New Life New Begining


11. Wait one damn minute

The next moring I woke to Anna jumping on the bed between Niall and me. I smiled cause she was having the time of her life just jumping up and down. I looked over at Niall, he was still asleep. "Anna sweetie want to help me?" I smiled at her. "I'm going to get off the bed and go on the other side of Niall and you stay on this side. Were going to kiss him at the same time and wake him." I got off the bed and walked around to Niall's side. I leaned over and Anna and I kissed him at the same time. "Nothing?" I leaned over and kissed Niall on the lips. He kissed back. "Niall you were a wake the whole time?" We both smiled.
"Not the whole time. Well maybe." He laughed and kissed me again.
"I will never get used to your kisses'." I kissed him again and smiled. I looked over at Anna and she was just sitting there looking at us. "Niall I think someone's bored and hungry." We laughed. "I'll go make breakfest. You play with Anna." We got up off the bed and walked out of Niall's room.
"Anna you wanna do a twitcam with me?" Niall smiled at her. They sat down on the couch and Niall turned on his laptop.
"Egg's and sausage sound good?" I really didn't know what either liked.
"Sure. I never turn food down. I think Anna's ate at Lou's before." Niall smiled at his laptop. "Who Anna? She's my little friend." He smiled. I started cooking. I made the sauaged first. Then the eggs. I got some orange juice.
"Who wants food?" I sat a plate infront of Niall and some orange juice. "Anna you want some food." Anna smiled. I sat beside her.
"I know this looks bad but i'm starving so I'm eating while talking to all of you." Niall started eating. I looked at the screen. Some again were asking who I and Anna were.
"Hey Niall there asking who Anna and I are." I smiled at him. As if on que Anna dumped her juice on me. "I'll be right back, Niall I'm stealing another shirt."
"Yeah go ahead. I'll tell them who you all are." I walked out of the room. I went into Niall's room and got a shirt. Changed really fast. The food smelled good and I was starving. I walked out of Niall's room.
"Hey Niall I stole your green and white stripped shirt." I sat down and picked up my plate and started eating. "Thought you were doing a twitcam?" I looked confused.
"I was but I got off. Didn't want to be on there long." He smiled. There was a knock at Niall's door. He got up and walked over to the door. "Stacy's here." Niall sounded shocked. He opened the door.
"Anna!" Stacy walked in the door. "I went to pick up Anna and Harry opened the door naked and said she was here." The second Anna heard her mom, she jumped off the couch and ran to her.
"Yeah she wanted to stay with me last night. I couldn't tell her cute face no." I smiled at Stacy. "She kinda freaked out last night. So she slept in bed with us. I hope you don't mind about that."
"She sometimes does that. I should've warned you. Sorry bout that." Stacy smiled at me.
"No problem. It was nice spending time with her. Oh yeah. Um did David or Cory tell when Sammy was coming." I looked at Niall and Anna playing.
"Yeah she should be here later tonight. I think Cory said he texted you but you didn't text back. David said he'd drive you to the airport to get her."
"Okay. My phone's in Niall's room dead. I forgot my charger at your house." I heard Niall laugh. It got my attention. I loved the sound of his laugh. My god listen to myself. I sound like i've been around him my whole life. What the hell was going on? "Oh um Stacy I'm gonna ride back with you. I'm in need of a really long bath and girl clothes and make-up." I laughed.
"Oh sure. Maybe before we go home we can do some shopping?" I liked that idea. I needed to buy some things and a girls help I would need.
"Yeah I need some stuff." I walked over to Niall and Anna. "Hey Anna Mommy wants to go shopping. You wanna go shopping and out to lunch?" She jumped off of Niall and smiled really big.
"We'll take that as a yes." Stacy started laughing. She picked up Anna and started walking out the door. "We'll meet you at the car."
"Okay. I'll bring Anna's bags with me." Stacy shut the door and Niall pulled me down on him. "What would this be Niall?" I smiled at him.
"This would be me trying to kiss you before you leave." He kissed me. I loved when he kissed me like this. I put my hands in his hair and kissed him deeper. We were kissing for what felt like forever but really it was like five minutes. We heard the door buzzer. "I think Stacy and Anna wanna go shopping." We laughed. I got up off of Niall and pressed the button to talk.
