New Life New Begining


9. Um how much is that in American money? pt 2

"About an hour." Louis' face was so funny. "What? Good food takes time." I laughed.
"An hour is an hour too long."
"We can make something for desert." I knew that would calm him. "How bout I walk to the store around the corner that I saw and get something by the time I get back it should be done." Anna walked into the kitchen.
"I guess. But your taking my keys and here is some money to get it." I gave Louis a dirty look.
"I'm so not taking your money. I have money." Louis handed me his keys. "What would you want for desert?" I walked over to the door.
"Anything will work." Anna walked over to the door.
"Anna you wanna walk with me to the store?" Anna grabbed my hand. So I took that as a yes. "We'll be back."
"Bye oh wait. Here's your phone. I locked it so you can't text Stacy. I put our numbers in it. Text me the whole time." Louis gave me my phone back. I put it in my pocket.
"Thanks. I will." Anna and I headed to the store. We walked out the side door of the building. There was some girls standing there with smiles until they realized it was me that came out. Some were screaming. I ignored it and kept walking with Anna. We walked the few blocks to the store. I opened the door and held it open for Anna. "What do you want for desert Anna?" I knew she couldn't talk but hey I had to try. I walked to the back of the store. I found a lot of cakes and pies. Maybe the boy's would like a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and strawberry's. I also picked up a cream pie. We walked past a girl that had an 'I heart Harry' shirt. There had to be more then one Harry in london right? We walked up to the check out. I put the cake and the pie on counter. I looked over at Anna and she was looking at the candy. "Anna if you want something pick it up and hang it here." The next thing I know she's hanging me chocolate and gummy's.
"Your total is 7.67." The cashier looked at me as if waiting.
"Um how much is that in American money?" I felt dumb.
"That would be $12." The cashier seemed pissed that she had to figure it out for me.
"Thank you. Here you go." I handed her the $12 dollars. Picked up the bags and grabbed Anna's hand. "When we get back to the flatt, you have to help me get the boy's up for dinner. Okay?" Anna seemed like she knew what I was saying. We walked all the way back to the building with no problem. When we got there, there was more girls standin and waiting. This was weird. I picked up Anna and tried getting past the girls. "Please let me by. Please I have a baby and food in my arms. Please." They wouldn't move. I sat Anna down. "Hold onto my leg okay." I grabbed my phone and texted Louis.
-Hey Louis I can't get to the door. There's a lot of girls here. I got a text back from him.
-Hang on. They're there again? give me a few.
I texted him back saying okay. With in a few minutes all the girls were running down the street. I picked Anna back up cause there was still a few girls standing there. I walked over to the door and pulled out Louis' key's and tried opening the door. Really? Today was just not my day. I buzzed Louis' flatt. "Who's there?" I pressed the button.
"It's me Heather Lo." I was cut off.
"Okay." My god today was just not my day. The door buzzed and I walked in making sure the door shut. I sat Anna down and we walked to the door. Louis was standing there and took the bags from me. "Thought I said to text while you were gone?"
"I was going to but nothing happened so I didn't feel like it. What is with all those girls?" They really freak me out.
"Oh um I don't really know. They're always there." Louis look like he was hidding something again.

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