New Life New Begining


8. Um how much is that in American money?

"Louis before we go back to the flat, can we stop somewhere to get food. I'm starving." My stomach made a loud noise. Louis laughed at me.
"You stayed at Niall's last night and didn't eat? That's kinda shocking seeing as all Niall does is eat. Yeah we can stop at my favorite place." Louis turned down a road.
"Anna are you hungery?" I looked back at her. She's was looking off into space. I knew she couldn't talk but she made this giggle sound and I took it as a yes. I take it she likes where Louis wants to go eat.
"Oh yeah I ment to ask you two something. Yesterday when you were carrying Anna into the dinningroom Louis you said something to her. What did you say?" I truely wondered what it was.
"Oh um nothing love. You'll find out soon enough." He gave me this weird look.
"Okay." Louis pulled into a parking lot. We must be near the dinner. I finally opened my own door. "Ha told you i'd beat you to my door." I rubed it in Louis' face while I was getting Anna out of her seat.
"That was pure luck. There wont be a next time."
"Oh sure sure. What ever you say." I loved how Louis and I got along.
"Yeah yeah. Lets go." I put Anna down and held one of her hands. She grabed Louis' hand with her other hand. We walked about two blocks holding hands and laughing. We walked into this cute little dinner. There was a lady standing there waiting.
"How many?" She didn't seem like she liked her job.
"Three. Oh can we get a table in the back?" Why would Louis want a table in the back when it's such a nice sunny day?
"Right this way please." We followed the lady to the back and sat down. She went to put menus on the table.
"Oh we don't need those." I looked at Louis, he may not need them but i've never been here before. How was I to know what they had.
"Okay, what can I get you to drink?"
"I want orange juice and so does the little lady." Louis looked down at Anna sitting between us.
"And for you?" The lady looked at me.
"Um orange juice too."
"Okay i'll be back soon to get your order and bring your drinks." She walked away.
"Louis how am I to know what to order?" I gave him a weird look.
"I'm gonna order for us. I know what's good here and what's not."
"Okay. Anna are you ready to spend time with Louis, the boy's, and me?" Anna looked up at me and smiled. I knew she liked being around me and I liked being around her.
"Girls we're going to have a lot of fun today."
"Do you really have the whole day planned out?" The waiter walked up to our table with our drinks. She sat them in front of us.
"What can I get for you?" She opened her notepad.
"Kid's number two and two number four's." The lady wrote everything down.
"Okay it's going to be twenty minutes." She smiled and walked away.
Louis looked at me. "No I don't have the whole day planned out. Just some stuff. Oh the boy's and me have to go to work for a little tonight. Mind staying at one of our flatt's?" I looked at him.
"No I don't mind. Gives me time to spend with Anna." We talked and played with Anna while we were waiting for our food to come.
"Oh Heather I have a question. Don't get upset but what are you going to do with the whole staying here or going back home thing?"
"I love my family and all but they don't want me. I miss all my friends back home. I've been here two days and I feel like I have a family here. I don't want to go home." I looked at him.
"I completely understand. I was just wondering is all. You know with Niall and You." I didn't even think about it. I guess Niall and I are dating but we've only known each other a day.
"I know one thing. I'm not planning on leaving any time soon." We smiled at each other. The waiter came with our food.
"Is there anything else I can get you?" She looked between the two of us.
"Could we get more orange juice?" Louis had already drank his and mine was just about gone.
"Be right back." The waiter went into the kitchen and came back with a picher of orange juice.
"How bout I leave this here for you guys."
"That would be nice." I took the pitcher and filled our glass' and we started eating. We finished eating. "Where we going now?" I looked at Louis.
"Well Niall keeps texting wondering where we are. So I guess back to the flatt and watch a movie." We stood up. I picked Anna up and walked behind Louis. We paid for our food and left. We walked to the car and drove to the flatt.
"Louis what movie are we watching?" We were getting out of the car. I picked Anna up. I tried to help grab some of the bags but Louis being Louis wouldn't let.
"Don't even think about it. You have Anna, you'll drop her. I'll get the bags. Go to the door and buzz one of the boy's to open." I walked over to the door. Shit I didn't know what button was for which flatt. Guess i'll press every single one. This will be fun. I pressed them then waited.
"Yes." I heard Zayn on the other end.
"Open the door this is Heather, I have Anna and Louis had bags." I heard the door buzz. Zayn didn't say anything else. He's way too quite. I'm going to change that. "Louis hurry up." I didn't want to stand here all day waiting for him. Anna may be small but damn she's still heavy.
"I'm coming." Louis slid by me. I closed the door. "Make sure that the door shut all the way." I turned around. Tugged on the door. It was closed tight.
"Why'd I have to do that?" I was really confused.
"Me and the boys will tell you later. We like it the way it is." Louis and the boys were keeping something from. I didn't know what it was but I would find out tonight.
"Okay." We got to Louis' door and Harry opened it before I could knock.
"Anna! I missed you." Harry pretty much pushed me into the flatt, so he could get Anna from my arms. Anna was laughing and smiling. She must really love Harry. By the way Harry was acting he loved her too.
"I missed you too Harry." I loved be sarcastic. I laughed.
