New Life New Begining


1. Oh I try not to but I love you <3

"What the hell do you mean that your shipping me off to live with my cousin and his family in England."

"Just that sweetie. Your Father wants you to open up to new things. He wants you to except the fact that you come from money. You act like you don't care that we can give you anything that you want. You don't dress in the clothes that I buy you. You wont drive the cars that we have. You made us buy you a beat up jeep to go from school and home. Not to say that you work when you don't have too. We just want to show you that there's more out there for you."

"Mom i'm not ungreatful, I just don't like showing off what I could have or do have when there's kids at school who have to fight to eat, shower, and have clothes. I don't want people to think that i'm stuck up. I drive my jeep because it's small and cute, it also have potential to be something great. I wouldn't call me taking photos really work. It's something I love doing. I want to be able to make something of myself rather then living off of you and Dad. You know Most parents would love to have children like me rather then the spoild brat that you and Dad want me to be. I can't believe i'm gonna leave. Mom i'm gonna miss you and my little monsters. Most of all i'm gonna miss my life here." All I could think of was missing my little monsters I mean niece and nephews grow up. I didn't know how long my parents were planning leaving me at my cousins. I haven't seen my cousin David in nine years. How could my parents think I would feel at home with him and his wife and daughter. "Mom I don't want to miss seeing Aylssa and the boys growing up."

"Your not going to be gone forever. A few months or a year. Who knows? Sweetie the kids will understand. Your going to David's to find yourself." I can't believe how my mother was acting, I mean come on I'm her daughter and she wants to ship me off. And the looks she was giving me while trying to sell me on going to David's.

"Mom I don't want to go but if It will make you and Dad happy. I guess i'll go. I mean it would be nice to see David and meet his family. We used to be so close." Even though I'm so pissed that my parents don't want me anymore. If they wanted me gone then why would I wanna stay somewhere i'm not wanted. "I need to pack my thing's and tell Caylie i'm leaving. Wait when am I leaving?"

"Oh um about that. Your leaving tomorrow morning. I wanted to tell you sooner but I couldn't tell you. I didn't know how to." I couldn't believe my family. "Sweetie I know your pissed off and everything but we love you. That's why were sending you there."

"Oh that's how you show your love. Sending me away because I don't act like you, Dad, Sarah, and Seth and his wife. How the hell do you think that i'm gonna have all my stuff packed in time?" Love to hear what she thinks about that one.

"Oh thats why were not at home talking about this. Our staff is packing everthing."

"I can't believe you. You know what i'm happy that i'm leaving. Getting away from you and Dad and everyones fakeness." I've never been this pissed. My family truely doesn't care for me. "I'll find my own way back to the house. And I'll meet you at the airport tomorrow morning."

"Sweetie don't be like that. I'm your mother i'm only doing this to help you." She even tried giving me that fake motherly face.

"Bye." I started crying. I had to call my bestfriend Caylie and ask her to come get me and let me stay at her house tonight. While I was waiting for Caylie to pick up I came to a conclusion, even though it hurt me to be kicked out of my own family I was being given a way to start my own family. One that I loved and loved me back.

"Heather why the hell are you calling me when your suposed to be having a 'mother daughter' day with your mom." I heard Caylie trying to hold in her laugh.

"Um could you come get me." I knew that I was bout to start crying again. I just wanted to lay down and hug my pillow.

"Sure what happened? OMG are you crying. I can tell your crying. Babe i'll be there in a few." I laughed at Caylie's nickname for me. She knew it made me smile. While walking outside of the mall I relized I didn't tell Caylie where I was so I just texted her.

I forgot to tell you where I was. I'm outside the mall waiting

About a minute later I got a text back from cayle.

I kinda figured that. Where else would your mom take you but to the mall to try and force you to where what she wants lol :)

Awe I thought you never listened when I talked bout my famly :P

Oh I try not to but I love you <3

As I was getting ready to text Caylie back she pulled up infront of me. "Caylie!!!" I felt this ping in my tummy. I was going to be leaving the only person that actually loved me tomorrow.

"Heather babe. Missed you." Caylie can be wild at times but she means well and she always knows how to make me feel better. I was going to hate these last hours I had left in America.

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