New Life New Begining


12. So what's drama over there have to deal with Heather

I walked in and sat on the couch. I looked at the boys. I faked being pissed. It was so hard not to laugh. "Heather?" I looked up at Liam. I didn't say anything. "Heather you okay?" I still didn't say anything. I loved messing with people.
"Let me try." Harry got up and sat beside me. "Heather babe." It took everything not to laugh. "If you don't say anything i'm going to have to snog you. I looked at Niall. He didn't like that.
"The hell you are. Heather love just tell them what you told me." I started laughing. I couldn't hold it in anymore. "Lads she's not pissed just mad. She gets why we didn't say anything." I cut Niall off.
"I just would've liked to have known. I wouldn't have fangirled. I just started listening to your music. Louis knew that. Plus to me you boys are just like everyone else." The next thing I knew Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn were on top of me. "Can't breath." They still didn't get up. "Guys if my hair is messed up, your going to get messed up." I laughed. They started getting up. Harry was the last to get up. He held his hand up to help me up.
"Heather you look beautiful. Niall your lucky." I smiled.
"Awe Harry thank you." I smuthered him in a hug. "Now sit. I got to talk to you and Louis." Harry sat down beside Louis.
"Okay shoot." Louis laughed.
"Samantha come sit over here." Sammy got up and sat beside Louis. "Harry Louis. Samantha is a lot to handle. She's here to stop her ways and to better herself. That means don't go shopping with her or let her spend any money. She's being put on an allowence. Oh yeah Samantha hand over the phone." I looked at her.
"Oh fuck no. I'm not giving you my phone. Who the hell do you think you are? I haven't seen you in years and you think you can boss me around." I laughed at her.
"Well let me see. Your parents sent you here to me cause they can't handle you. Your a stuck up little brat. Give me your phone." I leaned over and took her phone. "Oh Louis don't let Harry's pervness get anywhere near Samantha." Harry laughed at me. "What Harry?"
"It's not like I hit on every single female I see. Just the hot ones." He winked at me.
"Like I said Louis keep his pervness away from my niece." I laughed at Harry.
"Your a bitch Heather." Samantha got up and went into the bathroom and slamed the door.
"Like I've never heard that one Samantha." I laughed at her. "She's your problem while i'm gone." I laughed at Harry and Louis.
"Your not going to yell at her for slamming the door but everytime I slam the door you yell at me?" Harry was looking at Louis.
"I'm not going there with her. Heather's still here. She can deal with her." Louis looked at me. I looked away like I didn't hear him. "Well? Heather say something to her." I turned around.
"Fine. But then we're leaving." I walked over to the bathroom door and opened it. "If you can't respect Harry and Louis' flatt and not slam their doors, then you don't need to use their bathroom. Got it?" Samantha turned to look at me.
"I don't care what you have to say. Your not my mother!." She pushed past me and walked into the livingroom.
"Listen here little girl. I'm not your parents. I'm not gonna put up with this bitchness." I walked over to Niall. He put his arm around me. "Have fun Harry and Louis." I laughed. "Let's go Niall." We started walking to the door.
"Oh yeah Niall Heather. Danielle wants to do a double date. Not tonight cause it's your first date but sometime this week or next week?" I smiled at Niall and Liam.
"You want to Heather?" I smiled really big.
"Yeah i'd love to." Liam took out his phone and texted Danielle I think.
"Let's go love." I love d when Niall called me that. We walked out of the flatt.
"So where are we going?" Niall put his arm around me.
"You'll see." Niall smiled at me. We were about to go out the door when Niall stopped me. He pulled out sunglass' and handed me a pair. "You'll need them trust me." He opened the door. The girls were crazy and wild. Cameras here and there. I almost walked into Niall.
"Sorry. Kinda got blinded." I laughed. Niall laughed too.
"Told you that you'd need them." He smiled and his arm got tighter. Girls were creaming and crying. People were asking who I was. We were about to get in a cab when a little girl walked up to us with an older girl.
"Can my little sister get a picture with you?" Niall smiled at her.
"Sure." I spoke before Niall could. I pulled away from Niall to let the little girl get her picture with him.
"No I want you in the picture too." The little girl grabbed my hand and smiled at me. She was so cute. I smiled at her. Niall and I put our arms around her and smiled while her sister took the picture.
"Thank you. It means a lot that did that for her." Niall smiled at her.
"No problem. I love spending time with fans." The girl walked away with her little sister. We got in the cab and it pulled away.
"That was crazy." Niall laughed at my face.
"I was like that when I took my first picture with a fan." Niall put his arm around me. I noticed he didn't tell the cab driver where to go.
"I just didn't think the little girl would want me in the picture. I'm not famous." I laughed.
"Trust me you will be. When Liam and Louis told everyone about Danielle and Eleanor they became well known. Fans want pictures with them now too." He looked at me to see my face.
"I'm strong. I can handle anything." I smiled at him. I kissed him.
"Good." Niall kissed me.
"Sir we're here." The driver turned around. We got out of the car. I looked around and Niall paid the driver.
"Niall are we at a park?" I was confused.
"We are but just trust me." He put his arm around me and we started walking into the park. We walked for five minutes until I saw a table set up inside a garden and candles lit. We walked up to the table and Niall pulled out my chair. Then sat in his chair.
"Niall this is so beautiful." I smiled this is the best date i've ever been on. "When did you do all of this?" A waiter walked up to us and showed a bottle of wine to us.
"Would you like a glass?" We smiled at him.
"Sure." He poured us some wine and walked away. I took a sip of it. It tasted good.
"Well I didn't do it by myself. Louis helped me. And the waiter's are our friends." I smiled at him and grabbed his hand.
