New Life New Begining


17. That's a first for Harry not to go all pervy

Now that I thought about. Listening to them sing I should have noticed that they were One Direction. I laughed at myself.
"What's so funny?" Danielle was standing close to me.
"Myself. Listening to them sing, I should have noticed they were one direction." We laughed. "I love Niall's voice." I gushed.
"The boy's do sound good together." Eleanor spoke up. I looked over at Sammy and she was sitting on the floor, eye's glued on Harry. It's kinda cute. But I still don't want to know anything that goes on between those too.
"That's cute." Eleanor pointed to Sammy. I smiled.
"It is but I don't want to know what's going on between them. I just don't want them hurting each other." I wouldn't know what to do if they did. The boy's ran toword us.
"Got to change again fast." Niall leaned over and kissed me and ran to the dressingroom. Louis was the first to come back up to us.
"Loved more than this. It's my favorite song." Louis smiled.
"It's also Harry's too." The boy's ran back onto stage to perform the last few songs. I loved being here. The boy's were the best. Going to have to thank them for bringing me. Us girls stood at the side of the stage listening to the boy's. At the end of the concert the boy's messed around on stage then came back to shower and changed.
"I call shower first." Liam ran to the shower. The boy's all sat around.
"Wouldn't it be easier to shower at home?" It would take forever.
"It would but do you want to ride home in the car for two hours with all this sweat?" Niall put his arms around me.
"Eh we'll wait for the showers." I laughed. "Not that sweaty though." I turned around and kissed him.
"Oh really?" The next thing I know Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Niall jumped onto me, knocking me to the floor. So together they were really sweaty.
"Ew. Really guys?" I laughed.
"Really Heather." Louis laughed. Liam came walking out of the shower and Niall jumped up and ran to the shower.
"Why is Heather on the floor with the boy's on top of her?" Liam sat on the couch and pulled Danielle onto his lap.
"She said that you boy's don't get that sweaty. They dog pilled her." Eleanor laughed.
"Your not getting up soon are you?" I looked between Zayn, Louis, and Harry.
"Nope I like where I am." Harry layed his head on my boob.
"Only you Harry." We just layed there all joking around. I think Harry fell asleep and Zayn was just about to sleep. Niall came out of the bathroom. Louis got up and went to the shower.
"Why are you two using my bird as a pillow?" Niall laughed and sat at my head. He picked my head up and put it in his lap.
"We haven't moved since you boy's knocked me over." I looked at Harry and Zayn. "Are they asleep?" Eleanor got up and looked into their face's. Harry jumped up and scared the crap out of her. She screamed and Louis came running out of the shower covering himself with his towl.
"What's wrong. Why'd you scream El?" Louis looked around and saw nothing was wrong. He ran back into the shower.
"Not funny Harry. I'm getting you back for that." Eleanor went back over to the couch.
"It so was funny El. I can't believe I got you with it." Harry started laughing more.
"Zayn you alive there?" I looked down at him.
"Yeah I am." I got to start spending a little time with him. So he can get to know me and talk more around me.
"Okay. Just checking." Louis came out and Zayn ran into the shower. "Four down one to go." I laughed. "Are you always last?" I looked down at Harry.
"No usually the first." Harry rolled over so he could look me in the eye's.
"Yes?" He looked like he wanted to know something.
"Do you plan on leaving?" I looked at him. I didn't want to leave them ever. I feel like I have a family with them.
"Don't plan on it. I feel like I have a family with you and everyone else." I smiled at him.
"Good. Cause your like a sister to me." I laughed.
"So i'm like your sister but your flirt with all the time?"
"It's our thing. I mess with you and you mess with me." Awe I really never want to leave now.
"Awe Harry. Your like my little brother. I love you guys." I started to tear up.
"What's wrong love?" Niall whiped my few tears away.
"It just I feel like you guys are more my family then my own family is. I don't know what I would do if I didn't meet you guys." Niall leaned down and kissed me. Zayn came out of the shower. "Let's getting going Harry." It was getting late. I wanted to lay down and cuddle with Niall. I blushed.
"Why are you blushing." Niall was the only one close enough to notice. I blushed even more. I smiled at him.
"I was just thinking, that I wanted to lay down and cuddle with you." He smiled.
"I wanna cuddle too." He kissed me.
"You know your really sweet. I like that about you." I kissed him.
"Awe look at them. they're just so adorable." Louis tried talking like a female. It was really funny.