"I'll be right down Stacy." Niall walked over to me and kissed me again. "Oh no Mr. you'll get me in trouble. I have to go." I kissed one more time before pulling away.
"Tonight you and me are going out to eat." He smiled at me.
"Dress up really nice? Or dress up but not too nice?" Niall smiled.
"Dress how ever you want to." Niall was no help.
"Fine then I'll just let Anna and Stacy pick what I wear." I laughed while walking out of the flatt with Anna's bags. "Bye Niall." He smiled.
"Bye love." Now I smiled. When I walked outside the building door there were some girls but not a lot. Stacy had already pulled her car over to pick me up. I opened the door. "Sorry about that girls. I kinda got caught up in something." I looked out the window to cover my blush.
"Heather I can tell. Your hair." Stacy laughed at me.
"So how far away are the stores you want to go to." I was so ready to shop now that I was going on a date with Niall.
"The shops are just down the road." We drove for three minutes and then pulled to the side of the road and parked. "This is my favorite place to shop." We walked into the first store. It was a shoe store. I needed some new shoes.
"My god. I'm in shoe heaven." I loved shoes.
"I know David hates when I come here. Even though I don't really buy anything here. I just really try on. Then go home and say I tried on the cutest shoes ever." We laughed. I walked up to this table that had converse. All colors. I wanted a pair of all white and all black ones. I also wanted knee high ones too.
"Stacy I have a question for you. My parents, they said they wanted me to spend money right?" I had a little plan.
"Yeah?" I smiled evilly.
"Well what shoes do you want?" I pulled out my parents card and laughed.
"I couldn't do that. It's your parents money." Stacy looked like she wanted these black heels.
"Really you could. I'm living with you and my parents want me to spend money. So today i'm not looking at the price for anything. I'm just buying starting with these." I pulled out the converse I wanted. I also saw a pair of flatts that I wanted. I didn't want to be more taller then I already was then Niall.
"I don't know. This store is coast a lot."
"Well then I guess those heels you want wont be on your feet tomorrow when you walk into work." I picked them up and carried everything to the counter. The cashier was scanning everything. She was about to tell me how much it was. "I don't want to know." I smiled at her and swipped my card. She handed me the bags and we left. "It is fun spending my parents money. Now I just need an outfit for tonight."
"What's tonight?" Stacy was smiling then her smile fell. "You forget that Samantha was coming tonight?" I did forget. This sucks i'm going to have to tell Niall that we can't tonight.
"Yeah I did." I looked down. I texted Niall.
Niall we can't go out tonight. Samantha is coming :/. We walked into another store. I had to get some clothes. Even if I wasn't going out with Niall tonight. We would another night. I got a text back from him.
Love we can. Just bring her over here and leave her with Lou and Harry :). I smiled.
We can. But I'll have to have a talk with them first. I put my phone away and started looking at the clothes.
"Stacy looks like were still going out. Lou and Harry are going to keep an eye on Sam. Wow listen to me, I had to find a babysitter for a 18 year old girl. That's bad." I laughed.
"That's good. Just tell Harry to keep his pervness away from her. I'm supprised it's not Harry your going on a date with. Usually he's the lady's man not Niall." I smiled at her.
"Well Harry tried. But he's not my type. Don't get me wrong he's cute. I like the shy, keep to myself cute boy. Niall just has it all. I smile whenever i'm with him. He brings out another side of me." I couldn't stop smiling while I was talking about Niall and me.
"Awe thats so adorable." Stacy gave me a hug.
"I need help. I'm not the girly type. I want to look cute for Niall." Stacy looked at a rack that had dress'. She picked up a few black ones, a white dress, and a bluegreen dress that would match Louis' pants that Niall stole.
"Here try these on. They're cute but not to showy." I went into the dressing room. I put on the white one and walked out.
"I like it but I want to try on the other dress'." I looked cute.
"I love that dress on you. You better get it. You could wear it to Anna's birthday party." I walked back into the room and put on a black one. I walked out.
"I don't like it. It looks too long." I gave her a weird face.
"I don't like it either. Try the other black one on." I went in and put the other black dress on. It looked a little short but I still wanted to know what Stacy thought.
"Do you like it? I think it might be a little too short." I bit my lip.
