?" I smiled at Anna.
"She'll be one in a month."
"I get to be here for your first birthday." I looked at Anna and she giggled
"Let's go inside and put your stuff in your room and get ready for dinner. My cousin should be here any minute." Stacy grabed one of my bags while David grabed the other 3. We walked into their house. It was beautiful and big. Stacy sat my bag down and David grabed that one too and started to walk up stairs.
"Follow me Heather. I'll show you where your gonna be sleeping." I followed David up stairs still carrying Anna. We walking to my room. It was beautiful. "It's not much I know but I didn't know how you wanted it decorated so we left it like this."
"Oh it's more then much. I love it. It's beautiful. Can I put up a few of my photo's?" I gave him this begging look.
"Sure. I'm gonna go down stairs and help Stacy get the table ready." David reached for Anna. I pulled away from him.
"Nope she's my new best friend. Your not taking her from me." I stuck my toung out at him and walked over to my bed.
"Fine. Just keep an eye on her. She can be sneaky. She gets it from her cousin Lou." He smiled at me because I was ignoring him and playing with Anna. He walked away and went down stairs.
"Now that Daddy is gone. You wanna help me pick out my outfit for dinner?" I looked down at Anna sitting by my bags and she giggled like she knew what I was talking. I tought her to giggle if she like something and scream if she didn't. After a few giggles and screams, I was dressed and playing with Anna on my bedroom floor.
After about 30 minutes the front door opened and someone yelled for Anna. She stopped giggling and looked at my door. I take it that Lou Stacy's cousin was here. So I picked Anna up and started walking down the stairs. When I heard Stacy talking to Lou and Lou's voice sounded like I knew him. When I stepped off the last stair I saw Louis standing their talking to Stacy and David.
"Louis?!" I couldn't believe that Stacy's cousin was my new best friend.
"Heather? What are you doing here."
"Well David's my cousin and I'm staying with him and Stacy and Anna for awhile."

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