New Life New Begining


10. Thank you. I got it from my best friend even though he don't know he's my best friend

"Okay. Let me check dinner. It should be done. Then we'll wake the boy's" I walked into the kitchen. It did smell good. Louis walked in behind me carrying the bags. I pulled out the chicken it was done. I noticed the potatos were mashed already. "Thank you Louis for helping." I pointed to the potatos.
"No problem. Didn't want them to go all gushy being left in the water." Louis pulled the cake and pie out of the bag. "Desert looks good."
"Thanks I didn't really know what to get so I got both." I smiled at Louis. I walked over to the fridge and opened the freezer. I looked around for ice. Pulled out two hand fulls. "This should wake them." I smiled eavilly. "Come on Louis." Louis followed behind me. I walked up to Harry first. I put ice down the back of his pants, Harry jumped up fast and pulled the ice out. I then went to Liam and Zayn and did the same to them. They didn't look too happy with the way I woke them. Louis walked over to Niall.
"We don't need ice to wake him. Just kiss him and say dinner he'll wake." So I walked over to Niall and did what Louis said. Niall rolled over and pulled me down on him and cuddled me into him. "Niall I made food. It's really good." He smiled.
"I know. It smells good. I'm just thanking you." I smiled and kissed him again.
"Come on Niall lets go eat." Niall sat up with me in his lap. I got up and walked into the kitchen. "I'll help you guy's." I put the food on everyone's plates. "Let's eat at the table. It's been awhile since I've done it." We all walked into the dinningroom and sat down.
"Oh let me go get something to drink for everyone." Harry stood up and got glass' and sat them infront of everyone. He got tea and put some in everyone's cups.
"Okay now everyone let's eat." I looked around and everyone looked like they liked it. Anna must have been really hungery. She didn't even look like she was taking a break to chew.
"Heather this is really good." Zayn shoved more food in his mouth.
"Thanks. Oh I also got desert for everyone." Niall's eyes lite up. I smiled at him. "Chocolate cake with chocolate icing and strawberry's and cream pie."
"Heather your moving in. Sorry Louis your not cooking for me anymore." Harry stuck his toung out at Louis.
"Oh Heather did Louis tell you that we have to work tonight?" Liam asked as he was about to take another bite.
"Yeah. If you don't mind, can Anna and I stay at your's?" I had a plan. I'm evil. I laughed.
"Um yeah sure. My girlfriend might show up. I'll tell her that you and Anna will be there. She'll be happy to see Anna." Liam pulled his phone out and started texting his girlfriend.
"Okay." I started eating more. Dinner really did turn out good. When I was done I cleared the table and got desert. I sat it on the table and went to get forks and plates. "Who want's what?"
"I want both." Niall couldn't chose what he wanted.
"Cake" Liam had his eye's on that since I sat it down.
"Pie." I knew louis was going to want that. So did Zayn.
"I guess i'll take cake." Harry looked like he was stuck between the both. I handed out what everyone wanted. I gave Anna a slice of cake and take a slice for myself. "We have to go get ready. Got to leave in a little." Everyone ate fast and got up to leave.
"Heather you wanna come to mine?" Niall waited by the door. I got up and walked over to him.
"Sure. Hey Louis you good with Anna?" I looked around for her. Where is she?
"Yeah Harry has her." I started walking out the door.
"Okay." I shut the door and Niall put his arm around me and smiled. I smiled back. We walked down to his door. He opened it and I walked in. The second the door shut Niall kissed me. I smiled into the kiss. Niall had his arms around me and my hand were in his hair. He smiled too. "Not that I didn't like it but wow what was that for?" I couldn't stop smiling.
"Well I like kissing you and you made that wonderful dinner. I just wanted to thank you." He smiled and kissed me again.
"Don't need to thank me." I started pulling him toward his room. His eyes got big. "Not that. You need to get ready for work." He laughed. His mind was somewhere else. "Hm where do you work?" I walked into Niall's room with him.
"I..uh.. plan on telling you later. Just not right now. I want to wait and tell you at the right time." Niall looked nervouse. Now I know for sure that the boy's are hiding something.
"Oh okay." I looked around his room. Last night when I was in here I didn't really look around. I sat on his bed.
"It's nothing bad I promise. I just want to see something before I tell you. Okay?" I could tell her was telling the truth.
"Okay. So what do you wear to work?" I smiled at him.
"Well I don't call it work. I love doing it. Really I just wear whatever I want." I smiled.