"No it's not too short. I like it. Go put the bluegreen one on." I walked back into the dressing room. I took the white dress and the black dress I just took off and put them together. I put the bluegreen dress on and walked out. "Heather that looks beautiful on you." I smiled and turned while looking at myself.
"You think I should get it?" I looked at Stacy. My phone went off in the dressing room.
"Yeah that color looks good on you." I walked back into the dressing room and looked at my phone. Text from Niall. I opened it. It was a picture of me wearing this dress.
I was walking by with Lou and we saw you turning in the dress. You look beautiful. I texted him back.
Awe thank you. I guess i'm buying it then :). I smiled and put my clothes back on.
"Stacy Niall texted me and told me I look beautiful. Him and Louis were walking by and saw." I smiled. I had the white, black and the bluegreen dress in my hand. "I'm getting these."
"Good. They looked beautiful on you." Stacy had some clothes for her and Anna that she wanted.
"I'm getting some shorts and shirts too." I walked around and found some shirts I wanted. Found four pairs of shorts and some knee high socks. "I'm ready whenever you and Anna are."
"Were ready. I'm sure you want to go home and get ready so you don't have to rush after you pick Samantha up." I walked up to the cashier and layed my stuff down.
"Stacy put your stuff up. I'm buying it too." Stacy looked like she didn't want to but she put her stuff up. The lady went to tell me the price but I cut her off before she could say anything. "I don't want to know how much." I swipped my card and grabbed my bags.
We drove straight back to the house. The most i've spent here is an hour the most. I took my bags up to my room and layed everything out. Niall said to dress up but not too much. So I picked the black flatts and the black dress. I put everything else away. Went into my bathroom and started a bath. I really needed to shave and relax. I was in the bath for half an hour. I really needed that. I got out and dried my hair and straightened it. I didn't want to do anything else to my hair. I did my make-up before I put my dress on. Didn't want to get make-up on it. I put the dress on then the flatts. I walked down stairs. David and Stacy were watching tv.
"Wow Heather you look beautiful. I'm happy you got that dress." Stacy stood up and gave me a hug.
"Where do you think your going?" David was trying to act like my brother. I'm sure i'm going to here from Cory at the airport.
"I'm going out with Niall. Louis and Harry are going to keep an eye on Sammy." I really didn't think I had to tell david but I am living at his house.
"Fine he's a good kid." David smiled at me. I looked at the clock. "We should get going, Cory and Sammy should be here soon." I fixed my dress.
"Okay i'm ready." David kissed Stacy and Anna.
"Oh yeah could you drop us off at Niall's on the way back." I didn't really want to wait long after getting Sammy to go out with Niall.
"Yeah no problem." We walked out of the house and got into the car. I turned the radio on and 'What makes you Beautiful' by One Direction, just started. I love this song.
"Heather. You still don't know?" David looked at me weird.
"Know what?" Now I was confused.
"Oh um nothing." David really confused me.
"No what?" I was so tired of secrets.
"Um that One Direction lives in London. You might have met them and not even known it." I smiled at him.
"No I didn't know. Hm maybe." I smiled and blocked out the rest of the drive.
"Heather. Heather. Snap out of it. Were here." I looked up and we were parked outside of the airport.
"Sorry. Kinda spaced out there." I laughed. We got out and walked to Cory and Sammy's gate.
"They should be unboreding any minute now." Just as David said that the doors opened and people started walking out. I saw Cory before I saw Samantha.
"Cory!!! Sammy!" I ran over to them and Cory picked me up hugging and spinning. "I missed you"
"Heather I missed you too." Cory put me down and looked me up and down. "Where the hell are you going dressed like this." He pointed up and down. I laughed.
"I'm going out on a date with my boyfriend." I laughed at his face.
"Cory I know him. He's a good kid." Cory still did't look happy.
"Wait a second Sammy's here, how are you going out on a date?" Cory thought that Sammy being here was going to stop me from seeing my boyfriend.
"Well Sammy is staying with my friends. I'm going to tell them about her and to keep her from doing anything." I smiled at him.
"Fine. He better treat my little sister good." He hugged me again.
"Trust me. He does." I turned around a looked at Samantha. "Sammy my god girl. You look different." She looked fake. Fake tan. Fake hair. I couldn't say anything about her nails. I wear fake Nails too. She looked like she fell out of a magazine. "Cory you should have sent her a long time ago." I hugged Samantha and she hugged me back. "Are you staying at all Cory."