"Thank you, we are." We all started laughing. Harry came out of the bathroom naked. "My god Harry. Where the hell are your clothes?" I covered my eye's with Niall's hands. "Someone cover Sammy's eye's." I heard what sounded like someone jump off the couch and then a thud and Sammy making a weird sound.
"I forgot to take my clothes in the bathroom with me. You know you like it." I laughed.
"Eh not as much as Niall." I laughed.
"That's not fair you haven't seen him naked." Harry sounded like a two year old.
"Yes I have. I walked in on him today. I learned to knock." I laughed.
"Yeah yeah." I heard Harry digging around in a bag and him putting clothes on. "I"m covered. You can uncover your eyes and Lou you can get off of Sammy." Niall moved his hands. Sure enough Louis was sitting on top of Sammy with his hands over her eyes. I laughed as Louis was getting up.
"Thank god. You might look small but you don't feel small." Sammy got off the floor and dusted herself off. Harry was dressed now.
"Let's go people. I'm tired." Liam and Danielle headed toword the door.
"Niall can I lean on you?" He didn't even answer. He put his arm around me and pulled me into him. He smiled at me. "Thank you." I kissed him. We all got into the car and snuggled into each other. No one talked the whole way back to the flatts. All the girls were asleep but me when we pulled up. There were some fans there but not many, maybe like six or eight. Instead of walking the girls Harry carried Sammy, Liam carried Danielle, and Louis carried Eleanor.
"Love you want me to carry you too?" He looked tired, I didn't want him getting hurt cause he carried me.
"Babe you look tired too. I'll walk so I don't hurt you." He put his arm around me and pulled me into him.
"Fine we'll walk like this." Me and Niall had to open everyones doors for them. Harry carried Sammy into Niall's spare room.
"Mind if I stay here tonight. I'll sleep on the couch." I looked at him. He looked really tired.
"Go ahead and sleep in the bed with Sammy. You look too tired to sleep on a couch." Niall pulled me into his room.
"Thanks Niall and Heather." I kissed Niall.
"Yup." I was able to say in between kissing Niall. We layed down on his bed. We started kissing more rougher. I pulled Niall's shirt off of him and he smiled. We started kissing again. I couldn't help but run my hands down Niall's chest. He smiled in the kiss. Niall pulled my shirt off of me. He kissed down my neck and gave me a hicky. He kissed down my chest to my belly. I pulled his face back up to mine and kissed him again. "Niall." We started kissing again. "I really want." Kissed again. "To but I can't." I put my hands in his hair and pulled a little. "Too soon to." We kissed again.
"I understand. I want to too but I couldn't, I believe in waiting until marriage." He smiled. I kissed him again.
"Don't say that. It makes me want to even more. So you telling me your a virgian?" I kissed him.
"No i'm not but I don't want to sleep with anyone, unless were married." I kissed him.
"I so understand." We kissed somemore. "I know it's only been a few days but I have to say something." I looked him in the eye's and kissed him one last time. "I think i'm in love with you." I smiled at him.
"Well I don't think i'm in love," My smile faded and my heart felt like it was breaking. "I know I love you." He smiled at me and kissed me. He almost had me in tears.
"You almost made me cry." I acted hurt. Niall kissed me long and passionate.
"Awe i'm sorry." Niall kissed my lips then my neck. He bit me.
"Niall! Don't give me a hicky." I laughed. "I can't give you one. So you can't give me one." Niall smirked.
"You could but I have to be able to hide it." We heard giggling coming from the guest room. "Do you hear that?" Niall laughed.
"Ew I don't want to hear that. That's my best friend and niece." I started to get off the bed. Niall pulled me back down.
"What are you going to do?" I looked at Niall.
"To tell them to stop. Shes too young to do what we were leading into doing." Niall laughed at me.
"They are the same age as me and your only a year older." Niall smirked cause he new he was right.
"I know." I sulked. "I just don't want to hear it." Niall hasn't stopped laughing.
"Harry wont do anything with us in here. Trust me they're probly being little angles compaired to us." I laughed.
"Fine." I layed down. Niall put his arms around me. We kissed. I kissed Niall on his neck and bit him lightly. I kissed his chest and bit him hard and gave him a hicky. I looked at it. I laughed.
"Now I get to give you one." I didn't even get to say anything. Niall started kissing and bitting my neck.
Sammy's Point of View
We were laying down just talking and cuddling when we heard sounds coming from Niall's room.