"Thank you for putting so much into our first date." I leaned forword and kissed Niall. "No ones ever done this for me before." Niall laughed.
"That's what I was going for." The waiter walked back over with two plates and sat them infront of us. He took the lids with him. "I didn't know what you would like so I just got some of my favorite food from Nandos."
"It's fine. I try anything once." Niall started eating. I took a bite of my food. It was really good. "I like it. It's really good. I'm gonna have to start eating there." Niall laughed.
"I like you even more." We laughed. We finished eating. "Would you like some desert?" I smiled at him.
"Sure." The waiter brought over a slice of cheese cake. "How did you know I love cheese cake?" Niall laughed.
"I have my ways." I leaned over the table and kissed him. We shared the cheese cake.
"This is the best date i've ever been on." I took a sip of wine.
"It's not over yet." Niall stood up and music started playing. "Would you care to dance?" Niall held his hand out to me.
"I would." I took his hand and we started dancing.
Louis' Point of View
"My god Heather did not say she was this horrible." Louis walked back and forth.
"I know. I've never met someone so... I don't even have works to descibe it." Harry sat down on the couch. "Why are you like this?" Harry pointed up and down at Samantha.
"Well where I'm from, the guys only like the preppy magazine looking girls. I don't see why my dad and mom sent me here. I'm not going to change. There's nothing wrong with who I am. I like who I am. And it's not like i'm spending a lot. Just two or three grand a month." Harry's eyes went big.
"Sammy. May I call you Sammy? Not all guys like magazine princess'. We like girls who can be them selfs. Who are them selfs. Not fake from head to toe. When Heather gets here, you are saying sorry for calling her a bitch. She didn't deserve that. She's just trying to help you. She don't want you to hate yourself in the future." I looked at her with kind eyes.
"The hell I am. She hasn't talked to me in years and thinks she can boss me around. I don't think so. I don't care if she just trying to help me. I don't need help." Sammy got up from the couch for the millionth time tonight. She walked into the bath room to slam the door. I caught the door right before it slammed.
"Don't even think about it. I don't let him slam doors. I'm not letting you." She turned around and sat in the kitchen. I needed help but I wasn't bothering Heather and Niall on their first date. I texted Eleanor.
Babe I need your help. I'm kinda watching someone and don't know what to do with her. With in seconds she texted me back.
On my way over. I was just about to text you to see if I could come over. I smiled. I loved being with her.
"Harry Eleanor is coming over. She's going to help with Sammy." Harry smiled. When ever she came over she cooked for him. "Don't even ask about making food. She's coming to see me and help with Sammy." Harry's face fell. "Order food if your hungery."
"Fine." Harry went into his room. Ten minutes later Eleanor was walking in. I walked over to her and hugged her and kissed her.
"Missed you babe." I smiled at her.
"Missed you too." Sammy coughed. Eleanor looked at her. "This is the girl your watching and need help with?" She laughed at me.
"It's not funny. She's evil. I don't think Heather's going to be able to handle her by her self." Eleanor gave me a confused look. "Oh yeah you don't know who Heather is. Heather is our new best friend and Niall's bird." I smiled at her.
"Awe Niall finally found someone who likes him for him." Eleanor had a big smile. "So what's drama over there have to deal with Heather?" She pointed to Sammy.
"Sammy is Heather's niece. She's staying with Heather for awhile. She needs help. She's a stuck up little brat." I gave her a glare.
Heather's point of view
"Niall tonight has been the best night of my life." I smiled at him while he put his arm around me.
"Mine too love." Niall kissed me. We walked back to the flatt. It was a beautiful night and it wasn't that far away.
"Niall my feet hurt. I shouldn't have worn new shoes." I laughed.
"Here. I'll carry you. It's only a block away." I laughed.
"I don't think so. I weigh too much for you to carry me." I didn't even get to blink and I was in Niall's arms. He was carrying me brideal style.
"Eh you don't weigh that much. It's like carrying a feather." Niall laughed. I couldn't help but laugh. I put my arms around his neck.
"I wonder how much trouble Sammy is being." We laughed. We didn't talk much the rest of the way to the flatt. When we got to the parking lot there were a lot of girls. More then uasual I think. "There are so many here. I can walk the rest of the way." Niall put me down. Thank you. I kissed him. We put the sun glasses back on and tried walking through the girls. Niall put his arm around me. It was a little wild.
"Heather hold on tight." Niall tightened his grip on my side. We made it to the door. Niall unlocked it and pulled the door shut once we were inside.
"Man those girls really wanted to see you boys." I stuck my toung out at him and hugged him.
"They don't mean harm but there's so many its get wild. We try and go out and see them but it gets to much and we worry about them." I kissed him.
"Lets go see how much Louis and Harry hate me." I laughed and just walked into Louis' flatt. Sammy was sitting on the side of the couch and Louis had his arm around a girl. I'm guessing his girlfriend. "HI. So how much do you hate me?" Louis looked at Sammy and coughed. Sammy got up and walked over to me.
"I'm sorry I called you a bitch. I know your just trying to help." She hugged me.
"It's fine." I looked at Louis. "How in the hell did you do that?"
"Oh it wasn't me. Eleanor and Sammy had a 'talk' in my room and ever since Sammy's been good." I looked at Eleanor.
"Thank you. I wouldn't have been able to do that." Eleanor got up and hugged me.
"No problem. A friend of the boy's is a friend of mine." I hugged her back. "Now we have more girls to hangout with." I laughed. I pointed to Sammy.
"This one here isn't here for good. Long enough for her to get her act together and my brother is coming back to get her."

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