"Just long enought to get back on a plane to go home." Cory laughed. He hugged Samantha and told her bye.
"Come on Samantha. We got plans." I smiled at her. "Do you not talk anymore?" Sammy took out her phone and typed.
I'm not talking until my Dad brings me home. I laughed. "Really Sammy. That's not going to get you home." I waited to see if she was going to say anything. "Fine. Your going to hate not talking when you meet my friends. they'll get you to talk. Come on David's taking us there." We started walking towords the bag pick up.
"Heather do you plan on coming home tonight or staying with the boys?" I smiled. He didn't want to know if I was staying with Niall, but the boys.
"I don't know. Depends on how my date goes." I smiled at him while he was picking up Sammy's bags.
"Okay just don't come home too late." We walked to the car and started driving to Niall's flatt.
"Alright i'll just text and let you know. Sammy? Samantha are you really not going to talk? I haven't seen you in four years and I don't even get a hi or hello." She still haven't said anything yet. "Fine then." I stuck my toung out at her and laughed. She laughed too. We were almost to the flatts. There were a lot of girls screaming and pushing. I pulled my phone out and text Niall and Louis.
Guy's there's a lot of girls. I don't think I'll make it through. "David pull into the parking lot. I got to wait for one of them to text me back. We'll wait here. You can go." David parked his car.
"No I'll wait. I don't want anything to happen to you two." He smiled at us. I got a text back.
Wait a few minutes. It should clear up. In a matter of seconds the girls started running. "It cleared up so we can get in. Bye David." We got out of the car and started walking to the door.
"Bye girls. Have fun but um not too much fun." I laughed at him. I'm not that kind of girl. I buzzed Niall's flatt.
"Who's there?" Niall laughed.
"Oh I don't know. This girl standing here in a dress and she looks cold." I laughed as Niall buzzed us in. We walked up to Niall's flatt and I knocked. He didn't answer the door. "Really Niall? Really you just buzzed us in." I looked at Sammy and she looked confused. "Must be down here. Follow me." We walked down to Harry and Louis' door. I knocked. Harry opened the door. Naked. "Harry! Cover up now!" I turned around and Sammy's eye's bout popped out her head.
"Harry Styles!" That the first time Sammy said something. Harry ran into his room hopefully to put boxers on. I walked in and all the boys were in there playing games. "OMG...OMG I can't believe it." The most I heard from Sammy tonight.
"What Sammy? Something wrong?" She looked at me like I was crazy.
"It's ONE DIRECTION!" I must not have heard her right. I looked at the boys. I was shocked and confused.
"I must not have heard you right Samantha. Did you just say One Direction?" I looked between her and the boys.
"Heather you didn't know they were One Direction?" Sammy looked at me with sad eyes.
"No I didn't I just started listening to them." I looked at the boys. "Why?" They didn't say anything. "Why didn't you tell me?" Niall stood up. "This is the secret you were keeping."
"Heather I." I didn't even wait to hear what he said. I turned around and walked out. I started walking down the hall and saw a door that said roof. I opened it and went out on the roof. I tried to clear my head. "Heather, I wanted to tell you. I did. But I liked you not knowing. I could be myself around you. I didn't have to worry about something getting out to the press. I wanted to find out if you liked me for me or the cute blonde boy from One Direction." He walked over to me and put his arms around me. I turned in his arms and put mine around him too.
"Niall i'm not like anyone else. I wouldn't have treated you different. Hell I didn't even know you were One Direction." I kissed him. "I understand why, but you should have told me that when we started dating." I smiled at him.
"So your not pissed?" He smiled at me.
"Pissed no. Mad yes." We laughed. "Lets go down stairs and tell the boy's i'm not pissed." We turned around and walked down. When we got to the door I didn't even get a chance to open the door. Louis was standing there with a smile on his face. He hugged me.
"I'm so sorry. We ment to tell you. But we liked being us and not One Direction." I smiled at him.
"It's fine. I understand." I went to walk into the flatt more. "Wait one damn minute. Everytime we were in the car together and your music can on. I horiblely sang your song. Your an ass Louis." I laughed letting him know I was just joking.

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