"Can I pick what you wear?" I so wanted to make him look swaggie. I can't believe I actually thought that. I laughed.
"You just laughed. How am I to trust you after you laugh like that?" Niall started laughing.
"Oh I wasn't laughing at that. I laughed at something I was thinking." I laughed again. I didn't even wait for him to say yes. I walked over to his clothes and started picking things out. When I was finished Niall was dressed in a pair of white shoes, these blueish looking skinny jeans and a white shirt. "Handsome." I kissed him. "What do you think?" He looked at himself.
"I couldn't have picked better clothes. But Louis is going to kill me." I looked confused. "About a week ago he swore I had his blue skinny jeans, I told him I looked but really I didn't." I started laughing.
"I'll protect you." I kissed him again. I couldn't help but smile into the kiss.
"Oh that kiss reminds me something." Niall looked me in the eyes.
"Yeah?" I couldn't look away.
"I never asked you to be my bird. So I want to know if you would be my bird?" I smiled really big and kissed him. I put my hands in his hair. "I'll take that as a yes?" Niall smiled.
"I wouldn't kiss anyone else like that. But yes that's a yes." Niall kissed me. "Let's go. The boy's are going to wonder where you've been." Niall put his arm around me again. I could get used to that. We walked out of his room and just as we were walking through the livingroom, Nialls front door opened and in walked Liam.
"There you are. We called you like ten minutes ago. We have to leave." Liam looked at Niall. "Louis is going to kill you." He walked away laughing.
"I wont let him get to you." I kissed one last time as we were walking out of his flatt. Niall shut and locked the door as Harry came walking down the hall with Anna. Louis was locking his door. "Anna!" She came running for me.
"Niall James Horan!" Louis was running down the hall.
"Louis." Niall said it so calm like.
"Thought you didn't have my jeans?" Louis was trying to act mad.
"About that I didn't really look." Niall was trying to hold in a laugh. So was Louis.
"I knew you had them. I'll get them back someday." Louis laughed.
"Yeah if she doesn't keep telling me to wear them." Niall pointed to you.
"I like them on him. My favorite color." I looked down at my wrist. "Oh wear these." I handed Niall two of my bracelets. One blue/green color and one black one.
"Thanks." Niall kissed me. The boy's made noises again.
"Heather my door is unlocked for you and Anna. You guys do what ever you want. Danielle my girlfriend is coming over. Sometime tonight. I told her you and Anna were here. BUt most likely she wont show up until I get back from work." The boy's started walking to the door.
"Okay Liam. Bye boy's see you after work. When do you get off?" I picked Anna up and started walking to Liam's door.
"Oh um we'll be back around 11." Liam yelled while the door was closing. I walked into Liam's flatt and shut the door. I put Anna down.
"Anna want to help me?" I walked into Liam's bedroom and looked around. I found one of his hats and put it on. "Come on Anna. Help me find the spare key's to the boy's flatts." I walked into the kitchen and saw them on a keyring hanging up. "Yes." I knew Liam would have them. I picked Anna back up. I walked out of Liam's flatt and locked the door with the spare. Walked over to Zayn's and opened it up. Went straight to his room and got a jacket. Locked up his flatt. Went over to Harry and Louis'. Unlocked the door and went to Harry's room. Got one of his shirts. Went to Louis' room and got a pair of his suspenders. Locked up their flatt and went to Niall's. I went to his room and got a pair of pants. After getting everything together I went back to Liam's to get dressed. "Anna do I look good?" I had a little of every boy.
I sat in Liam's flatt bored. Anna was watching tv laughing. I turned on the radio and started dancing with Anna. My phone went off. It was my brother Cory. It's been a while since I seen or talked to him. "Hello?" This was weird.
"Heather. We need to talk." Nothing good comes out of 'We need to talk'.
"Yeah Cory?" I turned the radio down.
"Heather I need help with Samantha. She's out of control." He sounded run down.
"How can I help?" I was worried about Cory, he's not one to turn to others for help. Samantha is Cory's daughter. She just turned 18.
"Well David said you were at his house."
"Well I talked to him already, he said yes as long as you say yes about taking her in and setting her straight." What the hell did he think he was saying.
"How the hell am I to take care of her. There's only one year between us." I was so confused.
"Well I'll send money and my visa card. But I want to help Samantha to realise that not everything is about money. She's spending way too much and she's becoming stuck up. And that's not the daughter I raised." Cory stopped talking.
"I don't know. Can I think about it and call you later." I so didn't know what I was going to do. I just started my relationship with Niall and Cory wants me to take care of his kid.