"Oh missed you too Heather." Harry set Anna down and gave me a hug. He looked down confused. I looked down and realized I was still wearing Niall's clothes and smiled.
"What?" I gave Harry a funny look.
"It's nothing. God I have to ask. Why are you wearing Niall's clothes?" He smiled like he knew. Ew perv.
"Not what your thinking Harry. I needed something to wear to bed and I haven't changed back into my clothes. It's a matter of time before i'm wearing your clothes too." I walked away smiling. Harry and Louis laughed. "Don't laugh Louis, I'll be wearing your clothes too." I sat down on the couch. The boys walked over and sat down too.
"So Heather what was the banging on the door this morning." Harry looked at me waiting for me to answer.
"You ass you were awake and couldn't let me in. I had to bang on Liam's door until he let me in." I smacked him on the arm.
"I wasn't awake. You woke me and I wasn't getting up." Harry rubed his arm. Like I hit him that hard.
"Next time answer the door and you would find out. For all you knew I could've been naked." I laughed at his face.
"Next time i'll answer the door and you better be naked." Harry gave me a cheeky smile. I laughed.
"Oh lets watch a movie. Call the boys and tell them to come over and see Anna." Louis got up and walked into the kitchen. He was in there for like three minutes. He walked right back in and sat down. "Did you call the boys?"
"Yeah what did you think I was doing?" Louis started laughing.
"I don't know. You didn't say you were calling them. You just walked into the kitchen and walked back in here." I laughed at him. Then we heard a knock. "The boy's are here." I yelled running to the door. I didn't even get to open. Harry ran at the same time as me and we bumped into each other. We fell, Harry landed on top of me. "Get off. Can't breath." We all started laughing. The door opened and everyone was laughing. "HELP!!! Can't breath." The boys stepped around us. Harry was rolled off of me.
"Harry don't break my girl the first day we start dating." Niall laughed.
"You mean you had the balls to ask her?" Harry patted Niall on the back.
"No neither asked the other out. We kissed and Louis said I was Niall's bird." I smiled at Niall. He reached his hand out to help me up. I gladely took his help. "Thank you." I kissed him. It's was just a peck but the boy's made sounds and Niall blushed.
"So what movie are we going to watch or are we just going to watch Niall and Heather?" Zayn was looking at everyone. I blushed for the first time in a long time.
"Let's watch something kid friendly." I pointed to Anna. Everyone looked to her.
"Anna your here. I missed you." Liam walked over to the couch and Anna ran over to him.
"I take Anna's around a lot."
"Not as much as I'd like but yeah." Louis looked like he missed her a lot.
"We can watch one of the movies Stacy sent for Anna?" Harry was looking in the one bag.
"I get to pick." I ran over to Harry and snatched the movies. "Let's watch a princess one!" Liam took the movie and put it in the dvd player.
"Lady's choice lads." They all sat down. Unhappy with my choice. They made me watch that movie last night. I'm making them watch this movie today.
"Let's just say payback for last night." We all just sat there watching the movie. Anna was happy about the movie. I act like a kid sometimes and watch these movies but this movie really is boring. All most every fell asleep. It was just Anna, Louis, and me. "I'm gonna go out on your balcony. For some fresh air."
"I'll come with you." We got up passing the body's of the boy's. I got to the door and went outside. Louis came out. He left the door open just enough so we could hear and see Anna. We sat down.
"Louis I like being here with you boy's. I feel like I have a family here." I smiled at him.
"Well we love having you here. You're like our sister." Louis leaned over and gave me a hug.
"Thanks. I've never felt more welcome anywhere but at David and Stacy's."
"You don't have to thank me or any of us. It's like we were ment to meet." Louis smiled.
"Which side of your family is Stacy on?" I didn't mean to question him I just just wondering.
"Neither. I actually don't have any cousin's. Our mum's are best friends so we grew up as her being my cousin and her mum being my aunt."
"Oh I understand that. I have a few friends that I call sister and some cousin's that aren't really related to me." We heard the movie end. "Let's go wake the boy's and i'll make an early dinner. Since we didn't have lunch." I got up and opened the door. Louis came in after me.
"How do you plan on waking them? Remember how hard it was to wake us last night?" Louis laughed.
"With food." That's all I said. I walked into the kitchen. Looks like Louis and Harry had potato's, chicken, mushroom soup. I knew what I was making. "Louis mind if I make the potato's, chicken, and the mushroom soup?"
"Go right ahead. What are you making?" Louis tried walking into the kitchen.
"Not going to tell you. You'll find out when it's done." Louis looked upset.
"Fine." He stuck his toung out at me and stomped his feet as he walked away.
"Nice thing to teach Anna." I laughed from the kitchen. I put the chicken in a pan and put the soup over top of it. Put some spices on it and put it in the oven. I peeled the potato's and diced them. Clean up the potato mess and cleaned the potato. Put them on the stove and looked for a vegetable. Look's like were having greenbeans. "You can come into the kitchen now Louis. Everythings cooking." Louis walked in and looked around.
"How did you cook anything in here if it's so clean?" I smiled at Louis.
"I know how to cook. Let me quess everytime you cook it's a mess in here?" I laughed at the face Louis was giving me.
"Sometime's." Louis sat on the counter. "How long until it's done? It smells good. It's making me hungery." I looked at the stove.

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