"Haha that would be Niall." Harry started laughing.
"That's gross. I don't want to hear my aunt doing that." Harry laughed.
"Trust me nothing like that will being going on in Nialls room unless he and Heather got married." I smiled Niall was just like my aunt.
"I know it wouldn't go that far. My aunt doesn't believe in having sex before getting married." Harry laughed.
"How bout we mess with Heather." He smiled.
"How?" I loved messing with her. It was fun even though she sometimes over reacts.
"Well she told me to go slow with you and what they're doing in there isn't slow." He paused to see if I was getting at what he was saying. I wasn't.
"Huh?" I felt dumb. I'm not. I'm just tired. Harry smiled at me.
"Let's pretend like were doing things. You know make Heather freak out." I laughed I loved this plan. I get to kiss Harry and mess with Heather at the same time. This will be fun.
"Lets do it!" Harry and I laughed. "Well not IT but it." I laughed. Harry leand over and kissed me. We kissed long and made a lot of sounds.
"I don't think she can hear us." Harry frowned. "Let me think." Harry was laying beside me thinking. I smiled at his thinking face. "I got it." Harry rolled on top of me and starting kissing me. Into the kiss Harry put his hands on my hips. I'm tickleish there. I giggled really loud.
"Harry! I'm tickleish there. Stop it." I laughed and so did Harry.
"Do you hear that?" Niall laughed.
"Ew I don't want to hear that. That's my best friend and niece." I heard Heather get off the bed. And then Niall pull her back on the bed.
"What are you going to do?" I looked at Niall.
"To tell them to stop. Shes too young to do what we were leading into doing." Niall laughed at her.
"They are the same age as me and your only a year older."
"I know. I just don't want to hear it." Niall hasn't stopped laughing.
"Harry wont do anything with us in here. Trust me they're probly being little angles compaired to us." Heather laughed.
"Fine." Heather didn't sound happy. We started laughing loud.
Heather's Point of View
"Niall I gave you a hicky not two." I laughed at him. I kissed him. I heard laughing. Loud laughing. "Niall are they laughing?" I looked at the door.
"Seams to be they are." I got mad.
"Those fuckers weren't doing anything." I gave Niall an evil face. "Pay backs hell." I laughed.
"What are we going to do to them?" Niall sat up.
"I don't know. Let me think." Niall staired at me while I was thinking. I jumped up from the bed. "I've got it." I laughed. "Niall do you have any condoms?" He looked like he was thinking. He got up from his bed and walked over to his dresser. He looked through it. He pulled out a box of condoms.
"Here. Harry gave them to me." I gave him a look. "Not what your thinking. He did it to make fun of me." I laughed and so did he. "Little did he know, were using it in a prank on him." I took the condoms from him.
"Follow me." I opened the bedroom door. I knew they heard us and everything we said. So I could play it off as us not hearing them. But I still had to mess with them. I opened the door to the spare room. I turned the light on. "Here if your going to have sex, have safe sex. I don't want to be a great aunt at 19. And we don't need little Harry's and Sammy's running around." I tossed the box of condom's at them. Niall started laughing. Sammy's face went red.
"We weren't going to do anything." Sammy tried to tell me the truth. I looked at her.
"Oh I know. Cause then I'd have to um." I made sizzers with my fingers. Harry's face went numb and he covered his area. I laughed. "I'm just messing with you." I went to walk out of the room with Niall. "I just had to mess with you. I don't want to know what goes on between you two, so don't do anything when I'm near and can hear." I laughed and shut the door. We walked back into Niall's room and layed down.
We layed there not talking. Just cuddling. "Shit." That's only like the second time i've heard Niall swear.
"Something wrong." I was confused.
"Yes and no. I have a photoshoot tomorrow." I laughed.
"And?" I didn't see anything wrong with that. He pointed to his chest. The hicky. I so forgot I gave him one. Oh god I just realized. I went into the guest room without a shirt on. That's a first for Harry not to say something. "I'm sorry I didn't know. Couldn't you wear a regular shirt? I just realized something too." Niall looked at me.
"What?" He laughed.
"What am I wearing?" Niall looked at me.
"Your bra and shorts." He was confused. I laughed.
"Yeah. What room did I just go to?" I looked at him as he put two and two together. I laughed.
"That's a first for Harry not to go all pervy." We laughed.
"That's what I was thinking. Hey at least you can cover your hicky." I pointed to mine. He laughed and kissed it.

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