"Yeah call me tomorrow and let me know." The tone in Cory's voice made me want to cry.
"I'll do it." I can't believe I'm doing this.
"What? Really. Thank you thank you thank you. I love you so much." Cory sounded happy now.
"Yeah yeah I love you too. You owe me big tim." I missed seeing Samantha and I'll get to see Cory. I heard Liam's door unlock and open. "Listen Cory I got to go. I'm at my friend's flatt and they just got home. I love you bye."
"Okay bye. I'll call you tomorrow. I'm booking her flight tonight. Love you little sis." We hung up at the same time. Liam and Niall walked in with a girl.
"Hi guy's." I smiled at them. The girl looked confused. So did the boy's.
"Liam isn't that your hat?" The girl asked him.
"Yeah. Heather Danielle. Danielle Heather." Liam introduced me to his girlfriend.
"Why are you wearing everyone's clothes?" Niall gave me a hug and a kiss.
"Well I told Harry and Louis that it was a matter of time until I was wearing their clothes so I thought why not just put Liam and Zayn in too." I smiled I heard Zayn, Harry, and Louis come out of their flatts. They knew I was in their flatts. I left a note on everyones bed's.
"I think it's cute." Danielle walked over and gave me a hug. "Us girl's have to stick together." I hugged her back.
"Thank Danielle." The boy's walked in and saw what I did with their clothes.
"My god Heather my shirt looks better on you then it does me." Harry laughed. "I don't want it back. Keep it."
"Your so not keeping my suspenders!" Louis laughed.
"I wasn't planning on it. They bug me too much." I laughed too.
"Nice jacket Heather." Zayn smiled.
"Thank you. I got it from my best friend even though he don't know he's my best friend." I smiled at him.
"Well then I lend my jacket to my best friend." Zayn and I started laughing. We all started walking out of Liam flatt to give him and Danielle some alone time. We all started going in different directions. Louis was walking with Anna when she stopped walking and ran to me.
"Louis? I think she wants to stay with me tonight." Louis laughed.
"Looks like it. Here." Louis ran into his flatt and came right back out. "Her pj's." He handed them to me and leaned down and gave Anna I goodnight hug and kiss. "Night Anna Banana." She hugged him night. "Night Heather and Niall."
"Night." We said it at the same time. We walked into Niall's flatt.
"Anna. It's time to go to sleep." She walked into Niall's spare room. I changed her into pj's and tucked her in. "Niall want to come in and say night to Anna. She's all tucked in and ready." Niall came in and sat on the other side of the bed.
"Nighty night Anna." Niall leaned over and kissed the top of her head. I pulled two pillows from the other side of the bed and put them on both sides of Anna. Incase she rolled. We walked out of the room and turned the light out. I left the door open. "Let's go lay down too. I'm pretty tired from work." He put his arm around me as we walked into his room. I sat on his bed while he walked into his bathroom to shower and get dressed. When he walked back into his room he smiled.
"Niall I need a shower too. Mind if I barrow some clothes again?" I laughed.
"Not at all." He walked over to his dresser. "Here's a pair of boxer's and a shirt. Do you want shorts or sweats?" He handed me the shirt and boxers.
"Um sweats." I stood up.
"Here." Niall handed me the sweats. I kissed him and walked into the shower. I was in the shower for like 15 minutes. I got dressed and walked into Niall's room. Anna was laying beside Niall and they were both asleep.
"Awe how cute." Niall's eye's opened. He looked tired. "Didn't mean to wake you." He smiled.
"You didn't. I wanted to wait for you and Anna started crying in her sleep. So I went and got her." I smiled at him. I layed down on the other side of Anna. I leaned over and kissed Niall.
"Oh um Niall. I got to talk to you about something." I sounded weird.
"Yeah?" Niall sounded worried.
"Um my brother Cory is sending my niece Samantha here. He wants me to try and help set her straight." I got it out.
"That's it. Oh god. I thought you was going to break up with me." He leaned over and kissed me.
"Never. I just didn't want to bring her to David's with out let you know. Cause of us just starting our relationship." Niall smiled at me.
"Nothing can come between us. When ever you come over, she can too. There's more then enough space." Naill kissed me again. I smiled.
"Okay. Thank you." We both put our arms over Anna and around each other. "I know your tired Niall. Go to sleep. I'll see you in the morning." I kissed him night and kissed Anna night again.
"Night love." Niall closed his eye's. I loved that he called me love. I smiled and closed my eye's and went to sleep too.

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